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JANUARY 8, 2013 9:51PM

Because I Can

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It's been exactly 4 months today that I have had anything up on OS.  I thought I had given up.  I still might have given up, as Our Salon is a wonderful place.  Though, I have not been any more motivated to write over there than I am over here these days.  I've got to work on that.

But there's always pictures and there's always babies (in my life).  They celebrated their 1st Birthday on December 23rd.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday (or at least are happy it's over)

 Princesses small

Here is Addyson

Addy small

And here is Brooklyn

Bklyn small

And last but not least - the whole family

Family Best small

I'll skip the picture of Grandma - because all the others are so much nicer to look at!!!

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Wow, just really wanted to see if it works - and it did.
Beautiful babies, beautiful family. So nice to see you here. XOXO
I think even if OS was being difficult, it would have made an exception for those irresistible babies. They are beyond precious.
What a beautiful family. Those girls are gorgeous.
Thank you for brightening my morning today with those beautiful pictures, and of course you are post here because you can. Do we need any better reason?
It takes to to make comments... but it seems to be running.
BUT these pictures make it all worth while.
Funny, but when I came back later last night, I couldn't get in. Maybe not yet "all" fixed. Thanks all for coming by. So good to see you here again.
Marlene, wonderful to see these cute new photos of the twins! Happy New Year to everyone in your family!
If I had little cuties like this in my life, I'd probably stop writing, too. Happy belated birthday Addyson and Brooklyn!

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful family!
Those are some beautiful babies you've got there, Grandma!
So beautiful I want to squeeze those little cheeks and smother them in kisses :)
lovely. blessed you are.
they are beautiful...and clearly your joy. My daughter's best friend, a girl who is like a daughter to me, is expecting twin girls and it could happen any day now. Everyone is excited and a little scared. Looks like you all have survived. ;)
Beautiful blue eyes, my favorite. I missed you, Happy New Year~
Beautiful family. It looks like the site has been working since Friday. I posted about it on Saturday. R
just too cute, Marlene!
@mime: Mydaughter who had the twins IS a twin. I also had a 2 year old when my twins were born, so, yea, we all survived. You do what you gotta do. But these two make it easy.
How sweet. There is a photo of my sis and me at a year old looking just as much alike. How cool it is to be a twin.

You'll write will day. I reckon life just wants us to concentrate on other things for the moment. For you, I think it's those little adora-bubbles!

Smiling here.

Love you!
Love you Kate. Good to see you back here in the playground.
I just deleted my blog from Our Salon. Didn't like the way things worked there. Welcome back to OS. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!