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February 29
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SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 9:56AM

The Three Time Loser & the Three Legged Dog

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Week III of the Born to Lose Chronicles: The Three Time Loser and the Three Legged Dog


Well, this is week three of my outrageous misfortunes in trying to win the Florida Lottery by playing the Lucky Numbers from a batch of fortune cookies. I have a total of 8 fortune slips left; so this week, I decided to buy four tickets and next week I’ll play the remainders.


Not heeding the story of Agamemnon (just because I got an “A” in Classical Mythology doesn’t mean I learned anything), I decided to manipulate the Fates by selecting four slips that would help me form a phrase/sentence with the English to Chinese words written on the back of the slips. This is what I got:

Banana [xiÄng  jiÄo] Boy [nán hái] Blue [lán sè] Wine [jiÅ­]


The corresponding fortunes and numbers:

Banana: “You will receive a surprising gift very soon”;

36, 7, 19, 40, 34, 37.


Boy: “Your happy heart brings joy and peace where there is none”;

16, 2, 22, 46, 3, 53


Blue: “The best times of your live have not yet been lived”;

41, 36, 22, 51, 39, 34


Wine: “There is never any harm in asking an honest question”;

35, 53, 42, 21, 51, 46


Saturday night’s numbers were: 7-12-30-48-49-51.


Oh yeah, the three-legged dog. While doing my Sunday morning run (I ran seven miles today in case you care), I usually run past this old mongrel who is dedicated to protecting his territory despite his handicap. He displays true courage. Enjoy the video.






Sorry about the fingers getting in the way, but this is known as a low-budget, on-the-run, one-take production. Till next week.




Born to Lose Chronicles:

Week I: How I Didn't Get Lucky Again

Week II: Losers Always Lose, Ibis sitting on a Fence 



Text and Video ©Trudge164 2010

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My friend had a 3-legged dog... her name was Trinity, and she always seemed very happy.
Last night we were at a Sierra Club gathering and they had fortune cookies.
I immediately thought of you.
But there were no numbers..:(
Rated with hugs
I saw 5 vehicles (if there was one under the porte-cochère), that 3 legged dog has access to 20 tires to get where he needs to go, his name should be Lucky. If you had 20 tires you wouldn't have to run 7 miles on Sundays. You may want to ask Lucky for some really good numbers and get a set of wheels. Good luck on the next drawing.
Linda, you thought of me? How thoughtful! I'm blushing.

l"Heure Bleue, Wow! You studied the video way too closely. BTW, those cars are mostly vintage some date back to the '60s. As to Lucky, I don't think he'll share; he doesn't sound too friendly.
I love your born to lose chronicles. Now, every time I play the lotto, I think of your fortune cookies.

There was a place in San Francisco that had the winningest fortune cookie numbers, but I never went to it.

Rated and hugs.
Xenonlit, ty 4 da compliment. You should pay that place a visit.
Well Trudge, my man. I guess I need to take another look at my philosophy about fortune cookies and lottery. I don't like the bland taste of the fortune cookie and frankly I've never noticed numbers on the slips of paper, just some dumb collection of useless words, so now I leave it with the tip. Hell! Who knows, you may have picked up the very cookie I left at Lotus Blossom two years ago :-)

I have never played a lottery. I think I'll give it a try, although I'll have to drive a minimum of 90 miles to buy a ticket. Believe it or not, lotteries are illegal in Las Vegas. Go figure!
Boomer, some how no Lottery in Vegas doesn't surprise me. Go figure.
I think Lucky might have tried taking on an alligator. Any dog that tough is going to protect his turf. And from what I saw those were some nice looking machines.

I don't think you are trying hard enough. You need to need to buy a big bag of fortune cookies and buy a ticket to match each one. Come to SC and do it...our schools need the money.

I once saw a great bumper sticker: The Lottery is a Special Tax on people who can't do math.
Bonnie, Miami is a tough town. We don't do nice not even the dogs.

Veronica, being able to put a smile on your face is like winning the lottery.

irishwolfhound, yeah those cars are vintage. BTW, I've been to SC; their Lotto winnings are paid in boiled peanuts. : )
A three legged dog is good fortune....xox
Robin, perhaps for some, but not for the dog.
Thanks Trudge164. Ineeded a chuckle.
I wrote a blog-post. It went to Paradise.
It went with the Editor To 3 Leg Hell.
It's where 3- legged Kangaroos Lodge.
They get in kick contest with Polecats.
lame Mules?
Ya reminded me of the music that's sad melancholy. If I feel bah bad bummed it cheers me.
Try to Play Jay Ungar and FIDDLE FEVER. Ashokan Farewell Music The soundtrack is from the

The Civil War

I hope I don't have to resign in @ Wi Fi.
I may write thee president of the USA.
Art, ty 4 dropping by. I am glad my post made you laugh.