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SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 1:20AM

Positano - The Amalfi Coast

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Though a crowded paradise it was.


Our driver took us to Salerno, which was about 1 1/2 hours from Calitri.  From Salerno we took a boat to Positano which was also another 1 1/2 hour gorgeous boat ride, stopping first in the town of Amalfi and then on to Positano.


This is the landscape that we sailed by


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I must say, that Positano was a lot of work.  Turns out that our hotel (B&B) was about a 25 minute walk from the dock and we had bags.  We were glad to hear that we could take a bus, however, in order to catch the bus we had to walk up half the mountain...and it was hot...and humid...but by the time we got to our room, checked in, settled in, washed our face and put down our bags, Positano was looking a lot more relaxing.

We had lunch at this wonderful restaurant


(except for the diesel fuel from the cars passing by) Lunch was great - had my first Limoncello


Here's the view from our room



Judy Me 

Oh my - I almost forgot the beach

Beach from Above 




Buona Notte

You would think I would have marvelous poetry to write about this place, but alas, all i have are these pictures.  I guess its the jet lag, the miserable cold I picked up on the last leg of the flight home or just the overwhelming experience I had on this trip.  I'm hoping someday soon I'll be able to write about it.  For now, enjoy the pictures.


All Photos © 2010 Marlene Dunham


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You took these pictures? Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

I don't think I've even dreamed it to be this beautiful. One day ... one day ...
You've got a good eye for bringing us into the picture - THANKS! msp
Ahhhh....brings me back. I was there in 2003. Beautiful pictures!
Ah Trilogy, envy is a horrid thing, but for you I am so very happy, it is beautiful place and so very happy you are enjoying. Keep a travel journal it will all be here when you return.
Thanks for the glorious memory refill. Magnifico!
One of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We stayed in a little town called Cetara.

Wonderful photos - made me feel like I was back there again. I raise a glass of limoncello to you!
Marlene, I could see not wanting to ever leave such a beautiful location! This type of ancient town built where the mountains meet the sea is right at the top of my list of the best that Europe has to offer in the way of landscapes you will not find elsewhere. Thanks for posting this wonderful photo essay of this part of your trip!
Triology, I have been awaiting more pictures from you..
rated with hugs
Marlene, the pictures are poetry in themselves. Take your time and get over your jet lag first and digest the magnificent time you had. It must be difficult to come down from such a high. Thank you for sharing the memories. ~R
the photos are really gorgeous, but what about the COFFEE?
Thanks all. To be perfectly honest, as beautiful as this place was, my trip was basically 3 parts: 1) Calitri 2) Positano 3) Rome and all 3 were completely different experiences. If I had to rate them Positano would be at the that's how good the trip was!

And someone asked about the coffee? Now that was a problem for me. Didn't like the coffee and couldn't find a good Americana anywhere...but all the alcohol made up for that.
So incredibly lovely, how wonderful you were able to go and capture some views for us as well : )
Glad you're home safe, rest easy...
We stayed at the Hotel California, some thirteen years ago. It looks like it hasn't changed.
Definitely enjoying the pictures. They'll sustain me until your words are ready.
Thank you for taking me with you on your adventure! I'm still waiting for the poetry!
Oh, my...add this to my bucket list! Glad you're having such a great time!
Oh my. I have always wanted to visit the Amalfi Coast, and now more than ever. I would kill for that view from your room.
I'm sorry I missed this last week. Looks splendid. Now you have me craving some Limoncello!
Someday...Someday...I am so jealous.
These pictures are poetry. Quite the view your had from your room!!