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JANUARY 10, 2013 12:33PM

when spammers learn to rate each other

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I recently passed four years of partcipation at open salon and of course remember the 'good old days' that no one wants to hear about. 
Glad to see the old girl (Jake's nick for open) up and running again, mostly at least (mostly running, not mostly glad), but after the last couple years of being ignored and watching the place spin down the crapper, I still carry a bit of resentment and skepticism. 
Upon opening up smoothly, again, this morning, I followed up on a comment I made at Joan H.'s yesterday to see if she had responded (DIDN'T!), and there at the bottom of her thread were/are two 'comments' from nikeoo1, with hot links. Advertising, or spam.
Some of you might remember that this was the first type of spam to invade - the spam comments. Back then it wasn't more than an oddity and a bit of a bother. We would delete their 'comments,' or not, and joke about them. The site still worked just peachy. 
Then it stopped, the spam comments, when they (whoever THEY are) figured out how to blog themselves! Assuming, as I can only assume and presume, never being told exactly what was and is 'up' by 'management,' that doing their own mega-thousands of blogs is more profitable than was spam comments. Strictly a business decision.
nike001 may be some sort of neandrathal spam throwback. Who knows?
What I have been wondering though, as I witness the evolution of spamming at open salon is this: how long can it possibly be before these cocksuckas learn to rate each other?
They blog, so surely they can rate. Imagine spam posts with hundreds of ratings! Imagine a right side (four hour) feed that is exclusively spam! 
Wouldn't that be a kick in the proverbial blogging nuts! 
I believe I saw something written by Jake at (the tragically named) ORPHANS OF OPEN SALON @ facebook, stating that the 'moderator' had been hired. This guys' job, or so the ad on craigslist said, will include spam control if I understood correctly.
When moderator dude, or dudette, eliminates the spam, either using one of the hundreds of solutions offered by our very savvy bloggers here, or a solution that he or she thinks up on their very own, I will consider this place "fixed."  
Below captured image is from the OS home page this morning.
Happy New Year.. right! 


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I predict cover placement for this piece.
uh... hate to break it to ya, but they already know how and DO rate each other / themselves.

Sorta like Obama running against the Republicans. You're screwed whatever the outcome might be.
Trig, for what it's worth I noticed you gave a thumbs up to around 10 spam posts yesterday and as a result around five of them ended up in the 4 hour feed for a while......
Yeah I did designanator. You know why? So Jake could see them there and see how trashy it looks, then show new moderator what to do with them. But it became boring pretty quick. They can fix it, or not. I know you love the place as much as I used to and relish the role of staunch defender of all things opensalon, so to you, I apologize... sir sleuth.

Amy, they do already? News to me. I do predict, as I said, that it will be the next big spam thing, regardless.
I saw those spam posts in the four hour feed. I went to each post and flagged them and I noticed they had a ratings. Now that is interesting, to say the least.
Trig, thanks for the explanation on that and also a belated happy 4 year anniversary here on OS!! As you know from my comments, I have enjoyed many, many of your posts over the years and look forward to a whole lot more!
Since the site performance has improved I've gone back to manually deleting spam accounts. If it's any comfort, I just deleted nike001. A couple of days ago I deleted one account that had generated over 82,000 (yes, eighty-two thousand) spam posts since mid-October.

It's probably a waste of time for me to delete spam accounts. There are so many of them that it's impossible to keep up. But it makes me feel good. And f*** them anyway.

OS still needs to get control over the spam. Many people have sent them ideas on how to do that, so if they don't delete the spam it's not for a lack of suggestions.
Mishima, many thanks for your immense effort over the last few years to combat the spam posts!
John you are welcome. Thank you. And yes, you've been a long time supporter at my blog which I really do appreciate. That and constant contributor of great content your own self.

David.. I wonder if flags are paid attention to?
Would be cool if they are.

mishima.. get 'em man! Bet it does feel good!!
it is what it is until it was what it is...
I am just on my way back to finish comments. Hmmm, you are reminding me of someone.
Anyway, I think Nike 01 is quite sensitive. He understood my piece in a way no one else did. I won't delete. ~r
Backdoor weasels, those spammers are. I so hope now that OS is on a serviceable server, Achey Breaky Jake can repel the invaders.
dear TR IG;

your post has caught my attention.

Coming off reading a Salon post ( “Michelle. Rhee...” , Alex Pareene, 01/08/2013)

I was curious if OS posters had anything to say about the subj., so

i went to the OS Home Page and spy-ed out your post at the top of the “Most Rated” list. It had nothing to do with Rhee on the surface
but it got me thinking.

I knew that there is only slight probability that what I am interested in would be the same as what tops the charts on OS, but there was still a chance that someone on OS would pick up this Salon thread
on Rhee for whatever motive.

But this was not to happen as reading down the ‘top-rated’ list

it became apparent that no one else on OS was even relatively

close to paying attention to this particular Salon post (Pareene’s).

And it made me wonder if any OS blogger ever followed any lead of Salon's,

that is, has anyone ever given Salon credit for its subject matter, or,

has anyone ever paid homage to Salon by picking up the lead on

one of their many contributors’ written pieces.

Another way to put the question is:

does anyone ever look at Salon?

If not, then why should Salon care about the quality of the OS site?

note: The Michelle Rhee piece can be expanded, and I for one,

would appreciate any thinking by any OS contributor on the subj.

and note: TR IG: so, your longish tenure at OS uniquely qualifies you to villify the admin of OS by Salon, but really,

why do so?

You would best Salon by writing better than they do.
Yeah, the spammers are rating each other, Facebook liking themselves and uh, commenting in privates to me how their mommas are f*ckers!! OH MY!!!!

Good times ahead my friend!! :D

ume - don't know the piece you're speaking of and too lazy to go look because I don't care. Rheee you say. I've never cared much what was on Salon, or about following or picking up leads from Salon.
As far as vilifying, I'm done with that. To me this thing today was leaning towards the humorous. Imagine spammers rating.. mark my words, it'll happen, if BigS don't pull the plug before then.
Thought you might have mistaken my avatar for Emmerling's or something.

Tink.. spam debauchery heretofore ne'er reached is on the horizon!BTW I read your insanity piece earlier and rated. It was really good.. really. I loves ya. Go to California and invite me over sometime.

Seer, you've been, for whatever reason (!) a loyal visitor to trigville. By ignored, I meant all of us collectively, asking and begging the management for answers, giving solutions and being double ignored... then, flipped off.
So you prefer more pics and less words?
Anyone remotely interested in following me; my non-meta posts can be found at oursalon, same avatar name.
Ume writes: "Another way to put the question is: does anyone ever look at Salon? If not, then why should Salon care about the quality of the OS site?"

What we often call "Big Salon" owns Open Salon. It's their site, and it represents a considerable investment of time and money. If Open Salon deteriorates, that's a loss to Big Salon. At a minimum, they have a financial interest in OS being successful. At least I used to think that . . . . .

Also, I've been around here over four years, and I don't recall that any of the OS editors have ever regularly encouraged people to comment on Salon articles. Were the editor to say to OS members "go over to Salon and read thus-and-such article, and write about it here, and I'll select some of those posts for the cover," I can guarantee you that a lot of OS members would do exactly that. (Some OS members have done that on their own, but I don't think there has been any official encouragement to do that.) And come to think of it, that's actually a very good idea, and one that you should suggest to Jacob, the OS editor.
Trig, we're going off to California, pack your bag, we leave tonight!! I know, LA - the streets are covered in cocaine!! Least that's what the travel brochure says!!!!

I don't read Salon, tried to a few times, but it was boring, think it might have been their attempt to be 'sexual' "He thrusted his cuck inside of her Virginia and she cried out, 'Aruba!' and soon he was shooting his blow of tums into her belly or liver...."

I don't write fancy enough for Salon so why aim that high?

Open accepted me as a crappy writer. I wasn't invited to her like some folks, I wandered in off the cold dark streets of CyberCity, where the streets have names like and

I still like it here.....I CAN BE ME!!!
Hello tr ig, sí señor...

(tinker ~ and you're the only "you" that can be you, and THAT'S FOR SURE!!!!!:~)
Open couldn't handle more than one of me!! Well, there's more than one of me, but I forget how many alters I have or their login so....:D
Fuck off and die , trig-- Kissy, Kissy