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February 29
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JANUARY 13, 2013 11:00AM

A Lazy Sunday Morning - Open Call

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This is my cat enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. Moments ago, he was lying on top of my of chair while I was surfing the Internet on my tablet. So I took a quick snapshot of him.

  This gave me an idea for an Open Call. If you wish to particpate, just add "Lazy Sunday Morning" to the title and tags of your post. It does not have to be a photo; it can be text only, photo and text, or photo only.

















 So how do you spend your Sunday mornings?




Lazy Sunday Morning Open Call 











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My guilty pleasure is a half hour of Open House NYC at 8:30a.m., where I get to see the interiors of multi-million dollar pads in the city, then Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC so I can figure out what's in the news. And a double Nespresso.
Preferably asleep.
Love the picture and the open call! To answer your question, I spend lazy Sunday mornings in bed asleep, a reprieve for my insomia-riddled, non-morning-person self. Then, when I get up, I do something low-key and fun - go online probably or watch TV or read a good book for a while. And cuddle with my cat, of course. Yours is adorable, btw! Enjoy your lazy Sunday!
By the way, do you know the SNL skit song "Lazy Sunday"? Now you've got it in my head! Sadly, because I live in France, YouTube is being annoying and not letting me watch it so I can be sure it's the original version and send you the link, but just type in "Lazy Sunday SNL digital short" and you should be able to watch it. It is delightful.
OK wait, I found a way! Here's the link:
Most the time, I'm just walking around a store going, DO YOU HAVE YOUR PRICE TAGS? It's a living!! :D
When you are retired, every morning is lazy Sunday. I need a life. R
I did absolutely no work this morning. But by afternooon, I was back to my old bad habits.
So far that day has not really been settled. it will soon I am sure...Maybe...wash my socks so my Monday starts out fresh footed.