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February 29
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FEBRUARY 24, 2013 10:55AM

Art on Palm Show at the City of Hialeah Florida

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Art on Palm Show_Hialeah Florida 

 This past Saturday I attended the Art on Palm: Art Show and the Second Annual Palm Classic Car & Bike Show in Hialeah, Florida.

The reason the event has such a long name is because it was held on two separate days. The Art Show was usually held on a Friday night and the Car and Bike Show was held on the following Saturday. This year, the City decided to make it a one day event. The “Palm” comes from the fact that the event takes place on Palm Avenue right in front of Hialeah’s City Hall.

Local artists displayed their fine art and crafts up and down Palm Avenue. Local businesses were also on hand to showcase their products and services. Just down the street from the art booths there was a collection of antique cars.

I’ve included some images from the event and a short video. I hope you enjoy them. 

 Painting_Art on Palm_Hialeah Florida

 Not sure what to make of this paining but it caught my mind's eye.


metal sculptures_art on palm_Hialeah Florida

These sculptures are made of metal.

  1923 fire truck_art on palm_Hialeah FL

Ringing the bell on a 1923 fire truck

 eliminator car_art on palm_Hialeah Florida

Can you say, "ZZ Top"? 


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Rated for relevance! Nice pics :)
looks like fun. it's likes you know how to have fun, trudge.
I love the sculptures! Thanks ! ~r
Dawg! See any puking there? Did you feel even a bit queasy??
Neato!! Love these kinds of shows!! :)
From the looks of is a pretty cool event. cheers..algis
Trudge, looks like a great set of shows between the cars and the artwork....and warm as compared with the Northeast! Very nice musical soundtrack and good looking video you have to go along with your photo essay!
Nice. And a change from you-know-what.
P.S. - a little real (moving) video of you dancing to that music would have been cool...
All, Thanks for commenting and rating.
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