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AUGUST 21, 2011 4:27PM

My Small Joy: Summer In Seattle

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Mt Rainier sml 

Photo:  Marlene Dunham 2010


Big news around here yesterday –

 it was the warmest day of the year. 

 The temperature hit 85 degrees. 


Before this heat wave hit, a meteorologist at the University of Washington had calculated that the Seattle area had experienced a total of 78 minutes of summer, or the number of days since the 1st of June that the temperature reached a searing 80 degrees.  our weather is having a worse season this year than the Mariners


I do realize that 9/10 of you reading this now hate me (not that I control the weather).  I do know how hot it has been out there in the real world.


So, today, probably in the high 70’s, I am sitting on my deck, closing my eyes and taking another vacation.


Pigeons are cooing, but with my eyes closed they could be exotic birds in some exotic location (that I couldn’t afford with my eyes open).  I always thought that pigeons were the “official bird of the Bronx” but I guess they are bi-coastal.  As a matter of fact, I think I remember a few of those pesky birds when I visited Rome!


So, after the coldest Spring on record, and probably up to about 8 hours of summer weather, sitting on my deck,  at about 75 degrees, eyes closed, is my small joy. 


Actually it’s a pretty big joy.

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Sounds perfect! When I was growing up in Chicago, we rarely had temps over 87. First time I felt 90 degrees, I thought I'd melt.
I am happy for, really...I am! Because of a dear friend I have in Bothell, I know what the temp is there when I bother to look on my iPhone for it...usually I just get to the first page, which is my zip code, and shut the phone off in despair. Then I check to see the temp where we have property in Colorado and it's warm, not hot, during the day there and cold at night. So at least I have some hope.

If I was there my dog would be so happy as we would not have quit walking for the summer. I do envy you the weather and the view but could never hate you!
That is perfect weather. Summers here are wonderful too. -R-
The Seattle weather must have come here. We just had downpour and now we have gray skies. That's okay though, glad things are warming up for you PNW'ers.
Lovely. It was 96 here yesterday, and it'll be about 90 today. Portland is hotter than Seattle, but with a similar beauty. I'm glad you're enjoying your day.
Nice one, Trilogy! I think it was Henry James who said there are no two more beautiful words in English than "Summer Afternoons." So glad that you are enjoying yours. R
I am glad someone is keeping cool. Autumn can't come soon enough!
No hating...just wising.
Excellent post! 85 degrees awesome for your region, keep enjoying it : ) I’ve been experimenting with your “closed eye” mode of travel its pretty cool, thanks for that pit. Only a few pigeons in Rome?


Nothing like Seattle on a good day. Rainier shows itself and the beauty is unreal. Over here on this side, the summer has been excellent. I came back from my bike ride and it was a 100 degrees on the bank clock. Perfect as far as I am concerned.
Some people (like me) think of Seattle as an exotic destination. You are indeed fortunate. We've had about 80 straight days of 90+.

Oh geeze, this small joy of yours sure made me jealous. What I wouldn't give for a few days of seventy degree weather. We flew into Seattle and then drove to Yakma when our son passed away and I have to believe that the whole state of Washington is one of the most beautiful states I have ever seen. We would love to take a vacation there and experience more of the state's beauty under happier circumstances.
heidibeth: I grew up on the Eastcoast, so when you throw in the humidity (like in Chicago) its a game changer.
Barry: I assume you'll let me know if you ever come visit that friend in Bothell.
LL: Thanks for not hating me.
Rei: i didn't think Portland was THAT much hotter!
Wendy: Hope you are enjoying your "Summer Afternoon" in Finland!
Mary - you got me on the pigeons in Rome thing!
Dr Spud: But it's "dry heat" right?
Leslie: that's funny....Seattle is the exotic destination! It's like when I was growing up in NY - California was THE place to go!
there is nothing lovelier than a balmy day, just hot enough without being too hot, to make me smile. glad you had one, even if it was sort of a loner this summer. (and better your summer than our poor texas friends' summer.) nice thoughts, M.
Torman, I remember that. I wish you would visit again under more pleasant circumstances. As Dr. Spudman can attest to, Western Wa. and Eastern Wa (Yakima) are like night and day. Seattle, known for its rain and clouds where on the East side of the mountains it is desert, dry, and hot in summer and very cold in winter. I think the average temp in Seattle year round is around 50.
Enjoy that vacation! You deserve it after the spring you've had, tril.

Actually, my winter down here has been so mild too. Daytime temps ranging from around 16C to 22C (in the vicinity of 60F to 72F)!!!
i guess i would be hankering after summer if i had that weather, but -- i gotta say -- it is real hard for me to feel any sympathy right now. yesterday, i saw it was 98 degrees before 10am. *sigh*
I'm speechless...with rage. At your cheek! How dare you! Here it's 100 at nightfall. My dogs blame me for their misery and I can't explain it to them. They growl...grrrrr. I shall direct them to your blog.
I love your part of the country. I've had 93-97 this past week. Your temps sound divine.
Oh Bell....I knew someone would show up in a rage. I'm going to sneak away now.
When the sun shines in Seattle it is truly the Emerald City but the grey rain does get to me. Then I moved to Southeast Alaska. Juneau weather makes Seattle look like California. It is all relative. Now I am in Southern California where the weather is perfect almost everyday. Shhhhhh don't tell anyone. It is already so crowded here we can't move around. Thanks for the Seattle touch.
Well, I must have hit the magic week. I actually saw Seattle in the sun!
I lived in Eugene, Oregon for 14 months a few years back and one of the joys I experienced while there was being able to drive to Seattle within about five hours or so. Even in the rain, it was (and is) a wonderful city. Thanks for your story.
It sounds divine
sitting on your deck
time to close your eyes
and feel the joy
so sweet
rated with love
85? Heck...85 could easily be the coolest day of the summer in Kansas City!

I'm jealousin' Tril. Invite me to Seattle and that porch, will ya'?
Ah, thank you for praising cool summer weather! Here in Paris, people just don't get it: unless you're at the beach, there's really no reason for it to be really, really hot - especially if, in the case of most of us here, you don't have air-conditioning. It's wonderful to hear someone happy about less than hot days.

As for pigeons, oh yeah, they are everywhere. I love them - they're so full of moxie.
i used to live in seattle a long, long time ago.

it's a beautiful city full of wonderful people.

it' a splendid place to be, no matter what the temperature there may be!

i hope i'll get a chance to go back someday.
Much as I bemoan the cool summers we've been experiencing in England, I don't envy some of the temperatures we came across in the US and that was only in May.

Staying cool is something to be grateful for indeed.
Sounds lovely. It will cool off here soon enough. ~r
Oh, I like that redirection back to your "Summer in the City." I love hot, humid weather, though I'm finding that age is reducing the amount of time I can work or play outside in it. Your closing the eyes motif reminds me of some of Sherman Alexie's fiction, where the closing of eyes means the onset of a story, of creative vision. We're told to be open-eyed, but you make a great case for being shutter-eyed at certain times, in certain places.
My older daughter lives in Seattle and loves it, rain and all. I could take some of that myself...
I miss my menopausal weather...
Love you.. hopefully things will be back to normal in a week or so.

Nothing like a day that feels like the air is one with you and even better is to have the ability to appreciate these small (but large) things as gifts not to be taken for granted. Here's to many more. rated
Must feel so great to live in perpetual air-conditioning!
Trilogy - It is cooling down here so I am not as jealous as I might have been. but it does sound divine. Oh and I do wish that I had a deck. Enjoy your transition from summer to fall.
Our summer's been pretty mild, really (which explains the electric bill that came in yesterday!). But 80 minutes???? Wow. I would feel cheated!
I hope in my life I get to live and work in Seattle....Thanks so much here.
78 degrees?

I live in Houston. Forgive my banality.
Rated ♪♫•**•.¸♥¸.•*¨*•♪♪♫•**•.¸¸♥ D
I've even been feeling a little guilty at the lovely weather we've had this summer! It started getting a little too hot last week....not too bad. : )