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NOVEMBER 7, 2011 5:36PM

The Gate

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 The Gate

Photo by:  Liz Corbett
Words by:  Marlene Dunham
                    (Inspired by my friend Liz Corbett’s photograph)





The path
unveils a choice.
Its’ mere presence beckons
come hither”.
I vaguely hear its’ voice.

Promising hope,
Perhaps a new life,
re-writing my story!
Is there still time?

Will life change for good
when I open that gate,
follow that path
and step into that wood?

Or will darkness descend
to pluck the confidence
that in my youth I could
only pretend -
to possess.

With age, does wisdom grow?

Should I not be satisfied with
the status quo?
Is fear of the unknown a  catalyst
or constraint;
To walk the winding road
behind the gate?

The path
unveils a choice.
The gate will open or close
I may continue on my way,
be content  (such sage advice)
or step across its threshold.

But if I do –

How will I know

Which way to go?




“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

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Beautiful profound words!
I see our friend’s images inspire both of us.
Liz is very inspiring, isn't she?
Thanks Frank - enjoy your Florida evening (I'm still getting through the afternoon)
gates and paths - the perfect symbols for life's journey. Beautiful poem and photo. R
always new possibilities.
Marlene ~ an intriguing photo by Liz C. and lots to ponder here by you and Lao T.!
But if I do –
How will I know
Which way to go?

You'll know. Somehow, you'll know.
Life will change for good,
when you open that gate.

& if there's a path, you'll know which way to go,
or not, which is the delicious bit
about being alive ;-)

I love gates, & paths, & your friend's photo, & this poem.
One gate closes and another opens.. Of course I find gates nicer than doors.:)
Ah, dear friend, I relate so very well to your rich and profound poem. I take my hat off to you, tril. Just wonderful.

I like what Kim has to say and I think he might just be right ...when the gate is open and we take that first step, life will change for good.
Beautiful words, Marlene.
Thank you Rita & Blinddream
John: Look you've written a poem, too! :)
Margaret - I believe you're probably right. I've always felt that too.
Kim: Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you. Life would be pretty dull if we stayed on the same path and took no risks.
Linda: Thanks. Gates don't completely close you out (or in)
Little Kate: Your too kind (mutual admiration society!!) Here's to change, my friend!
Yes, tril, here's to change ... big time.
The road less traveled by may not be as profitable, but the scenery is usually a lot better.
Great words inspired by an intriguing photo.

I'm sure many of us have often reached a phase of pondering which path to take, but better take chances than remain static.
Beautiful photograph and your words are powerful, compelling, a little "come hither" themselves really. Very nicely done, Marlene. Thanks. r
I so identify with this poem. Good job!
Oh Tril. The Gate ... and what we ... make of it ... when we begin to see ... upon ... beyond ... the winding road ...
As I read this morning ... I wonder ... if wisdom always grows ... deepening ... deepening ... and somehow ... opening ...
This picture and your poem ... will stay with me.
Somehow ... I hope ... the heart ... will know ...
I love the conclusion! You don't know...till you go through the gate, do you?
So beautiful, Trilogy. It's true...never know where the path will lead...but I say, OPEN THE GATE.
You KNOW why this touches me just now, right? BEAUTIFUL...and timely for me...
It is an inspiring photo. I can't help but think of all the gates that have slapped me in the ass after I crossed the threshold -- and yet nothing bad ever happened. Maybe it was congratulatory.
I love seeing someone write a Taoist poem and quoting Lao Tzu.
rated with love
Trilogy i love this poem and so much relate to it. I suggest you read Keka's recent post on Metamorphosis and i bet that will inspire you to step through the gate. I do not mean to rhyme but it's not not not too late! LOVE
Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo, along with your gorgeous words.
Love the photo. Love the poem. Both are so inspiring and profound in their own way.