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JANUARY 31, 2013 8:52PM

on seeing Al Gore: PBS news, this evening

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Just saw Al Gore on PBS Newshour discussing his newest book "The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change."




Don't know if the book is great, or good - but hell it has to be at least interesting . . if not downright enlightening. Hopefully at some point in the future I'll find myself with a hard copy of Al's book, and enough time to read it--actually absorb cover to cover. 

We'll see how that plays out! No telling. I was just excited to see AL himself alive and on television! Head larger than ever, hair mostly grey but nary a wrinkle on him, looking like some kind of oversized marsh sprite. To me he's totally suave.

I flashed back to the 2000 election that he won and wondered with a few tears how 'things' here in America, worldwide actually, might have been if he had actually got to BE president, as opposed . . . to . . yeah.


Al Gore!


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how huge was the 2000 'election' ripoff?
He is getting lambasted on his book tour with regards to the sale of his Cable TV station to Al Jazeera.

He is laughing all the way to the bank...
How did we let Bush get reelected? That was our even worse mistake.
T, L, and Z~ on the same page with all three of you!
Yes, and a Marriage Ago too! Thanks for reminding me that Bush was actually in Office! ha ha R
loved al gore. just the way he is/was. no frills.
trig, I think 2000 was truly one of those moments where the future could have been so very different. Maybe in some alternate universe, Gore got to take office and those folks are living in a better world. It's a nice dream, anyway.
Sorry I missed it, I'll have to see if I can catch it on the PBS internet site.

I just posted a new video from National Academy of Sciences regarding climate change (well, the link at least). Check it ouf, if you get a chance.
There is a link under that turquoise Al Gore! Tobbar-o-
I really like Jeanette's comment.
yo jeanette. miss seein' ya
Anyway he's a mix of interesting.
We could be in such a different place if 2000 had not happened
Never did call that squirmy little fella president
You have to win an election for that.
LL.. he mentions Al Jazeera as the best in coverage of climate issues. Didn't hear mention of "the sale of his Cable TV station to" them. Velly intellestling.

Zuma :^/ Re-elected hurt didn't it, except we expected it. In 2000 no one I knew could believe that GW Shrub could ever possibly be president. Al Gore lacked that Clinton personality but he would have been a far better president, than fucking Bush!

Hi Marilyn! Sorry to remind you. Almost forgotten myself.

Emily dahling.. exactly. Al IS REAL. Might have been his political downfall. Hmmm..

Jeanette, yes the parallele` universe! One that could have been our universe!

Hey aka.. we are of carbon copy alike mind

I think we should all write blogs: revisionist history-- Gore as Prez from 00 to 08. 500 words.

His portion of the sale is estimated to be around 100 million.

He also just recently exercised options on some Apple Stock. Steve Jobs put him on the board years ago. 59,000 shares at 7 dollars and change.
(he put out $440,000. to get back $29,000,000)

Not a bad month for big Al.
Al is loaded then.. I figured!
His estimated net worth is around 300 million.

That will buy a lot of Twinkies
His estimated net worth is 300 million

That will buy a lot of Twinkies
His estimated net worth is 300 million

That will buy a lot of cupcakes
His estimated net worth is around three hundred million.

That will buy a lot of cupcakes.
Net worth estimated at $300,000,000
I’m sure it will be topical and interesting, as was An Inconvenient Truth. But there was an unfortunate side-effect of the latter. By instantly becoming the most prominent spokesperson about the dangers of global warming, it had the effect of galvanizing blind opposition from the Republicans and their fellow-travelers. So often the “discussion” would sink to “Al Gore’s got a big house and flies a lot so global warming must be a myth”. I suspect his new book will have a similar effect.
you vote for politicians, and complain endlessly that you are ruled by politicians.
As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, I don't vote or care about national politics.

However, on the Gore-really-beat-Bush issue, I have something to say -- if the incumbent party, with ALL of the advantages that position has, can't pull-off an overwhelming victory, then they should lose any close election.

My opinion.

And thank goodness for Al Gore or else we would be doing this thangy on the Internet, right?
i love "You Can Call Me Al." and as mad as i was (am) at the supremes and especially sandra o'connor for what happened in 2000, i'm thinking (after 13!! years of reflection) that having george as prez taught us all an invaluable lesson - in how this country shouldn't be, can't be. and things have come around, which makes me value the president we have and what he's done and is doing even more. rock on, al.
I flashed back to the 2000 election that he won and wondered with a few tears how 'things' here in America, worldwide actually, might have been if he had actually got to BE president, as opposed . . . to . . yeah.

I suspect many of us do, tr ig.

What a disaster we created for ourselves...and then we doubled down!

You DO know that "good 'ol liberal Al" made over $98 million bucks off of hyping green energy, since 2000? I'm also sure you know that the fourteen green-tech firms in which Gore invested received or directly benefited from more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants and tax breaks???

Your and KS's Golden Boy is really the poster child for the 1% Posers, dude. He is no more of a liberal than Obama is and he has been doing nothing but shilling for his own benefit. To imply that he would have been a damn bit different that any other Dinopublican or Republicrat is not paying attention to what he is REALLY doing.
Some people make life a living hell…and then blame others for making their life such a misery.

The “reward” for their constant doom, gloom, the-sky-is-falling perspective is to have to live the life they are living.

Some of those folk evoke sympathy. But for some, watching them show they are living the Hell is actually entertaining.
I felt the same way when I watched him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Even when it was fashionable to mock this guy, I loved him.

Hello to all

al loomis... I love your first name. I was complaining?

JS- Only a man with a personality like Al Gore could have let dipshit GWB get anywhere close. It was really really hard to watch. He had everything going for him. Should have been a landslide, true, but hey, he still won anyway. That Bush ended up Prez is possibly the most terrible travesty of modern history.

Amy.. life sucks don't it. For you it would suck no more, or less, if circumstances were better, or worse. Sucks to be you right.

Appreciate you guys coming by here and commenting.. yeah even you Amy.
Hey, tr ig! Remember when Al frenched Tipper on the campaign trail?
I agree with Al (the other one). Gore was the same kind of pro-corporate Democrat as Clinton and Obama. Would he have reversed NAFTA and the WTO treaty that sent all our manufacturing jobs overseas? Of course not. Would he have restored Glass Steagall (the law that prohibited commercial banks from speculating with depositors' money) and enacted the regulations Brooksley Born called for on derivatives trading? Would he have restored Aid to Dependent Children for single women trying to raise children on their own? You must be joking. Most of the funding for his campaign came from Wall Street - he was definitely their boy.
Fuck off and die , trig-- Kissy, Kissy
Fuck off and die , trig-- Kissy, Kissy