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February 29
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SEPTEMBER 19, 2010 10:50AM

Losers Always Lose, Ibis sitting on a fence

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Week II  of the Born to Lose Chronicles: Losers Always Lose, Ibis Sitting on a Fence


If you recall, last week I had dinner with my wife at Pei Wei. Before we left the self-titled “Chinese Diner”, my wife stuffed a self-serve take-out container with fortune cookies because our daughter loves to snack on them. Always looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, I figured I try my luck with the Florida Lottery and play the "Lucky Numbers" that are on the "fortune slips" . Well, last week’s results were a flop.


Undaunted, and keeping with my original home state’s (New York) motto: “Excelsior” (which means Ever Upward), however, going against conventional wisdom, I decided to try, try again because, if at first you don’t succeed, you should give up; why make a fool out of yourself a second time (to paraphrase W.C. Fields). I instructed Little Trudgette (Who isn’t so little any more; why can’t they stay nine forever?) to put the fortune slips in the little basket in our kitchen where I keep my Coke Rewards bottle caps (Don’t laugh. I’ve been getting some cool stuff for the last few years without having to consume mass quantities).


So on Saturday before I went to get gas at my local gas station (where else?), I drew three slips from the fortune pile. The first one read, “The time is right is make new friends.” The Lucky Numbers were 46, 2, 56, 28, 37, 27; the back read, “Gift” and the Chinese Kanji for it and how to pronounce it “IÄ­ Wù". The second slip read, “Many new friends will soon be attracted to your friendly and charming ways”; the numbers were 33, 20, 5, 18, 39, 16; the word on the back read “They” it is pronounced “tā men”. I lost the third slip, but its numbers were 12, 17, 21, 28, 33, 42.


Today, after my morning run, I checked the results: 6-12-19-26-30-31. Oh well, as that old Wall Street saying goes “the bulls and bears make money; the pigs get slaughtered”.


Oh yeah, the Ibis. During my cool down from running 10K (6.2 miles) this morning, I happened upon a flock of Ibis in front of Riviera Middle School which is not too far from my house. I was hoping to scare them off by banging on the fence so I could get a cool shot of them taking off but these are Miami birds, and they don’t scare easy (oh grow up! you think National Geographic doesn’t “coach” the animals in their videos?).


Enjoy the video…




Born to Lose Chronicles:
Text and video ©Trudge164, 2010

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Careful Trudge...I think they were trying to lure you in. Remember Hitchcock.
And I thought excelsior was that packing material made from wood slivers.
Lose? What lose?

You got to make a dope of yourself banging a fence to scare birds that didn't move until you got close enough for them to identify you.

The "not lose" part?

We got to watch you do it!!!! We win!!

irishwolfhound I, do you think the Ibises are Commie spies? They do look shifty in a shiftless way.

irishwolfhound II, it does, but like everything else in life it has more than one meaning.
skypixieo, as the sayings go: "there's a sucker born every minute" and "a winner every time".
Well at least you tried. My buddy says his biggest ambition in life it to win the lottery but he's too lazy to buy a ticket, so you're one up on him.

Every time he's tempted to buy a ticket, he puts that money in savings instead. When he had a few bucks saved, he moved it to a mutual fund that's now worth half a million bucks. Okay, I made that up.
Major Mojo, I tried that and it worked; then some guy named Bernie "mad[e]-off" with my money. So now I am regulated to the Lotto.
Black Jack Davy, I know but I'm having fun with it. I hardly play the Lotto, but I figured this would be good fodder for a post.

Please don't take offense, but I don't I should be taking financial advice from a guy named "Black Jack" just saying.
I watched that video.. It reminded me of The Birds.
You are one brave soul..:)
and if you do not play you can' win.:)
Rated with hugs
ahhahaha! this was funny. What a goofball! altogether amusing, and you keep spending your dollar if you can put a dollar in and get a post out. It's a good investment.
I got a fortune cookie with a misspelling once. It said: "You will become the envy of your pears." My pears aren't envious, but my apples are.
Linda, I thought about that too.

Gabby Abby, it is money well spent when you can make someone laugh at your own expense.

John, are you sure it said "pears" and not "penis"?
Trudge: That you can run 10K and still live to write about it proves you're no loser. That you get Coke Rewards proves that the gods are on your side. You know, I have never in my life, not once, played the lottery. I'm afraid I'll win.
Jerry, ty 4 da nice comments. I share your fear too.
Wonderful video of this curious bird we never get to see up here in the Northland. rated with luck.
Trudgeh, I too, was reminded of Hitchcock. The Buhhrds. I was immediately catapulted into your world...a world of Ibis chasing you...attacking and pecking you raw...and you...with your Kelly bag, pristine pumps, and little suit, languishing beautifully for your closeup. Miami...a metaphorical backdrop for pain and anguish. xox
Romantic Poetess, you really don't want these guys around.
Legend has it they are the last to leave before a hurricane strikes and the first return in the aftermath.

Robin, thanks(?), but I'm more of a Rod Taylor type with squared shoulders and a chisled chin.
Trudge, is this the Chinese year of the Tiger. An unluckier animal I do not know. Next year, is the year of the Rabbit. Just make sure you have your trusty rabbit's foot when you buy the ticket. You'll be a rich man my friend!
This video reminded me of being in the world on a late Summer day, with other beings. Maybe I'm a sentimental clown today, but this was just a great little interlude.

As for the lotto...they change the winning numbers as soon as you and I have bought our tickets.
scanner, I'm dog in the Chinesed zodiac, so I won't be getting lucky for a long time.

Xenonlit, so that's how the do it!
Oh you entrepreneur, you! rated
Caroline, ty 4 da compliment, but I'm not ready to rub elbows Wayne H. or The Donald yet. Donald Duck maybe.