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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 5:47PM

Mass Gov Patrick declares driving ban- violates constitution

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Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has, in a controversial constitution busting move, declared a BAN on driving in the state of Ma. after 4pm today. 

It hasn't been decided exactly which part of the constitution Patrick is usurping, but the state's libertarian party promises clarification when their lawsuit is filed as soon as they are able to drive to the courthouse. 

Yours truly assumes there will be mention of the second amendment in said suit.

One NRA lawyer reportedly said "If we are denied access to motor vehicles, how will we be able to get to the shooting range to practice with our AR-15's and mini-assault bazookas?" 

Where does the governor get off with all this talk of 'protecting the safety of the population in general?!'

Off with his head! Power to the people. ANARCHY!!!


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due to 60 character title restrictions I had to abbreviate and skip punctuation
i WANT helena bonham carter's costume! i WANT it, WANTWANT it!! as long as i don't have to wear that awful wig. lurrrve those boots and the heart-y skirt.

what? you said something about driving? and guns? and no commas? sorry. i wasn't paying attention. could you try it again?

Now I want to play cards.
I want to snort something like snow....can we do that? WE CAN!! YAY!! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!
...but cars aren't specifically mentioned in the constitution...
Tell them the Governor still allows them to Putt.
i want helena bonham carter. nuff said.
she is into costumes, but i seen her raw. ha.
anyway, apropos of the driving ban?
i am a rebel.
i gonna go out .
except i gotta negotiate 19 inches of snow,but i dont care!
i am gonna drive to duncan donuts and get some weakass coffeee.
19 inches? A measly 19 inches??

That Helena Bonham Carter is something ain't she.. I want her too, dressed- raw . . anywhere in between.
Everyone seen her with Depp in "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street?"

Newsflash-- As far as I care the governor can keep his head. To me, it's ok, makes sense even, to declare a state wide driving ban to save peoples' lives even though a few of them may think their constitutional rights may have been right trampled.

Thanks for reading and commenting :D
I got your measly nineteen inches, plus about twelve more, right here in my backyard. Can't even see out my kitchen windows, because they are covered in snow snow snow. What a night!
I think James meant 29 inches...that's where he and I are at snow wise. Malloy downed the state at noon yesterday, roads included. All this constitution blowhard stuff is making me all the more anxious to book out of the States to Panama in 4 yrs.
uh trig i said 19 cuz it sounded nice with 'negotiate'..the n's...
more like 28 or 29.
i saw mz. carter in that flick, but also in 'FIGHT CLUB'.
'queen jane'. gal dunno what century she is in, but
when she is in ours,she is comely.
Oh man, more like thirty then! Haven't got to peek at the weather channel yet this morning, or CNN to see if the ex LA cop did any overnight havoc. If all he had was a ninja sword, or maybe a slingshot . . . . well, the guns are out there. Just too bad we were ever trusted as a society enough to have unlimited access to any type of war machine, or most any.. cough. I'll probably continue to tweak the noses of the constitution quoters though whenever I see an opportunity.

Panama.. I think Panama too, or Ecuador, certain parts of Mexico, Nicaragua. Somewhere with rain forests nearby and zip lines all through the canopies, but low on insects.. lol.

I think all you nor'easter folks ought to get outside like Emmerling and take your cameras or pic capable phones if you got 'em and document this event!
Holy smokes! Look left at top viewed past day.
Nearly 3000 views.
What the Fruck!?!?
Well, I see a bit less than 6 inches of snow in our yard...but Nancy claims it looks like 9 1/2 inches.

Cannot imagine what I have said to her in the past to cause her to make that mistake.
Trg, think Panama or Costa Rica. Medical up to par or better than US. Same coverage as here for 1/2 the premium and you can live very well on under a grand amonth which woud include a housekeeper and grounds person if ya felt like it. We want the mountains and there are some darn weird animals there!
WHO MOST VIEWED? TRIG MOST VIEWED!! And Tink didn't have to cheat the system to get him there!! ALL LEGIT!! :D
Wait!!! I want to outbid Candace for that costume!!!
Fuck off and die , trig-- Kissy, Kissy
Fuck off and die , trig-- Kissy, Kissy
Fuck off and die , trig-- Kissy, Kissy
Dearest triggy poo

Basically just scrubbed the walls of grafitti over at Oursalon - I thought I had it set to private so that you couldn't go over there to shit while I was out. you managed to anyway.

Trig you are a hopeless pussy. Stay here and blog at OS and fight like a man where and when I'm available, or track me down and drop in on me like a ninja in the night. Your comments are basically the result of being a shit processing device that I feed shit when I'm looking for some amusement.

So, you coming over to my house asswipe, or you just gonna to continue to bother the electrons?
What's a matter little rudy, get beat up on the play ground one too many times?
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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Rated but I still disagree with you on the gun thing. Who/what is that photo supposed to be of? Why on earth is anyone hot for that? Hell man, looking like that, I wouldn't do her even if I borrowed your doing equipment!