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JANUARY 5, 2013 11:27AM

Open Salon Fixed?!? Say It Is So, Jay. Say It Is So!

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Open Salon Fixed_say it is so Jay_say it is so 




If anyone has noticed I have not been posting much here lately. Not that most would notice my presence or absence of presence since presently and always I have an Open Salon bottom-feeder with very few Covers, Rates, Comments and EPs (at least I don't have ED). 

Like most Open Salon bloggers, I have been frustrated with the server and spam issues. However, I did not join the others by blogging elsewhere.  I decided to take a passive wait and see approach and check in on Open Salon every now and then. 

Last night, I went to the site using my tablet, and I was surprised to see how fast the page loaded. Being skeptical, I logged in, and it went smoothly. Next I read through a couple of blogs, but did not comment or rate. Since it was late in the evening, I figured it was some sort of wishful-thinking induced hallucination; so I decided to wait until morning and see what happened.

As of this writing, I was able to log in without a hitch, surf some blogs and now I'm writing this post without out a problem...yet.

 If this keeps up, it would lead me to believe that the server migration has been completed and it has been successful. Interesting enough there has NOT been an official announcements from the powers-that-be. Maybe they are afraid of jinxing the whole thing.

 Let me see what happens when I hit Publish!

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okay . .. lemme see what happens when I comment. . . and post.

All fixed? say it's so. Been waiting patiently.
Navigation today certainly is quicker than it has been in months. Let's all hope something good has come our way.
Got an email this morning from another OS stalwart, who recounted the same experience as you, Trudge.

I couldn't quite believe it, but it appears to be true, and if there are still some bugs, they appear to be on the way out. I could even get to my inbox without difficulty. Gives one hope.

I wonder how many former OSers will migrate back -- or at least cross-post. And if a lot of them do, will it bring about a recurrence of the problems? And I too wonder about the lack of any communication from the supervisory crew.

Oh, and I don't think I'd ever have considered you a bottom-feeder here. You wouldn't be on my faves list if you were (a snork for my arrogance).
Posted quickly and liked quickly but commenting isn't working too well. Let's see how this goes.
Great pic of Joe! Oh OS...yes, things are looking up - but there's still Spammers walkin' the halls - but I can't complain - I just got a Date with one of them! ha ha R
I have been in and out of the site more today than in all the last four weeks combined.

Navigation seems right on the mark.

Posting a comment still is not fixed, but we should be happy with what has improved.

Here's hoping more improvement is on the way. The site is a quality site and deserves better than it has been getting.
It seems to be working very well, except that comments take FOR.EV.ER. to post. Keeping my fingers crossed here!
I've been in and out like Flint or something for a few weeks, but it is running great right now. YAY!!! :D
It's not fixed until youo can look at the recent posts feed and not see the vast majority be spam posts.
Seems to be on the mend. I've found that my comments usually post even if I don't wait around.
Trudge, the site's definitely far better currently. Even the other day when I posted a story I had to deal a slew of error messages. Here's to the site not deteriorating back to constant error messages and the like!
So far, it certainly is looking good, bud. I hope it hold up.
i want to see if it works for more than just a day.
I agree that we shouldn't jinx the sudden return to OS life. CPR may still be required. But wouldn't it be a nice gift for 2013?
Seems too good to be true, doesn't it. But a gal can always hope.
Happy New Year,my friend.I'm glad you are back.
For me:Easy entry,easy commenting,and hopefully,easy posting.
How about the inbox?Haven't tried that one yet.
...and the cover changed. :)
Thank you for your comments. It seems we are in agreement.
At one time management told us that spam was a major contributor to OS technical problems.

I just examined the 50 most recent posts, it looks like about 75% of posts are spam. That is a small improvement over previous months.

However, if spam is the source of problems, OS likely is not safe yet.
The site is still fairly dysfunctional compared to other sites. -no effective search engine feature and no notification of comments made on blogs, etc. Lets hope. It is quite mysterious why the management has provided no updates.

Enjoy 2013.
Some people were boycotting, others like me simply couldn't get in
I'm encouraged by the fact that I've been able to get in, post, and comment today. Comments spin around for a while before they post, but things are operating more smoothly than they have in months. I really love OS, and I hope it's on the road to revival.
Open Salon continues to publish everything I write.
On this, my fourth anniversary as a spell-check enabler.
Long live the digital age! Long live the digital age!