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February 29
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OCTOBER 7, 2011 10:07AM

My Dinner with 20 Open Salon Bloggers

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Jim Galt, aka Whoreville Redendcocker, made an Open Call in which he asked us to name twenty famous living or dead persons that we would like to have at a dinner party. You can read all about it here Open Call.

Since I have no chance of ever rubbing elbows with D-Listers let alone A-Listers, I decided to do it my way. Got a problem wit dat? I live in Miami and we do things our way here. You hear?

So I figured why invite people who wouldn’t give me the time of day let alone have dinner with me, when I can invite my Open Salon buddies? So here’s my Open Salon Dinner for 20 list.

Actually, there will be 23 attending since I have to be there, and I invited Whoreville too. It was his idea after all.

1. Behind Blue Eyes because no one tells  it like it is better than him.

2. Tink because I am fervent about irreverent humor

3. Emily Holleman so we can finally find out who she loves more me or Tink.

4. Larry Lauerman because his posts are so animated.

5. Kerry Lauerman just so Tink can pee on his handmade worsted wool pants and fine leather wingtips.

6. Zumalicious she was one of my first favorites and you never forget your first.

7. Nanatehay and tr ig because the gutter krew rules!

8. ASH because his fiction is so out there.

9. Seth James his fiction rocks.

10. Natsuki Kimura kaze kare no shosetsu wa totemo omoshiroi.

11. Jeanette DeMain because her essays on obscure music genres and musicians should be taught in the universities.

12. Damon Walters because his gumshoe stories stick to you like gum on a well-worn pair of shoes.

13. Dirndl Skirt. She always serves up some something to really sink your cerebral teeth into  with her Hell’s Kitchen stories.

14. Algis Kemezys. His photography is way out there.

15. Scanner because his writing reminds me of Bukowski’s

16. Little Willie because we need more of his brand of humor. Lots more.

17. Art James. Poems of his type are always in need. 

18. Romantic Poetess. Her verses are like caresses to the soul.

19. Rita Bourland for coming back and with a bag of good poems.

20. Alysa Salzberg for her dispatches from the City of Love and maintaining the Fiction Weekend Club

I know some of you are going to piss, moan, and groan that I left you out. But the guest list was for 20. Besides, we can always have dinner tomorrow so there’s no need to get yer depends all in a bunch. Cheez!

Bon appetite!



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Very cool twist on the OC! I would love to have dinner with you - and these bloggers! Thanks for the I just need to figure out a way to pay for that ticket to Miami..... :-)
GASP! I can help with the dishes...
Hey! You stole some people from my list! :)
You are not on my dinner list, either, but I did put you on the list for someone I'd enjoy meeting with at a circus!
Yeah I will be your waitress hahahaha
Nice! What's for dinner? Since you're in Miami, smuggle me up some Cuban cigars; I've got a great old bottle of grappa to accompany them. Cheers!
I am completely tickled pink to read your fun post about how you included me in this special dinner, Trudge! Jerry, Zerry, Laurie, and Dennis would be thrilled to come, too. Perhaps, we can make an exception for them and they can eat at a card table near the main table! I'll bring several bottles of the fancy bubbly stuff for a toast!
Now I will have You n my Mind.
It's been two weeks emptying it.
Knowledge is as food, and needs no less
Her temperance over appetite. to know
In measure what the mind may well contain;
Oppress else with forfeit - and soon turns
Wisdom to folly, as nourishment to wind.
hat's in Paradise Lost -Book Vll - John Milton
I just seel relief, answers, and know we fall short.
This is ref:
Pride, Wrath, Gluttony - (smile - I vowed off beer)
But the wine here is simply too delicious. Winebibber.
I wish we could be in more than one Place at One Time.
Yes. Fellowship.
Have virtues exchange.
Hospitality. No hypocrisy.
I said I'n not read blogs.
I guess I came to see a`
Cute Petite Waitress.
She has a seagull grin.
She giggle like haddock.
She may be a good excuse.
I never keep my promises.
Thank you. I read slower.
What a gathering it will be
the conversation going in so many directions
I am so honored to be there
I promise to caress all the souls
rated with love
What a gracious and generous thing to do. I'd be honored to take a seat at your table. (And now I feel like I need to write another music post!)
No pissing or moaning here. I think you have the perfect blend of wit and wisdom at your table to assure some very lively dinner conversation. Well done!
Thanks Buddy! Wiki says Bukowski is a "laureate of American lowlife". Fit's me to a Tee, Bro~~~
As long as you post the video! I'd pay to see Tink interact with Emily and Kerry.
I prefer smaller gatherings anyway. Let's have cocktails before the main event.
Thank you and count me in; hope you don't mind if an imaginary friend or two strings along (they follow me everywhere).
I am honored to be here, more than I can say (I'm not paying for dinner am I?). I propose a thank you toast for the credit of even being thought of, really. I mean it. I only wish I had worn clothes. OK, I'll sit down. But I DID mean it.
Your good but today your a Genius!
Sounds awesome, can I be the server at this affair??? I have some experience from a honky old truck stop down Calumet City way...
This is an interesting list, and I bet that Nanatehay fellow would be quite scintillating during postprandial conversation over apéritifs. You didn't say what kind of food you'd be serving though - we need to know what the food will be!
Word! Mijammi? I'm there!
Ahem... I'm right here... original gutter krew member.

Hmmph! You suck.
Mojo, you can jump on the end of #7 with me
Sounds like it would be a real good time.
I read many of these bloggers as well. Great list. Would be a fun dinner to crash.
Trigger, that's why I love ya, man. I'm getting verklempt.
What fun! Is it pot luck? Count me in for knishes and halvah !
What a great idea!
And significant by his absence from the is list ....
Sigh. I think I'll just go kill myself.

But I rated it anyway :-)
"so we can finally find out who she loves more me or Tink."

We'd both lose, CRANKY CUSS FOR THE WIN!! WAAAA!! :D

Kerry pays me to do that now!! ;D
Alysa, we'll save you a seat just swim West.

Matt, we'll need all the help we can get.

Scarlett, all is fair in love and blog.

Mhold, oh! Stop clowning around.

Linda, a round of root beer!

Seth, do you like Davidoff or Romeo y Julietta?
Larry, as long as Zerry doesn't chase Tink around the table.

Art, nothing like some good verses to quench our thirstses. How's that for a forced rhyme?

Romantic, me first. My soul doesn't like sloppy seconds caresses.

Jeanette, get thee to a keyboard!

Torman, thank you. You truly are a gentleman. Btw, the dinner is going to be held at your ranch. Is the table set yet?
scanner, he was one of the best poet and writer of our times.

Cranky, film at 11.

Keri'h, just you and me? wink-wink, hubba-hubba.

Damon, as long as they order from the imaginary menu.

ASH, nudity will be accepted as long as it is done in good taste.
Algis, thanks!

Brazen, there's always tomorrow.

Sheila, you got it. Just don an apron, pronto.

nanatehay, it will be an eclectic selection of some the most finest meals in the world prepared by the past winners of Iron Chef.

tr ig, bring a passport. Things have changed a lot since I took of this hea town.

Major, don't stop balling like the nanny goat that you are. You are on tomorrow's guest list. We'll be serving B-E-A-V-E-R!

tr ig, are you sure you want that sissy sitting nex to you?
Miguela, it will be.

Geraint, crashers are welcomed as long as they bring something.

Major, verklempt? You wuzse.

dirndl, be sure to bring lots of spicy brown mustard with those knishes. I haven't had one in ages.

Erica, ty!

Tom, you are the entertainment.

grif, before you go, ty 4 da rating. : )

Tink, so he's her new favorite.
Well thank you Trudge! Usually I don't end up on these and this makes my heart feel better. You will never not be my friend!

Here's some spumante. Chin Chin!
I recall how approximately two years ago you wrote about some new bloggers that you considered "rising stars." I was thrilled to be included on your list, and once again you flatter me with a dinner invitation to an Open Salon gathering at your Miami mansion. It's good peoples like you that keep me from leaving this cuckoo's nest.
Miami in the fall. Count me in. I'm up for some scintillating repartee with other OSers. I make good guacamole and really fabulous biscotti. I know those don't go together but those are my specialties. With the group you have assembled, we may be up til dawn.
I wouldn't show up to your dumb dinner even if I WAS invited. It would probably be B.Y.O.B. and K.F.C. and that S.U.C.K.S. I'm going to make my own list of the twenty people on Open Salon I WOULDN'T invite. And you're numbers one, two, five, twelve and seventeen.
Zumlicious, they don't know what they're missing by not adding you to their lists.

littlewillie, if you ever leave this nest who will I share the worms with?

Rita, pass dawn and then some.
Margaret, thank you. Most people wouldn't even put me on their Do Not Invite List yet you listed me five times. I am greatly honored that you would waste so much time to put me on such a list.

And that's Mickey D's not K.F.C. that we will be serving.
Great dinner table companions Trudge, lively conversations there.
Now let's have a real OS convention somewhere. HA! that would be some big gossip there.
Rita, gossipy indeed!
Nice list. BTW, even Jim Galt is an alias. I never use my real name on line. Let marketers, employers and possible employers work for it.
Jim/whoreville, Ty 4 coming up with the OC. Btw, I didn't think Jim was your real; it was more because that name is your URL name.
I'll bring the rum and . . . Nikka whiskey.
Natsuki, and lots of yakitori.
Love the guest list, trudge. That would be some fascinating dinner table conversation, wouldn't it? I'm only a little jealous, but you can make up for it by saving me some Cuban food, ok? Have fun and be sure to hit "record."
Candace, I will be sending you a month's worth of Pan con Lechon and tostones with mojo just as soon as I get Tink back in his cage. Things go a little out of hand the other night.
BBE, the party is just warming up. Ty 4 dropping by.
What a great idea.Very creative and smart.And there are some of my favourites on the list so we could actually have a joint party.That doubles,making the party even more interesting.
I am keen on finding out the essence of ... -R-
Seth James:I could bring some Grappa,too.
What a great post ,and for all comments I need extra time today.Well,if you are still on planning the great event,I suggest to wait until Torman has conditions that allow gatherings.
I have invited myself to his place some time ago,so let's see how we can arrange it all.
We might have to wait for a year or so.Does it matter?