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JULY 10, 2012 1:27PM


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Our grandpa B always had a huge garden. Even into his eighties he'd be out there hoeing and weeding... and loving it. Could have something to do with his longevity (died at 95 with all his faculties intact)-- the garden love, plus all that healthy food... ya think? I do... 

Us kids practically lived there it seems, along with multitude cousins, uncles and aunts, etc.. and always, on the table in the summer were fresh sliced tomatoes drizzled with salt and pepper, along with other fresh garden fare. Ah, the memories. It was him that somehow ingrained into my head "turn the soil!"

So I do, and this year am having some success if I do say myself, much to do maybe, with the help of my very earthy and enthusiastic sweet Asia. 


Leaving town today as some of you were aware, and dammit, quite a few tomatoes were either ripe, or nearly.. finally. The near ripe ones I will take to West Virginia for Aunt Anna's table, but a couple were already juicy perfection so I decided to make them into lunch!

BLT's the tr ig way includes GOOD BACON- our local variety that is my fav is Wrights brand thick cut, lean and smoky. Fresh made "bolillo" rolls from the bakery at the grocery... no preservatives and delicious, REAL FULL FAT Mayo, the garden tomatoes sliced THICK, and a little Cavender's Greek seasoning, or Jane's mixed up salt. Simple as that, and oddly, maybe, no L. So, I suppose they are actually BT's. Lettuce on sandwiches is over-rated.

I slice the rolls in half and toast with a small amount of real butter under the broiler of the stove, fry the bacon just so-- crispy but not overdone (3 slices per bun). Mayo goes on the top AND bottom, once again, generously. Put it all together (sometimes bacon on bottom, sometimes the tomato... I'm crazy like that!) and smush, after lightly seasoning the mater slices. 

Below is the sequence of events as documented on my... wait for it...... iPhone!

Originally published here. Due to restrictive pic loading capabilty at OPEN, you'll need to click to see the images. 

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"...fresh sliced tomatoes drizzled with salt and pepper..." It's been years since I tasted a real vine ripened tomato.
Wright live on that stuff....
Earth girl here :)
grandpa Emmerling had an enormous garden, and grapes!
he lived til 90. driving down to see us.
too infrequently. i guess mom
had issues. i loved him.
a weird ancient
soul , so of everything...practicing a
faith long abandoned, feeding us. all he had left to do!
There ought'a be a law about dirty ol' men like you messing around with delicious young tomatoes.....!

Mmmmmm this made me want a BLT - you gotta have the lettuce to keep the tomato from making the bun soggy -
@Dear Lammchops,

That's what toasting and LOTS of butter (NOT margarine) is for. I too prefer just bacon and tomato.

Besides, if your sammich is getting soggy, you're taking muuuuch too long to eat it!

Sometimes I'm sorry I gave up pork.
But I gotta ask:
How do you drizzle salt and pepper? Oil, sure....
I love Cavender's. But now that I live in the South, I rarely do bacon. I'm addicted to sliced, smoked hog jowl. And it makes the BEST BLT. The jowl is a bit "buttery." If you're in WV, definitely check out some hog jowl. You won't be sorry. The trick is not to overcrisp it.
BLT's are probably the real reason why we grow tomatoes at all. Your sandwich looks divine.
Oh thank you, Trig, thank you very bloody much. HUNGRY NOW!
You are making Kansas seem like Heaven. I'm picturing the word's best BLT and I am desperate for one right about now.
Glad to hear for your successes and the happiness found with Asia. Off I go to struggle to find the pics.
I like Cavenders but I haven't seen the other spices (Jane's?) you had in the picture. I will have to look for that the next time I am traveling north.

TP & AR: Your tomatoes are impressive!
Safe journeys!
I am certain the garden is what kept your Grandpa B going so long and so healthily -- glad you've inherited some of that soil turning tendency too -- isn't gardening fun?
I make a great vegetarian version -- I know, bacon lovers don't want to hear about it -- but adding mayo?? And no lettuce? Where's the crisp juicy crunch? : )
Trig, everyday I am eating fresh tomatoes, from my mothers terrace garden, with a feta cheese, or in a greek salad, and believe me is a beauty, healthy, and freshness all combined. Only the thinking that they come from the garden, gives to its taste. I am gonna have them your way, thank you for sharing.

I so liked Asia, in her '' earth girl here'' comment!!!
this is worth the post: stahi's new english:
"Only the thinking
that they come from the garden,
gives to its taste.

I am gonna have them your way, thank you for sharing. "