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DECEMBER 28, 2012 1:29AM

Shifting Blame - Progressive Socialist Prestidigitation

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Physician Greed? I don't think so...

Healthcare Corporations are buying up physician private practices right and left.  Patients find that their bills almost immediately get steeper.  Another case of corporate greed - Right. 

Not necessarily

What the left would have you believe is that the increase in your bill is all due to corporate greed.  What they do not tell you is that the bill increase has more to do with government greed than the corporate variety.

My wife's medical insurance doubled this year.  Startin' to feel the effects of the old Obamacare.  The insurance company denies it, but I've watched medical costs rise precipitously in the past year, especially after the Supreme Court declared the president's takeover of the healthcare industry okay by the constitution.

There several a very good reason physicians are selling their practices.

  1. They became doctors in order to practice medicine.
  2. Malpractice insurance and legal costs have skyrocketed as predatory lawyers, with the blessing of government, have gone on TV to tell people they can hit the jackpot if they can find something wrong with the way their doctors cared for them.
  3. Doctors became doctors because they didn't want to be lawyers. Healthcare corporations already have teams of lawyers - problem solved if you sell your practice to them.
  4. Congress passes a new book of tax regulations that dwarfs "War and Peace, and they do it  every year.
  5. Doctors became doctors because they didn't want to be tax accountants.  Healthcare corporations already have teams of tax accountants - problem solved if you sell your practice to them.
  6. Obamacare brings with it a truly mountainous pile of new regulations to healthcare.
  7. Doctors became doctors because they didn't want to be compliance officers.  Healthcare corporations have teams of compliance officers - problem solved if you sell your practice to a healthcare system.
  8. Anytime a larger business buys a smaller one, you add a layer or three of bureaucracy (administrators, lawyers, tax accountants and compliance officers) to the top of that business.  You have to pay all those people who mostly generate a lot of paperwork for each other and perform few useful purposes other than to make the patient's bill go up.  Buying physician practices helps the corporation fund the cost of all those administrators, lawyers, tax accountants and compliance officer they have to have anyway just to keep up with the need for those people.
  9. If a healthcare corporation, which is a for profit, buys a medical practice, it must show some profit for its stockholders in addition to what it takes to support the doc and his staff (which by the way does not grow any smaller or cheaper once the practice is bought). If the healthcare corporation is a nonprofit, it still must bring in enough income to support not only its staff, but the charitable functions that are expected of a company who is not organized to make money.
  10. Finally, anytime you centralized the planning of an entire industry in the hands of a few government central planners, as Obamacare attempts to do, you add a layer of bureaucracy that is breath-taking (and expensive) to behold.  These people want to be paid and someone has to pay for it.  In a true government compromise, they divide those costs between consumers, healthcare corporations and taxpayers.

So, as you can clearly see, there needs be not a single drop of greed present to drive your medical bills through the roof. Doctors want to provide good healthcare for their patients without distractions. Hospitals want to provide good services to patients and they need compliance officers, lawyers, tax accountants and administrators to do that. Congressmen, senators and the president want to provide you with free healthcare so you'll vote for them next time.

It's going to cost you for all those good intentions, that's all I'm saying. It's not greed. It's survival in a centrally planned economy.  The hidden cost of creeping Marxism.


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