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Tom King

Tom King
Puyallup, Washington, USA
April 19
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Minor pundit, major pain, conservative community activist, author, Christian and Texan, I believe all we can take with us is our character and that the train is arriving soon. As a conservative activist for seniors, children, people with disabilities and low-income families, my liberal buddies think I should spontaneously combust. Many hope I will do so as soon as possible.

APRIL 5, 2012 7:55PM

Why Santorum, Newt and Ron Paul Should Stay In.

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I'm tired of not voting in the Republican Primary. For the last few decades, by the time the primaries came to Texas, the vote was moot. Everybody had already dropped out except the heir apparent. I didn't vote in the primary last time. If I had, I'd have cast a useless vote for Fred Thompson who'd already dropped out. As it is I don't feel guilty not voting. It would have been a total waste of time. The candidate was already chosen before I got my say in it.

I think all the states should do their primaries on the same day - kind of a mini-presidential election. I think it's monumentally stupid to set the tone for the selection of the presidential candidate based on Iowa, New Hampshire and a couple of other smallish states and retirement centers. So what if the candidates wouldn't be able to campaign in each state. I don't like their commercials anyway and I don't care if they actually come to my state to campaign. I can watch them on television.  This tailing out of primaries is only good for one thing - allowing the party bosses to control the primary so no one unfortunate gets nominated and so that there isn't a real battle royale at the convention.

I want a real battle royale at the convention. I'd love to have seen what the delegate split would have been going into a convention if people had been allowed to vote for whoever they wanted to from the entire field at once.  I'm sick of only having one choice. I'm in Washington state now and it's not any better here.

Up here in Washington it used to be sometime in February, but they did away with the presidential primary altogether this year, ostensibly to save money. They called the primary a beauty pageant. It's now a smoke-filled room caucus kind of deal. Nobody mentioned we were having one and unless you go to a lot of Republican party gigs,  you didn't know it was even going on.

I hope Santorum stays in it to the bitter end alongside Newt and Ron Paul.  Then I think the three of them ought to get together and threaten to wreck the country club Republican leadership's carefully orchestrated Mitt Romney coronation at the convention. I think they should speak very openly about this strategy and let the votes fall where they may in the rest of the primaries. It's the only way conservatives will have any sort of significant voice at the convention.

Just one man's opinion.

Tom King

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I agree, Tom. The longer nutbuckets like Newt, Ron and Rick parade what the Party has become, the more informed all Americans become.
You're right about the primary arrangement. It's designed to give TPTB control, but it didn't work well with stiff shirt Romney, so look for changes by 2016. The Party poo-bahs have long tried to hide the right-wing, but now that describes the majority of the Party. Watching them try to hide it will be fun.

Is there actually somebody in that quad of odd you are truly compelled to vote for?
Not really any of them I'd prefer, although Newt would be a lot of fun. My dream team would be Fred Thompson and Sarah Palin if only for the great quotations and watching the left go utterly bats complete with ranting and frothing at the mouth. Of course, Fred and Sarah would never get support from the party leadership, because they still believe in the campaign strategy crap the Democrats have sold them (namely that pandering to moderates is the way to win them).

I think 2016 may be the year the Republican party dies and is replaced by something more conservative - hopefully not something that looks like a libero-con like Ron Paul, though.

If I didn't live in this country, I'd say liberals deserve what they get, which would be the historical equivalent of the fall of Rome and a string of Neros, Caligulas and Commodus's. This president is already so impossibly out of touch with ordinary people I can't wait to see his successor. Obama's been such a tool all his career (the clean, educated, well-handled negro they needed). One of these days, one of their tools will believe the rhetoric about how smart and good and perfect he or she is and they'll snatch up the power they've been given and use it to create a dynasty.

Couldn't you just feel how much Obama wanted to disband that troublesome Supreme Court last week.

Meanwhile the loyal opposition is so afraid to offend the media they've become ossified in place.

The only reason conservatives hang on is hoping for the rise of another Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, I don't think God has one in His pocket for us this time. I think He's going to let the "progressives" have what they want and suffer the consequences. Meanwhile, this old nutbucket is moving out of the fallout zone if he can. I've already slipped off the grid pretty much.

Just waiting for the zombie apocalypse at this point.
Well, at least you're sane enough to see there's not anyone worthy of a vote. Reagan would get picked apart by the Tea Party Right for being a tax-raising liberal appeaser. Obama is a technocrat, more interested in pleasing the guys who caused this mess, and Romney would be worse, but that's like saying somebody who's 98 years old is an old man, but one who's 97 isn't.

Our politicians in general are out of touch with Americans. Who do you think has more power over them, you, me or some billionaire hedge fund manager in Europe?

That was a rhetorical question, unless you have an unexpected answer. We have a bigger problem than the issues of the day, it seems.