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SEPTEMBER 26, 2011 11:18PM

Growing Older

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I hope this poem has the same effect on

 you as it did on me. Walk with me as I

worth the read...



Aging Poem Joke



Shit...I forgot the words....      





Just wanted to check with  all my friends.  I havn’t been around much lately, and then when I have a little time, yup, I can’t get in. This post will probably let you know where my head’s been at lately.

I just finished moving into a new house, getting ready for my daughter and her boyfriend to move in with me in about a month and then…the big event…the twins..due around Christmas. 

Did I tell you they are girls?  Addyson & Brooklyn! 

I’m looking forward to a month or so of  peace and quiet and hopefully my muse will move back in and I can get some writing done. And now that the move is done, I’ll have more time to read your posts too. 


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Shit -- I forgot too -- congrats on the twins and what great names...
I was about to sign off when I caught this, Marlene. You've been busy but I hope now you'll have the time to relax and find your muse before the big event. What an occasion to look forward to. All the best!
Twins, how wonderful, Congratulations.
Next time, I hope you remember that fabulous poem.
rated with love
What a move! Good luck and best wishes.
Nice to see you and to hear that things are coming together for the soon-to-be-bigger family. Yay girls!!
Great news Marlene!!!
I come over here from time to time and so glad I caught this post..
Ha !
... wait ...

How do you know what their names are if they aren't born yet ?
I've been wondering how you're doing, how the healing went/is going...
babies! How cool!
We babysat our new granddaughter tonight for the first time....she slept the whole two hours while we stood around and watched her : )
Hope your transitions continue smoothly...
Haven't blogged in three weeks myself. Nice to hear you're getting yourself all set up for the new family. Two new wee girls. How exciting, Trilogy. You'll be just the best grandma or is it nanny, or nonna? :)
Love the photograph. Poem too. Best wishes!
Twins! Your life will turn upsidedown. I hope you blog about it. It will be fascinating!
You got me. Congratulations -- and good luck!
Good to see you here and congrats on the new house and the twins. Hope it all goes well.

A welcome morning smile when I first looked at your post...hope I don't forget what I was smiling at.
I am glad to hear that your preparations for all the big changes have gotten done in time that you can relax and perhaps allow yourself some emotional preparation time as well. Being a grandparent is one of the best things I have done in my life and I hope it will be for you as well. By the way, wonderful names, I think.

About me: The last time I posted no one commented, so I took it down out of egotistical self-preservation.

On the aging front, I just changed all my skin care products in honor of being over 60. Suddenly my skin looks better. I think i have some song lyrics for you from John Prine.
You are really going to have your hands full! Exciting times.
Congratulations on all the good new things (and baybeeeees ) coming your way.
I really missed you, and I'm glad you are OK. Twins, how great is that? You do know twins never make very much noise, right?:-)
Love that you forgot the words! I can't remember anything these days. So exciting about the impending twins! Great names.
Good to read you trilogy! Happy Tuesday back at you. ;)
Well, I too have been AWOL for most of the summer and have been having problems both with getting OS to work and with that ever elusive muse........Sounds like you will have your hands full as well as your new home. I wish you every good thing for both and hopefully we will be meeting on these pages soon again.........
Two baby girls! How cool, Marlene! I've not been around either.. eight weeks of grinding it out on my book. But finally coming up for air and had to check in and see how you are doing.

Sounds like lots of excitment on your side...
Two baby girls! Very cool, Marlene. I hear you...I've not been around either -- eight weeks of grinding it out with my book. But I'm back breathing again and had to check in to see how you are doing. Congrats!!!
Two baby girls! Very cool, Marlene. I hear you...I've not been around either -- eight weeks of grinding it out with my book. But I'm back breathing again and had to check in to see how you are doing. Congrats!!!
twins for christmas
good news for today
hopefully we all can reclaim our time
here at OS
enjoy your happiness!
Good luck with all the good news!
I stopped by earlier, saw that you'd forgotten the poem and figured I'd come back later in the hope you'd remembered it. Then I forgot to come back, almost. But it is good to see you are back and with some exciting news about the impending bobbsey twins...wait...ah, there was something else I wanted to say...uh. Later, Tril. ;-D
You have such good! Love you and hope people with be patient with me and Salon!! Hah! Congrats! Great names too.
i love that photograph!
i am not familiar with that poem?
YAY on twin girls and daughter and baby-daddy and new home all together.
Much to smile about here, Sweetpea.
Love those names - especially because at heart I'm a NYC girl (though I'm from Queens, not Brooklyn). Congratulations Trilogy and hope you get some rest in before the big event.
I've been gone too and was tempted bacl by this.

This is gteat news. I forget everything to, except my grandson's smile. That is the first thing I remember every morning. You'll have years of Addyson and Brooklyn's smiles to remember every morning, afternoon and evenings.

Keep on keepin' on, friend.

What wonderful news all the way around, twins and a new home congratulations and I love the names.

Words to come, I suppose…!?


Thank you all, friends. And I'm excited about those of you who came out to comment that I havn't seen in a while! My hope is that OS will get better and all the "old folks" will come back out to play!
I'm still in the PNW. Just moved from one Seattle suburb to another.
@Scarlett: Perhaps I should have a "grandma" naming contest!
@Zanelle: I've already got the blog title "The Grandma Diaries"
@Scanner: I know all about twins and noise. I had a set myself 22 years ago! (and they are NOT two for the price of one)!
@Ingrid: So glad to see you. Good luck on that book - I can't wait to read it.
@Chuck: yay! Good to see you
@Matt: You sound like a man after my own heart.
@Gerri: My daughter refused when I suggested "Bronx". ha!
@Gary: I'm so honored that I tempted you back.
What was I going to write Now? Hmmm? Great post..
You startled a laugh out of me with that one. Congrats on the soon-to-arrive twins! I too was a Christmas baby (well, I was due Feb 14 but came Dec 16) - - up with Sags, the best friend in the zodiac!
You're so funny. Congrtulations on a succesful move and the wonderful twins. What great names.
My bet: The twins will keep you feeling younger. Lucky you. !!!