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OCTOBER 23, 2011 5:39PM

OS Writer: Book Review: Hippie Boy by Ingrid Ricks

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14 year old Ingrid “put on her favorite shorts and tank top…applied layers of mascara and eye shadow…dragged the card table and chair across the hotel parking lot and dad followed behind with a box full of wrench sets, screwdrivers and several sets of steak knives.”

 This is an, intriguing, fascinating and heartbreaking look into a poor Mormon family and the toll it takes on an adolescent girl.  When mom remarries, the evil step father, unemployed and “polluting her airspace with his rotten –hamburger breath” , is bent on ruling his new step family with an iron fist, sometimes literally. 

Ingrid escapes during the summer traveling the southwest with her real Dad, an excommunicated Mormon & traveling salesman, always looking for the next big break, the one that will make him a millionaire.  He calls Ingrid his “Hippie Boy” because of her long, shaggy hair. 

“Hippie Boy”  is a great tale of suspense and heartbreak.  I was riveted.  The story was so well told and the fact that I knew this story was true made it even more compelling.  At least once during my read I had to PM the author to ask “Is this REALLY true?”  Probably around the time that her step father tried to “get Satan out of her”. 

A very nice juxtaposition between her real dad and the evil step dad.

There is a hostage situation, an arrest, a car accident, along with broken promises and some fulfilled ones too. 

I highly recommend this book, which right now can be downloaded from Amazon for the Kindle & Barnes & Noble for the Nook.

 Ingrid Ricks is an OS writer & Hippie Boy is now available on Amazon for $2.99.A print version will be available soon at  

Take my word for it – you’ll love it.

Congratulations, Ingrid.  you've inspired me to continue along with my own memoir.   


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Wow. You have got me hooked. I'm going to take a look, thanks for the heads up!

Thank you so much for your incredible words regarding my story. You did an amazing job providing an overview (makes me want to read it!) From now on, when people ask me what Hippie Boy is about, I'm sending them this blog link. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read the book and post this review. xoxoxo - Ingrid
P.S. Scanner - thank you! I would love you to check out HB. Best, Ingrid
Always great to read of a writer's success and it does indeed sound like a gripping story.

On goes another one to my ever-growing list.
Thanks for this excellent review. I am always looking for a good book, especially true stories. Going to download it now.
Wonderful news and shout out to one of our own!
Ingrid! CONGRATULATIONS! Do you know that you were my first follower on Open Salon? I look forward to downloading it!
Is it on Nook too?
Generous of you to write this. Now I recall reading an excerpt from this on Ingrid's blog a log while ago. The cover is great. You sold me on this, Tril.
Trilogy.. this was wonderful that you did this and congrats ingrid!

I have loved Ingrid's posts here. Now it's time for me to buy the book. ~r
thank you so much everyone! So amazing to feel the support of Osers. I was SO generous of Trilogy to spotlight my book and share it with all of you (I so appreciate you, Trilogy xoxo).

Susie -- the book is definitely available on Nook,too. Here's the link if you're interested:

Thanks again to you, Trilogy, and to all of you. This has definitely made my evening.
I will definitely check this out. Thanks for the great review. This is one of the reasons that OS is a great place for writers to congregate. R
Congrats Ingrid!

Thanks for the point out Tril!
This is great. Thanks!
I can't wait to read it! Congratulations, Ingrid! What an accomplishment. Thanks for the review, Trilogy.
Thanks for this wonderful review. Makes me want to kep plugging away too.
thanks again everyone for your amazing words and support. Christine - do keep plugging away at it. I dabbled on Hippie Boy for nearly ten years and then finally decided that life is short and the time to go after dreams is NOW. And it feels so cool to finally see that dream realized.
Wow, sounds great. A must read. Thanks Trilogy. and you are right, so inspiring to continue with our own books.
Thank you for writing this! Ingrid is an incredible writer, with an incredible true story to tell, and I can't wait to read her book - the print edition will be out soon, word has it, and I am fidgeting over here with excitement and impatience!
Great review--makes me want to see this. :) r.
Congratulations Ingrid! Marlene this is very kind of you to post :)
So nice of you to do this. Will check it out.
Just stopping by again to say THANK YOU for all of your amazing words of support! OSers ROCK!
YAY! I love to hear these wonderful stories of success, strength and discipline! I want to just stand up and cheer. Thank you so much for sharing your review of this story. I am definitely going to check it out! Rated.
Thanks for the hot tip, Trilogy.

Why am I always tripping along after Scanner, anyway? Can't I ever get somewhere before he does? I ask you. That said, he said what I would have said had I gotten here first. Excellent promotion of a book I don't see how it could miss. That last sentence doesn't sound right but I can't think of a better way to say it. Love the cover, too. I'm holding out for the paperback. Good luck with sales, Ingrid!
I will be purchasing her book soon. Thanks for the review! R.
And congratulations to Ingrid!!
Oh, now I see, you're doing reviews! Great! I remember reading Ingrid's posts and thinking that her book would be very interesting. So glad you reminded me. Congratulations to Ingrid, and this is a great convention to try to promote of putting this in the title:

OS Writer: Book Review: