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April 19
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Minor pundit, major pain, conservative community activist, author, Christian and Texan, I believe all we can take with us is our character and that the train is arriving soon. As a conservative activist for seniors, children, people with disabilities and low-income families, my liberal buddies think I should spontaneously combust. Many hope I will do so as soon as possible.

JANUARY 29, 2012 5:08PM

The Romnians are doing for Mitt what the Paulestinians are doing for Congressman Ron.

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One of the Romney accolytes today made a statement on Fox News that was supposed to show us that the Newtster wasn't a good choice for president.  He said something to the effect that when Newt was Speaker of the House, he was considered a loose cannon by the Republican Leadership because he wouldn't "cooperate" with them.

Wow!  A loose cannon, angry conservative who debates well and doesn't mind hacking off the country club Republicans.

How cool is that?

And the comment led to a follow up question by Fox asking why folk should think Romney was a conservative when he voted for both Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale against Ronald Reagan.

You know if Romney's supporters keep it up, they're going to do for Governor Romney what Ron Paul's supporters have done for the Congressman.

Can you say "single digits", boys and girls? 

Uh, huh, I knew you could.


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