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APRIL 19, 2012 12:55AM

The Grandma Chronicles (with pretty pictures)

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At the start of the year, I thought that the “Grandma Chronicles” would be a very nice series, seeing as I became a Grandma two days before Christmas. (I KNOW you’ve seen the pictures).   Little did I know that what would take over a little over 3 months later would be the “Grandma Chronicles” of taking care of Mom.

I’m in Tucson getting Mom from hospital to nursing home back to hospital to long term care.  Actually, it was sister who did the first hospital to nursing home, I came in at hospital to long term care stage.  Only problem is – she doesn’t know it’s long term care.  I won’t bore you with the details.  Those of you who have been through it already know and those of you who haven’t – don’t want to know.

After spending the day getting her settled after her first full night, I was so stressed I thought I would do something to make me feel like I was on vacation.  I know, I’m not on vacation, but when its 45-50 degrees and raining in Seattle and it will hit 100 degrees here by Sunday, some celebration is on order.

Mom’s long term care is about as far from Mom’s condo where I’m staying as you can probably get in Tucson – but the drive is beautiful, along the Catalina Mountain foothills.

I stopped for a glass of wine at La Paloma, a world renown resort and golf course.  It only cost me $10 bucks but I felt pampered after a long, hard day.  And here are some of the pictures to prove it!

Gate Sign


From the bar


Catalinas from the bar


Cactus Sky 3


Church Palm


Belltower Sunset 2

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Sorry I havn't been around much. I do miss you guys and will hopefully be back to a normal life (I hear that there is such a thing) soon.
i'm no fan of the desert, but tucson is a sweet little place. i'm glad you're taking a few minutes out of the moving-mother-madness to look around, have a glass of wine and find some of the beauty. take care, marlene.
Be kind to yourself during these stressful times dear.
And stop for 'glasses of wine' along the way.
We all need them.
Great photos. I like that last sepia one the best...Gotta seriously love sepia....
I lived in AZ for 15 yrs. Would never go back, but I sure miss those beautiful sunsets. There are lots of ways to pamper yourself there. Is the desert in bloom yet? Get your camera ready./r
Lovely shots. I've never been to Arizona but it's on my Bucket List.
Some very lovely photography and yes you deserve $10 wine, how'd it taste?
Gorgeous pictures. Caring for ailing parents..hard. Wine needed.
Thanks for sharing. I've been to Arizona twice...New Mexico and Colorado, once. The scenery was breath taking. I am partial to Spanish Architecture.
That last photo just sings! I know you'll be welcomed wherever you go,and needed too. I'm glad you are up to it!
Hey Candace - i'm no fan of the desert either. there are some very nice places here, though (where the rich people live).
Mission: thanks. I l0ve the last photo too, it looked SO much better than that though. We will start a new saying "take time to smell the roses and have a glass of wine".
Christine: I lived down here for 6 months 25 years ago. I'll take Seattle (and the rain) over this.
Blinddream: Well, if you get to this part of your bucket list in the next few weeks, give me a call!
Cindy: the wine tasted especially good last night, probably more due to the surrounds and relaxation.
Ande: Thanks for the comments. My family has lived here for 40 years, but I was old enough when they moved to not have to come with them. But i have visited almost every year for that long.
Thanks dianaani: But YOU know how much I miss the grandbabies!
I love seeing your pictures.
Find the good-wine, scenery or whatever.
This is such a hard thing.
Be good to yourself.
Pretty pictures for sure, tril! And ones that show a landscape that I'll be hard-pressed to ever see in person.

Really take the time to enjoy each and every sunset you can while you're there ... you deserve at least that. You've had such a busy and full year and it's only April!

I haven't been around much lately either of course but when I've been here, I've felt the absence of you and others quite a bit. I hope we all get back to whatever is a 'normal' life soon too and find that we have the time to enjoy each others company again.

Take care, friend. Thinking of you in that 'foreign' land with much love....

Katie - there are a lot of us going through a lot of changes together right now. That's comforting, somehow. We can all hold hands.
I do know what you are going through and can only offer support not wise answers. I hope your Mum will settle into her new care home. These are such stressful times I know, particularly when you have young family around too.

Those little treats and moments to capture and appreciate the beauty in the world are essential to help us through.
The only constant in change. Wine is good, I'll start stocking up!
Thinking of,
Beautiful images!
I’m sorry it’s so stressful for you, do take care.
Thinking of you,
Marlene, with the beautiful sunsets and scenery you show in the photos it looks like a wonderful place to relax! As you point out, quite a contrast to the current weather back in Seattle!