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APRIL 8, 2011 4:28PM

Some Birthday! Fiction Friday VI

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Here is my submission for Fiction Friday VI. Rita Bourland's prompt for this week was Poetry & Pie in the Garden. Thanks, Rita. This was fun.



This Friday around three in the afternoon, I was called into the boss’s office.


“Simon!” he said in his rapid fire manner of talking, “We need to close the San Miguel account by Tuesday or it’s going to be both of our asses! It’s that simple. Revising the proposal should be as easy as pie. Just sweeten it a little not too much because you know those losers in Accounting don’t have much of a sweet tooth,” he chuckled amused at his own wit however dim. I just stood there and stared at him.


Of course, by “our asses” he meant mine. That snake on two legs would throw his own mother under a bus and run her over if it meant keeping his job with perks like courtside tickets to all the Miami Heat home games and VIP access to the Heat’s Clubroom where the “cheerleaders” really turned up the heat. As you can tell, I hated my boss and the stupid little word games he did with my name.


The San Miguel account was like the Holy Grail for us. But getting it had become something like the “Odyssey” and the “Aeneid” rolled into one with the “Seven Voyages of Sinbad” tossed in for fun. 


Of course, finding a way to bag this elephant meant I was going to have to work this weekend. My birthday weekend no less. Tonight, my wife had planned a quiet dinner at home for the three of us. On Saturday, my wife and daughter were going to take me to the beach. For Saturday night, my seven year old daughter was going to sleep over at my sister’s while my wife and I spent a night on the town. Nothing too crazy, just some dancing; a walk along Ocean Drive and then check into one of those swank South Beach Hotels for a night of …well you get the picture. I’m glad you do because as it stood I wasn’t going to get it.


With slumped shoulders, I walked back to my desk. For the umpteenth time, I reviewed our proposal to San Miguel Enterprises. I noticed the red message light on my office phone. I ignored it. I then noticed my iPhone had a message. It was from my wife. I dreaded listening to it. I grabbed the cell phone anyways and checked the messages. It was text message with a photo. The text read “Can’t wait 2 tomorrow…” the image was of some sexy lingerie laying flat on our bed. She still had some of that “I’m –going-to-drive-you-nuts” tease in her from when we first met.


I buried myself in the proposal and started to come up with an angle. By now it was five o’clock, I decided to go home. It is always better to salvage some of the weekend and disappoint later, than to start the weekend in discontent. The Palmetto Expressway was as its usual worst. The weekend crowd heading to the Keys made it worse.


On the way home, the unanswered message at work started to gnaw at my head. It was probably nothing. Most likely, it was Jimmy the up and coming new hotshot bragging about some client he just landed and how he scored with the client’s secretary, wife, or college-age daughter. I told him if he wasn’t careful that one day he was going to lose his job and his balls. He just laughed the laughter of the young and stupid.


Finally, I got home. As I pulled into the drive, I noticed that the daisies we had recently planted were missing. At first I thought the neighbor’s German Shepard had trampled them. Right then and there I swore that if I ever caught that stupid dog I was going to pepper spray his butt. I got out of the car, walked over to the desecrated flowerbed and noticed that only the daisies were missing. The Mexican petunias, the impatiens, even the marigolds were all there and intact. A dog could not have done this. But who?


Before I went inside to disappoint my family, I fished out of my shirt pocket the iPhone and called the office. Using the access code, I retrieved the message. I listened. It was from our contact in the San Miguel office. She seemed very cheerful. She wanted me to call her first thing Monday morning and not to change a thing on the proposal. I smiled. This only meant one thing.


Proudly, I walked into my house. My wife and daughter greeted me with hugs and kisses.


“Daddy,” my little girl said, “I have a surprise for you, but first you have to read my poem.” She handed me a letter-sized sheet of paper folded so it looked like a greeting card. On the front of it scrawled in crayon were a bunch of daisies. As I looked at the card my wife gently nudged me into walking over to the dinning table. I opened the card. It read:


Roses are red

Violets are blue

I made this daisy pie

Just for you!


Happy Birthday! Dadddy!!!!!!!!



As I approached the table, I noticed that in the middle of it was a pie pan filled with mud and daisies sticking out from it. It was going to be a great birthday after all. 


Text by Trudge164 ©Trudge164, 2011

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ahhhh Trudge.. ahhhh.. This was so sweet. how many times has that happened to some man caught up with a job.
Well done and rated with hugs
Also turned out to be a great story, Trudge! Very captivatingly told.

Linda, thanks. I'm sure this story is close to the truth for many people.

Fusun, thank you.
A very good Friday Fiction addition! Great ending!
Welcome to the club!
Susie, thanks for accepting me to your club. Will there by pie?
Hehe Love it Trudge! Actually it was Pie..a birth..and a garden..but I like yours better!!
Satori1, now you tell me! I'm glad you liked anyways.
I got so wrapped up in this story I saw your avatar and your sexy wife walking along Ocean Drive and checking into a South Beach Hotel. Then I noticed your birthday was in May. Then I remembered this was fiction.
Loved it
rated with love
Romantic Poetess, it worked! I wanted this story to feel real
lol...a sweet ending!
Blinddream, we need more of those. Ty 4 dropping by.
Oh I loved that PIE. Dirt and Daisies! Perfect ending to a good story. Thank you.
Oh! A daisy mud pie and good news for once. The ending had me smiling without realizing it.

Golden Zuma.
zanelle and xenonlit, we need more happy endings.
That is adorable!

You are a
lucky man.
Well played... done! sweet! You are such a family man...I love it! xox
Ahhh, you dear little man with a golden heart or something!! LOVED this!!!

Rated!! With all my paws and my tail, so you know, get a rate!! :D
Oh, you old softy you. This made me think of a special birthday my kids had for me. Nice job and thanks for the memories.
Oh, no,, no, no, no, no, ............!

You don't get away that easily. I've had kids. I know for a fact that you were being watched very, very closely to be sure that you actually ate some of that pie. I wanna know how you handled THAT!

(Getting around a young child who has made you a gift of "food" is harder than getting around a mean boss any day.)


(*slaps 'rate' button repeatedly with paw*)
Damn, I love happy endings. Love 'em!
Whispering Wind, thanks 4 dropping by.

tr ig, thanks for the stop over.

Robin, I sweet family story is always good to hear.

Tinkerertink69, was that because of the slow-loading page?
scanner, I'm glad I was able to draw out some fond memories for you.

skypixieo, that's why it's fiction: you don't have to eat mud pies.

Matt Paust, as I mentioned before we need more of them.
Well all I can say, is I'm late to this party because I was out having fun with the lady from San Miguel. Oh, by the way she confirmed it...
You got the account.
Great story.
Out on a limb, ty 4 da 411. Btw, have you seen Jimmy? Last I heard he went to the "clinic".
I heard he was "taken" to the clinic! Seems several of his adventures culminated in one hell of a group ass whupping.