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Cathleen Hulbert, LCSW, is a clinical social worker and a free-lance journalist with a background in newspaper reporting. She is the author of "The First Lamp -- A Story of Cosmic Illumination," a time-travel tale of redemption and forgiveness. For more information about the author and the book, go to


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OCTOBER 8, 2009 12:06AM

What Is the Thinking Behind "Rate?"

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I have questions.

When Open Salon readers hit "rate," it is always a good rating, right? Why do most blogs not rate a "rate," even when the comments are good?

Was this discussed in orientation while I was at the water fountain? 

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Does this rate?

If you have a sense of humor hit "rate."

Or not.


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Rated for posting a topic about rating.
I rate every post that I read, and like. Sometimes I rate without commenting, but I never comment without rating, unless I don't like the post. Confused?:)
same here as roger only more so.
(and, lately, I smiley-face, too!)
I think a comment implies a rate. But some seem to think the rating is the most important.. I'm just glad when someone comments!
I feel good that my questions rate these responses. Thank you.
A lot of people (claim to) "forget" to rate (especially if they are feeling competitive and have their own posts up at the same time). My natural reaction is to comment and rate (in that order). There are only rare occasions where I will take the time or energy to comment on a post that I disagree with or get completely turned off by. Those few do not earn rates from me. Mostly, I just avoid those posts completely. If I am short on time, I will read and rate without commenting to show my support.
I think people read the post below to see if they like it, make a comment (or not) and forget to bloody rate it as it is at the top of the page. Maybe if it was below (maybe) more people would remember?
Once upon a time I would have rated this. But my standards have gone up. You should have included a picture of a dog. (avatars don't count)
Ah, but my standards have gone up, too. I will create the post that feels right to me, rate or no rate.
Like Cat, I rate unless the content is loathesome.

Sometimes I can't make the toggle work, tho...
I've tried to pick up the OS etiquette. I don't comment or rate everything I read, but I do comment on both posts I like/agree with and don't agree with. Sometimes I rate without commenting, but whenever I do both I try to indicate so within my comment.

Also, more important than rating what I like or agree with, I rate the posts that I believe are either very well written, or evoke some kind of positive emotion, or make me consider something that I hadn't previously considered. I never rate or comment on a "post" that consists only of an image or a video, because I think OS is supposed to be a writing site. Don't get me wrong, I like video clips, but that's what YouTube is for. And I don't care for Twitter because I feel like it discourages development of thought and sentence structure. Thanks for raising this issue -- I think it's legitimate.
ORIENTATION.....When does the next session begin?
I read 20-40 posts a day.....comment on a few.....(I'm getting braver)
STILL have never posted a blessed thing....
(Did I mention i have an anxiety disorder and stage fright?)
As to would be helpful
(OH, Editor Gods in the sky, do you pay any attention whatsoever to what We Think?????)
if the Ratings thing were closer to "post a comment".
For a long time I kept getting flags, tips, favorites, and ratings confused.
Since I read so much, I rate if it Really touches me, or if I feel like someone needs and deserves a boost. (Tho' I wonder how much that matters in the grand scheme of things.)
If you find out "What is the Thinking Behind 'Rate'", please inform.
I have enjoyed reading these responses. It makes me feel closer to my fellow writers. It would be nice if the OS editors could see this and post more dialogue about the "rate" system. New writers come along all the time. The system would mean more if we had some guidance. I agree that having a rate toggle by the comments section would help. For me, I remember to hit "rate" when there's something inside of me that's cheering or moved as a result of reading a blog. Also, I agree with the comment about competition. Many writers come to this site, and if we are feeling rate-deprived, there's probably less motivation to give someone else a pat on the back. Anyway, I've enjoyed our conversation. Happy writing.
I think I sent you an email about this when this first went up...
What Will Someone Feed the Cat said. I will occasionally comment on something I don't rate, but rarely. I view ratings and comments around these parts as generally mutually supportive of other writers.