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SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 10:08AM

Wooly Bully: Why does Open Salon Hate this Song?

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Okay, so like the other day, I noticed this post by our  illustrious editor. It’s about hating on "Wooly Bully"; a harmless song from the Sixties that has been covered by just about everyone.


And I’m like, why does everyone hate this song so much? It’s got a good hook. The words mean nothing because this is one of those dance songs. It’s meant to get people on the dance floor so they can shake their tail feathers.


I mean really! Can’t you all get worked up about something more important like the economy, or poverty or the housing crisis instead of a harmless dance ditty?


What has the Open Salon community become? Has it become a repository for time-wasting, wishy-washy, wimpy whiners that do nothing all day but complain about ….


Carrie Prejan in a white bikini_Wooly Bully_Trudge164

Carrie Prejean in a white bikini. 


Just then, Trudge’s lovely assistant Carrie Prejean walks in and whispers in his ear,  “Trudge darling, the Open Call is titled  Interview with My Bully.”



Oh! Never mind.


Since you’re here enjoy these three versions of 

“Wooly Bully”:

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Clever variation on the Open Call. And long live Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs!
Sam the Sham's was the first and the best. Bully for them....
I had forgotten about that classic song! Back in the day when it had a lot of airplay (the Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs version) I didn't even think about the word bully in the title--the song was great to listen to no matter what the title was!
OMG, Bruce's version! I love this song. A former sweetie, an old gray rocker who had a fabulous scream, used to sing this for me with full guitar and extra screaming if I begged enough. Excuse me now, but I am going back to hear Bruce do that one more time. They are having such fun!
They just don't write 'em like that anymore.
Since it is morning and that is the music

then a few tokes are in order.

note: more posts like this (why? I dunno. Maybe I like it.)
Love SAM the Sham--what a name, huh? I danced to Wooly Bully several thousand times. Funny post!
Mattie told Hattie . . . about a thang she saw.
hehehe r. r u sure u didn't steal her from crank's post?
Trudge, Good take. Any post with Sam the Sham gets my vote. Speaking of wooly, it's time to find my socks, it's getting damp and cold in these parts!
WOOLY BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Is every body ready for some Rawk and Rooolllllll!
Love it, the song and your very cool sense of humor.
rated with love
Anything Bruce Springsteen sings gets my vote! Rated.
A couple of years ago, I was singing this forking song onstage, when the thought passed thru my head -- hey, it happens on rare occasions -- that I'd been singing Wooly Bully for over forty years, and it SUCKED then and it still SUCKS. No matter, people love it -- which says something, I think, about people.
allie told sally
about a thing she saw
2 big horns
and a wooly jaw....
wooly bully, wooly bully
I always wondered what that meant and thought that it had be something to do with sex just like the mumbled indecipherable lyrics to "Louie Louie". But then again, I could be wrong.
I actually dated a guy whose last name was I love the song...original that is.
I think it will catch on.
Wooly Bully disdains the Uggs and thus has earned the dislike of the OS poobahs.
I seem to remember that Sam once said the song was inspired by his cat....
Funny man. Love the song - and the renditions. BTW, you can breathe now. This won't make cover.
Let's not be L-7, come and learn to dance...
Clever is right and I use to play keyboards in a 60's band.. this was the most popular song.. Must play it now.
Right up there with Monster Mash and Louie Louie. Oh, and Purple People Eaters... Ah, nostalgia.
Cranky, ty. Long live Sam the Sham!

Boanerges, bully for them!

Larry, I didn't think of it either and then it hit me like a stampeding herd of bison.

greenhorn, getting a little steamy there.

Jeanette, they sure don't
ume, to each his own.

Dr. Spudman, we all have danced to that music.

Con, it had two big horns and a wooly jaw.

Johnathan, Carrie? She's been my faithful assistant ever since the beauty gig panned out.

Patrick, then it's settled.
Scarlett, please send some of that cold my way.

Tink, true dat!

Romantic, thank so much. It means a lot to me coming from you.

Erica, the Boss rules!

Miguela, duly noted.
Tom, so it was you who twisted Emily's arm into doing this OC on this harmless song!

Walter, it was about a girl who tells her friend about a bison she saw, but they decide to dance. ???

Buffy, tells us more.

alsoknownas, it has pop potential.

Linnn, I'm not even going there.
Damon, only a gumshoe like you with gum on his shoe could deduce the truth.

Written by, it was.

Chicken, damn!

tary, my sentiments exactly! Don't be square.

Linda, play away!

Myriad, and Does Your Bubble Gum Lose Its Flavor
i lluuuuuuuuuuve this song, just like my pals greenie and scarlett. i'm old enough to have *been there* with sam and the pharoahs, but joan and bruuuce rocked it even better. no way i sit still in my chair when this starts playing. thanks, trudge, for making my afternoon.

but carrie prejean?? seriously?? those boobs look like oranges stuck on a piece of plywood, dude. besides, she's a dope.
Candace, it is incredible how many groups have covered this song. Carrie is not that bad. She's got a good heart. ; )
I LOVE THIS SONG! Dang! I was just singing it to my grand kids this weekend! Sync! For reals. This tune RoCKS!

Thanks for the versions perversion. Gonna dig on it now.
Cathy, don' t let your grand kids grow up to be L-7s!
Enjoyed yr piece!

Sam the Sham! Those costumes! It is a stupid song, but so what?
this song and "96 tears" are the two great garage band classics. they'll never go out of style.