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February 29
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JANUARY 27, 2013 10:36AM

Sheep Lose Lives Over the Actions of Tigers!

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Sheep lose lives over the actions of tigers 



I wrote “Sheep lose lives over the actions of tigers” as a counterpoint to the expression “Tigers don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” I keep seeing the second expression on the Internet especially on Instagram and thought it would be an interesting counter argument. 

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Well said, Trudge. You've hit it right on the mutton. R
But not in the "chops", Gerald.
Can't pull the wool over on you Trudge! Good one!
ThroughMyEyes, that is because I am a wolf in sheep's clothing. Actually, I just wear cheap clothes. :::rim shot:::.
Well done, Trudge. I'm going to tweet and FB this because you deserve more than two stinking ratings! Shame on the rest of you for not rating.
I thought is was more like "Tigers don't lose sleep, because they count sheep"!
I wasn't going to rate this, although after reading what zumalicious wrote I thought better of it.
Rated to the tenth R
Like it . Smart comments :) Wish I had one for you. R
Zuma, thanks!

Out on a limb, thanks and keep obeying the all knowing Zuma.

Ande, thanks.