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MARCH 30, 2012 4:23PM

new camera = great pics!

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In Dallas last week I acquired a Canon G10 'powershot' 14.7 megapixel digital camera as partial payment for helping Barry (bbd at OS) rebuild his back deck. You may know, Barry is a professional photographer, so when he told me it was a great camera and made the offer, I jumped all over it. 

These are a few shots taken by myself, Eli, and his friends over the last week. . .





  Eli and girlfriend Holly





 Holly on Nick's boat at Wyandotte Lake-- check out those water droplets











 This one, I shot at Melvern Lake Tuesday morning during a short rain storm  (old farm pond adjacent to the lake in the background)



    The brothers Finck, Nick (driving) and Syl, at Melvern Lake.

Cool story here... that boat was Eli's grandpas, inherited by him upon Ed's passing. When E was leaving for the Navy, he sold the boat to Nick for one cent. Nick and Syl then hunted down the motor you see- a 1957 Evinrude thirty-five horsepower outboard which they bought some parts for and worked over. Now it runs like a champ and was part of the two boat fishing attack earlier this week.

I'll be doing a separate  post about the fishing trip in a day or two, probably titled something like "six swinging dicks having too much fun in the land of OZ."

One of the dicks was my brother nanatehay to whom I would like to wish a happy birthday. 48 years old today... Whoa!



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Hi lamb lady. Thanks!
Sorry we missed out on getting together for dinner or something while you were in town. Maybe next time when things are calmer.
Nice pics!!!

I sent your dick brother a hazzy birfday cause well, it was a good day to do it!!

Rated, unless, you know Open gives me LOTS OF ERRORS occurred!!! I feelin' da love today!! ~GOES TO FIND HIS GUN~
Why OS gotta go full retard as soon as I post something Tink?

Hi Darla... won't be back that way anytime soon but thanks
Awesome! And OS gave me much grief as I clawed and scratched my way here just to rate and comment. It was touch and go...whew!
um, I'll try back later and rate, it keeps disappearing and I aint gettin any younger
nice pictures. Nothing like boating and having a bit of camping/water/woods fun! :-)
Made me feel like a nasty old cougar. Hubba Hubba, those are some good looking lads!

Great pictures, Trig.
Ah Tr ig, them lovely pics of that shaven son's bald head.....
And the news of a new camera visa via a fellow Open Saloner...

And six swinging dicks having too much fun with boats on a camping trip...

And Nana getting to full adulthood today.....smiles for him here...

a helluva good news report dear...
Does Eli have any more boats for sale?
That Evinrude brings back memories... nice pics.
When that Evinrude was built I was in 7th grade, which makes it a real antique! Guys are so sexy out in the wild. :D

When that Evinrude was built I was in 7th grade, which makes it a real antique! Guys are so sexy out in the wild. :D

It could be a year before my Navy son gets to come home again but I swear that could be him and his girlfriend when we was home. Do you find it hard to spend time with Eli? :)
Loved your pictures...
Oh yeah, much much better than the camera pics!
Ah, young love. Very nice pictures, tr ig. ~r
Sweet outdoorsy scenes, trig. No surprise I like the kissing one best. ;)

Happy birthday (via you) to jeff!! xo
asia dahling- )

Peeling thanks!

fernsy: eyes off the boy flesh!

Mission, yes a good news report. Everything is going so well that I'm getting paranoid. Watching over my shoulder for something bad sneaking on me.

Eli sells boats cheap Larry don't he. No more for sale-- Eli knew Nick was the only pal of his that would actually make that boat functional and put it to use, and those two are like family to us. Nick 19, Syl 21 I think. Great kids.
jmac- the Evinrude is vintage cool I think. They bought it for 200, spent a 100 on parts. 55 years old and running hard

Lezlie- was 57 a good year? 7th grade was a bad year for me. 1984
Sort of magic realism aura with those pix.
Jeff- I still have two birthday fish cakes here for you

lunchlady- hard to spend time with him? Heavens no. I cherish the moments I get with him, pain in the ass that he is! Like now, he's out with Holly (in my vehicle)-- he's in high demand when home so there's competition if that's what you mean.

hy julie :) Better than phone pics ya mean? Thanks.. although I'm at the bottom of the learning curve as far as what to do with the camera besides point and shoot.

Joan H.. those two are kina sweet together. I feel terrible for them that they'll soon be separated.

femme- He'll be your neighbor after Tuesday! ("til July)
Myriad thanks- When I loaded these onto flickr it took forever because the file size of each shot was 3 to 5 times larger than iPhone pics. It'll be fun to try to see what all can be done with the camera.
1984? How old were you in 7th grade?
Larry I was 36. I'm a slow study
Great photos. I love that I see water in a lot of your pics. Getting outside enjoying nature with the young-uns (oh, and your bro, too) is the perfect spring thing to do.

Looking forward to ... "Six Swinging Dicks Having Too Much Fun In The Land of OZ."
Scarlett I do love being around water. I have water dreams constantly- does make for good picture subject too usually.
Swinging dicks tomorrow... promise
Too cool. Eli really grew up and now is a navy man with his own ship...a classic.
Great post gald you spent time with Barry. I'm sure you did a first-rate job on the deck!!!
In the first pic I think that's one of those moments a guy is going to remember for the rest of his life, photographed or not.
Water, sun, youth, freedom, love, Uncle Jeff ...
Great stuff tr ig. Good old bbd :-)
tr ig, I can practically hear your excitement, not only for the camera, but for having spent time with those near and dear to you, in your written word.

Smiling here. Lovely to see the photos. Thank you!
Eli is truly an impressive young man, and I am not easily impressed. For those who think you're just a bragging papa, I have to say honestly the few times I met him he's inquisitive, charming, warm, courteous, incredibly intelligent and has character. I was surprised about how stimulating a conversation I had with someone so young. It makes it no surprise to hear about his generosity with Nick and keeping the boat with someone dear to him.

I really enjoyed lingering over photos of him. He's a good looking young man. Glad to hear the fishing trip was a good time.
I'm a decades-long Nikon fan myself, but hey ... nothing wrong with Canons. In fact, many pros in the media use them. Even with OS's crappy display, these look good.
That first pic is a doozy. A perfect moment of young love :-)
Fun! I live vicariously through your adventures!
The cam is a natural for your hand Trig, well done!
Man... now I'm jealous