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February 29
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OCTOBER 20, 2011 11:48AM

I am the One Percent According to Bloomberg Business Week

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Really! Seriously. I am not making this up.

The other day I was reading the recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, when I happened upon the following quiz: "Are You the 1 Percent?

Thinking I would not be anywhere near the One Percent that own everything in this country including me, I took the test. I scored a nine, which surprisingly puts me in with the One Percent.  

So excuse me while I roll a  fifty dollar bill and smoke it, as I recline on my Barcalounger which is on the deck of my forty-five foot yacht that is docked on the Miami Marina.

Ah yes, my Salvatore Ferrgamo encased feet are resting of the back of one of those Occupy [insert city here] protesters as I watch the sun set behind one of my many condos that make up the Miami Skyline.

Tonight, I will  dine on ...

Trudge's nap is disturbed by Mrs. Trudge yelling, "Have you cleaned out the liter box yet? Taken out the trash? And when are you going to start earning some real money? My mother was right. I should have married that guy  with the chicken place. Pollo Tropical or something."

Oh well, I guy can dream and drown in a deluge of his own delusional thinking, right?

 Back to being a 99%.

  Spoiler Alert: the questions and answers are tongue in cheek.

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I know you meant this in a comdeic way, but I'm going to hijack into seriousness because the Business Week article exactly elucidates one of my largest problems with this whole 99%/1% thing. People on both sides somehow think it's an *ideology* split rather than purely an economic/asset base split.

People in the 99% wear Brooks Bros., have money in the market - they even make a million dollars a year. Still don't come close to the wealth of the 1%. Conversely, there are those in the 1% who don't flaunt their weath, are democrats and care about social causes.

Until most people realize they and all their friends and all their relatives are all in the 99% and they will never, ever be in the 1% (even if they combined all their assets) will this start to really have movement and cause change. Right now it's an ideological split where college students say they aren't in the 99%. Yeah and you got that medal in soccer because you showed up, sweetheart. Time to stop deluding yourself as to how special you are.
Keri, you are so right. Ty 4 the long comment, but why didn't you just make it a post?
It feels so cheap to create a post based on an original idea someone else had.
Why? I do it all the time. I just did with this post. For real, paid pundits do it all the time. Why not unpaid Bloggers?
Would you change my cat litter too? I'd do it myself but I'm busy screaming into the phone at my broker - the idiot wants to go long on platinum but anyone with half a brain knows the coming thing is ostrich futures.
Thanks for this Trudge. It's important to know exactly what 1% means.
Keri, ty

Nanatehay, get your money out of them ostriches! The real money is in reusable toilet paper. Listen to me!

Chiller, I'm glad I clarified it or you. Now could you explain it to me?
Scanner. The names Scanner. Now, please wash your feet, you're killing me!
Scanner, that was you? Do you mind not wiggling do much next time?
One of Krugman's blog commenters refers to 1% as the kvetchocracy Funny post.
Huh? Oh.. reality! Yes honey!!!
OES, kvetch we do over over-priced koffee at the koffee klatch.

tr ig, that's just how it went down.
i loved reading this to Chateau Lafitte '59 boogie

by foghat
Ume, was that your yacht that was next to mine?
All of this talk about percentages is scaring a lot of people who hate math from participating in our wonderful democracy.
actually, i am more belligerent since commenting last

i am so angry

no not really

it is just that none of you will make any difference
littlewillie, we have room for the mathematically challenged in the One Percent Club.

Ume, but at least we can laugh at it.
Macco, like I've always said, "you can't eat percentages."
Trudge, even if you're only dreaming that you're in the top 1% on the economic ladder, I think you're among the top 1% when it comes to being a great guy! So put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Jeanette, thank you. I'm speechless. ::blushes, profusely:::