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February 29
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FEBRUARY 14, 2013 12:31PM

Open Salon Ladies, Can You Name the OS Valentine?

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Open Salon Ladies, this one’s for you

Before you scroll down and see the special Valentine's Day gif I prepared for the Ladies of Open Salon, read this first ...

So let’s just say, you don’t have a Valentine, or your special someone is on a business trip on the most romantic day of the year (according to the greeting card, confection, and champagne companies plus the entire restaurant business).

Home and all alone you fire up some frozen something or other. You eat alone in silence while being bathed by the glow of the TV as you listen to some talking head babble on about something or other. You finish your meal. You decide to take a long hot bath and soothe your aching body and yearning heart. You light some candles. You lie down in the bath. You pour yourself a glass of the bubbly that was meant for two.

You relax and think maybe it is for the best that you spend this romantic day alone. As they say, “time spent apart makes the heart grow fonder” (or some stuff like that).

  The warm water, the soft glowing candlelight and the euphoric rush of the champagne commingle to put you in a relaxed semi-altered state of mind and body.

  Glassy-eyed you look up at your bathroom window and behold!

Open Salon Ladies, Here is your Valentine’s Day Game.

 You job is to name the handsome Open Salon blogger who is peeping (but not in a creepy way) into your inner sanctum.

  Can You Name the OS Valentine?_for the Ladies of Open Salon_Open Salon Guys


BONUS POINT: Guess which one is NOT an Open Salon Blogger.  


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You're awesome Trudge
Did this come with a gift receipt?
Pull down the shade, ladies. R
Tink can peep into my bathroom any time!

This is great, made me laugh very hard. Happy Valentine's Day, Trudge!
P.S. There are only two I don't know - sunglasses guy and shadow guy. (Is that Satan appearing after our beloved editor?)
Where the He__ is Clooney, when you need him? Very clever, Trudge! R
That made my day. They are all carrying chocolate, aren't they?
Love it. And I'm pretty sure Tink is peeking in my window right now.
wait...Tink? I thought was Jacob Letter....whatever...
Trudge, like The Dating Game except with more doors!

Trust that "fire up some frozen something or other" doesn't happen to be a cadaver kept in the freezer chest over the past year!
You are such a sweetheart!
Cute. I might be tempted to catch that elusive Sugarman with whom I have a few things to discuss. TOSS YAGODA!
At least someones peeping in my windows :)
How in hail did you do this??
I only see Jake up there, and although he is cute, a little young for me. So sounds like Bea took Tink ? I was robbed!
Nice. :) Happy V-Day, Trudge
this was quite brilliant Trudge
this was quite brilliant Trudge
Tink!! He's not a blogger!! He's a shitter!! YAY!! :D
I don't have a bathroom window.
Wow I loved this! Thank you for the hunks.
Eewwwawesome. sort of.
Eewwwawesome. sort of.
tr ig, thanks!

TMEyes, No! And no refunds or exchanges allowed.

Gerald, where's the fun in that?

Jeanette, I'm crushed you would want Tink to peep over me. Happy V-day anyways.

Jeanette, all will be revealed soon.
Marilyn, Thanks. George was pepping in Angelina's bathroom.

jlsathre, Chocolates, champagne, con----

Bernadine, he sure is.

Designanator, exactly!

Alysa, mai oui!
Nilesite, aww shucks.

Seer, the truth is way out there.

Emily, sure.

Myriad, you got do dat.

Lunchlady2, I see you used the plural.
Matt, secrets.

Greenheron, there's still me.

Nick, I figured you'd like it.

Linda, I have my moments.

Tink, isn't one the synonym for the other?
Margaret, we'll make one.

Zanelle, you are welcome.

Natalie, Happy V-Day!

Aim, but you like it eewwey.
Here it is, Ladies:
View the previous comments for the list of OS Bloggers who were peeping into your bathroom window.

Note: the system would not let me load all the links in one Comment box.
When I first read this the vid. it was stuck on Jacob and never went on past him to the other shots. Like it was a sstill shot. I figured you were "fluxing" when you said to name two. NOW I see it all and a fine job you did! That was neat Trudge!
Damn, with those darn dark sunglasses on, I can't see any details!
Tink, Matt, you, Jake S., Nick Leshi?

I know the others but I'd have to leave to look them up.
Tink, Larry, Pensive Person, Trudger!, Nick Leshi?, Matt, Jake, MTN...
got them all?
Sorry I am late to this.. cute post Trudger..
Jeana, stop by more often and you will get to know them. Also, I placed the names with links in the comments section.

Out on a limb, maybe it is for the best. :)

Dianne, the answers are in the comments section.
Rita, better late than never. There is still some chocolate left. As to the answers, check the comments section.
Thanks for the mention. Rated
Bad poetry and photography on a Sunday. Sunset Haiku