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Tom King
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April 19
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JANUARY 16, 2013 3:58AM

These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For...

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Note to Progressives: Jedi mind tricks don't work on real people.

(c) 2013 by Tom King


I constantly marvel at the ability of Democrats and Progressives to lay their own sins at someone else's door.  To her them talk you'd believe that Republicans started the KKK, wrote the Jim Crow laws and advocated euthanasia for the "mentally deficient". 

And all they do is say, over and over again, "Well, the Democrats and Republicans 'switched' sometime back in the 60s." 


The historical record speaks against them.  Republicans voted for Civil Rights legislation in a solid block, just as they have voted for minority rights ever since the Civil War. On the other hand, LBJ had to bully his own party into supporting the bill which he wanted to pass as part of his promise to continue the Kennedy legacy (and get himself re-elected).  As it was he had to promise that it wouldn't really change things in the South and represented the bill as a way to capture the black vote in the Southern states.

They repeat the mantra that "The Democrats are for the working man" and the "Republicans are for the rich."  Somehow, enough voters believe this b.s. to keep getting Democrats elected.  It matters not that Democrats have been inserting loopholes in the tax code for their wealthy supporters ever since there have been Democrats.  Just so long as they keep repeating the mantra over and over to voters, no one seems to notice.

LBJ's "War on Poverty" was billed as a way to lift minority citizens (voters) up out of poverty.  All it's done is to nearly bankrupt the country and create a permanent under class who spend all their time filling out forms for government bureaucrats.  Welfare recipients can hardly afford to work because they get punished for increasing their income.  In many cases, newly employed welfare recipients lose money by going to work.  They als0 get rewarded for having lots of children.

It is in the interest of those who want to remain part of the elevated upper class to insure that the lower class remembers it's place and feels obliged to the government for their subsistence lives. 

The Democrats and Progressives support the unions they say.  Not the rank and file union members, but each union AS a group.  What union members have gotten from the support of the left are unions rife with corruption at the top and which have in engaged in what increasingly seems like and effort to topple industry after industry without regard to whether of not their members have jobs when it's all said and done. 

One wonders if having Congressmen, Senators and a President who "appreciates" them quite enough to offset the pain of unemployment and the collapse of their old companies.

Only Democrats and Progressives  could get away with telling us they saved us from two Depressions while UC Berkely economists are now saying FDR actually prolonged the Great Depression.  Meanwhile others are saying this president and the first term Democratic congress have prolonged the current recession and may be extending this economic downturn by it's tax and spend policies.

The Democrats and Progressives claim to the be party of compassion and criticized President Bush's "slow" response to Hurricane Katrina. Three days after Katrina made landfall, Bush sent a request for money for Katrina relief to Congress which passed it the next day and added another 51.8 billion dollars more 7 days after that at Bush's request.  Meanwhile the media praises President Obamas compassion to Superstorm Sandy's victims for his 72 day delay in responding to the Sandy disaster. 

If Republicans are EVER going to stay in power long enough to do any good for America, they're going to have to do a better job of public relations or one day, this country will wake up to find itself being told it is a democracy while the government behaves like it's a totalitarian state.  And we will be expected to believe it.

During the Soviet era, Pravda used to broadcast fictitious crop reports to the Russian public, extolling the ever growing rates of milk production on government run dairies.  It got so ridiculous that the Russians had a saying that "If you want milk, take your pail to the radio." 

Pravda lied to the Russian people with a straight face.  The US media seems every day to get better at spinning the truth with a straight face.  They'd better.  The media doesn't fare well under a totalitarian state and they're doing everything possible to insure we get just such a state.

Just one man's opinion.


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