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JUNE 7, 2010 3:12PM

Adult Breastfeeding Establishes "Maternal Relations"...

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Sounds to Me Like Some Countries Have Mommy Issues...

As many of us know, women and men in Saudi Arabia must be careful not to mingle, as the insanely strict Islamic law bans mixing between the sexes who are not related. Recently, the Saudis have issued a fatwa that forces women who come into contact with unrelated men on a regular basis to breastfeed them so that they can be considered “relatives” and not potential lovers. The strangest part is, this isn’t the actual issue at hand. The issue is, how do the men get the milk? I know, it just gets weirder.

According to the Gulf News, Sheikh Al Obeikan, a consultant to the Ministry of Justice and an adviser to the royal court stated, “the man should take the milk, but not directly from the breast of the woman. He should drink it and then becomes a relative of the family, a fact that allows him to come in contact with the woman without breaking Islam’s rules about mixing.”

This fatwa applies to men who regularly come into contact with the same woman, or men who live in the same house with a woman. The woman has to pump her breast milk into a glass and give it to the unrelated male. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

But, not all agree with giving the milk in such a way. Oh, no. Another high-profile sheik, Abi Ishaq Al Huwaini, believes that the men should suckle the breast milk directly from the woman’s breast. Now we are talking! How is it that you can get close enough to suckle, though, without getting thrown in jail? If the genders aren’t allowed to mix, how could you do this without the religious police on your ass? This is serious stuff! Under this strict Islamic law, women aren’t allowed to vote, drive, or leave the country without the consent of a male “guardian”.

For example, in March 2009, a 75 years old Syrian widow named Khasmisa Mohammad Sawadi---I repeat---75 years old---was sent to jail for six months and given forty lashes after the religious police found out that two men (who were not her relatives) were in her home, delivering bread. Now, did they really think she was getting it on with these two delivery boys? Give me a break! And, even if she was, who cares? Why the obsession over what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults?

In order to escape punishment, one of the two men, Fahd, explained to police that Sawadi had breast-fed him as an infant, so he was allowed to be there. But, later, the judge ruled that it couldn’t be proven that he was her “breast milk son.” He was given forty lashes and received four months in jail. His friend received sixty lashes and six months in the slammer. Sounds like this judge needs his mommy. Someone’s a wittle cranky.

But, how did this whole breast milk controversy start, anyway? The originator of the adult breast-feeding fatwa was issued in Egypt three years ago. Ezzat Attiya, an Egyptian scholar, was expelled from al-Azhar University (one of the top Sunni Islam universities) for advocating breast-feeding of men as a way to get around not being able to mingle with the opposite sex. Clever, clever. A year later, he was reinstated.

Soon after the fatwa was issued in Saudi Arabia, a woman threatened to file a lawsuit against a bus driver in the country’s Eastern Region after he reportedly told her that he wanted to suckle milk from her breast. Great, just what the women of Saudi Arabia need. More men thinking they own the rights to women’s bodies, specifically, breasts.

Under Islamic law, women are told to breast-feed their babies until they are two years old. It is common for sisters to breast feed their nephews so that they and their daughters will not have to cover their faces in front of them when they get older. The snazzy term for this is called “breast milk sibling.”

However, breast milk siblings must be breast fed five times before the age of two for this to hold water...or in this case...milk. Islam forbids sexual relations between a woman and man that she breast fed as an infant. They can be alone together because he isn’t considered a potential mate. What’s with all the crazy rules inside of rules? No wonder people are constantly fighting and confused over there! They don’t even know which end is up!

Blogger Eman Al Nafjan said that many in Saudi Arabia are disgusted by this fatwa.

“The whole issue just shows how clueless men are. All this back and forth between sheiks and not one bothers to ask a woman if it’s logical, let alone possible to breastfeed a grown man five fulfilling breast milk meals.” She blogs.

“Moreover, the thought of a huge hairy face at a woman’s breast does not evoke motherly or even brotherly feelings. It could go from the grotesque to the erotic but definitely not maternal.”

Al Nafjan goes on to say to AOL News Friday, “We have many important issues that need discussing. It’s ridiculous to spend time talking about adult breast-feeding.”

Thank you, Al Nafjan for pointing out the “glitch” in this absurd plan! How would breast feeding a grown man create a non-sexual relation? Have any of these sheiks ever watched porn? Men love breasts! They want to kiss them, lick them, suckle them, motorboat them...to assume that this would create a maternal feeling towards a grown man leaning down and sucking on a non-related woman’s breast is creepy.

Not only does this new rule disturb me as a woman, it is also logistically impossible to implement and keep track of. First off, not all women breast feed. You have to have just had a baby to do that, usually. Some women are incapable of producing breast milk. And, perhaps, oddly enough, they don’t want to share this sacred moment between mother and child with random, grown men who have teeth! Yikes!

When will the madness stop? Just another way to control women’s bodies, and confuse men into believing that women are nothing more than vessels to be used whenever they see fit.

If this was a fictional novel, one of the saucier female characters would invite a high and mighty sheik to suckle her breast, but secretly she would coat her nipple with a poisonous, undetectable salve. Then, boom! One sheik down! Who’s next? My guess is that would stop the invasion of the boobie-sucklers.

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My Gd this is nuts. (And people take these guys seriously as to the Near East? Why?)
Rated for excellent reporting.
How does one respond to THIS?

-R- for WTF
Okay, write down the date it's finally happened. I'm totally surprised by this, the depth of stupidity combined with insanity has surprised even me.

The bar just keeps getting lower every day for the top thinkers regardless of Country. Our people will have to work to top this.
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I thought for a moment - BEFORE I read this that there were few things in this world that could really make my jaw drop. DROP....slamming into the ground! These people are nuts! I can't even imagine being forced to partake of such behavior! I know there are cultural differences...but COME ON...PLEASE!
As if a really imaginative person could make up something as ridiculous as this story?

Any need more convincing that the State of Israel is Humanity's "cork" in the "bunghole of Sodomite Islam?"
Hi! Normally, I wouldn't comment on my own blog, but the blogger named Lesh made me reconsider.

First, let me clarify that the video accompanying the blog is not about breastfeeding. I couldn't find any clear, quality video of the breastfeeding fatwa, and those that were pertaining to the fatwa, were in Arabic or so scratchy that you couldn't make out what was being said. So, I posted a video on women's rights in the Middle East to accompany the blog (which is clearly about women's rights.)My apologies if anyone was confused.

Secondly, I comment on global issues as well as domestic issues because I believe we are all one people, all one world. My generation is global-thinking. We are involved in events not only at home, but abroad. I always think it is valid to discuss what is happening from one ocean to the next, because it creates a sense of unity. When the Nazis took over big chunks of Europe, people outside of Europe commented and got involved to fight against the atrocities being committed against the Jews and other minorities. So, when you see injustices being committed (whether in Arizona, Utah or Malawi) shouldn't we stand up (as a people) and say STOP the MADNESS! Lesh, I appreciate your comments, but if we all sit in silence, what does that tell those who seek to silence people without a voice?

Thirdly, it is a blog, not a hard hitting newspaper. Am I not allowed to be glib and irreverent? I am trying to be entertaining and have some substance to what I write. It is a learning process and I try to improve every time I type on the keys. You don't have to like my style of writing, but I am trying to keep it interesting.

Fourth, (which is related to my second point) I comment on issues here at home, as well, so to say that I am bashing other countries isn't true. I am pointing out issues that are happening here at home and globally that people may want to take note of. We are a collective consciousness and energy flows from one to the next. I always am aware of the world around me, and I love to travel, I love meeting new people and debating different ideas, but when I think that something is fundamentally wrong (like in this case with the absurd breastfeeding fatwa) I am going to speak out. They are my sisters, even if we are continents apart.

And Lesh, if you had taken the time to read my Uganda blog, they are attempting to outlaw homosexuality and make it a crime punishable by death. What kind of world do we want to leave our children? People are speaking out about these topics all over the world, and thank goodness! Attention needs to be brought to these issues. We are ALL in this together. At least if you are going to bash my writing, read it first.

The concept completely grosses me out, I must say.
Creepiest thing I've ever heard of!!
Milk sibling relationships predated Islam and are no invention of that particular religion or region. The 2007 Eygptian fatwa was retracted as a "'bad interpretation of a particular case" during the time of the Prophet Muhammad".
The fact that the woman threatened the bus driver with a law suit would seem to imply that she had remedy to the courts and the standing to avail herself of them.
Islam and cultural practices are different in the separate nations. Muslims are as different from each other individually as Christians are. I'm not sure the term "forced" should be used here.
And the link for Gulf News is unrelated material as well.
The contempt and hatred toward women should surprise me, but it doesn't.
I thought this had to be a put-on. But the way you spin it out, you can see the crazy illogic they're working from.
Westerners can take things out of context to fit their own desires or prejudices; so can fanatical Islamic "scholars." Here's a case of both.

First, the idea of "milk sibling" is old in the region. It's common in Turkey when a woman can't breastfeed for whatever reason, a friend who has milk can breasfeed the baby. She is then called the "süt annesi," or "milk mother." And the kids are "milk siblings." It's a significant relationship, a similar concept to "blood brothers." There is also the tradition of "kirve," the man who holds a friend's son as he's being circumcized. His function is a bit like a godfather. And such "godchildren" are considered close enough that a relationship between them would be incestuous. The original idea (strange as it may seem) was that to create such a relationship between a young man and woman would cause them to see each other as brother and sister and dispel sexual attraction on the part of the man. Given the strength of incest taboos across societies and the significance of the "milk sibling" relationship, it just might have worked.

Of course when you combine anything with fanaticism you can get some interesting perversions of a concept...

But there are plenty of things looked at as strange by outsiders of any culture. How about New Guinea... http://www.gettingit.com/article/56. How would an Asian Buddhist see the practice of self-flagellation in the attempt to ward off the punishment of an angry God?

People are weird.
My take on Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Wahhabi world are from watching memri.tv.org. This website was put together by an ex-Israeli military dude, and it has raw footage from various parts of the Arab world that have been translated into English subtitles.

Even given the possible slanting of selection of video segments, it seems to me that Saudi society is torn between the 21st Century and the religious fundamentalists that supposedly control everything. Imagine the United States of America with President Glenn Beck and his total control of Congress, and you'd get pretty much the same thing.

It's my understanding that the people of Saudi Arabia pretty much put up with the idiocy as much as they can in public, and pretty well ignore the religious police when they're behind closed doors. Obviously that 75 year old woman must have pissed someone off real bad to get into the kind of jam that she found herself in.

My reaction is that if we respond to Saudi society as "weird, revolting, bizarre," or whatever that means that we can put ourselves on a pedestal and pat ourselves on the back 'cause we're Merkans. And that kind of attitude explains why we're in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So ladies and gentlemen, please check your racist, sexist, homophobic, or cultural baggage at the door before you open your big fat yap. No weirdness in Merka because we have Sarah Palin and Brittney Spears. Right.
Please tell me this isn't be serious.... people weren't even this backward during the medieval period.
Looks to me like Natalie K. puts the issue in perspective by linking to the Huffington Post article that leads to a substantial article in gulf news on the lede subject. The rest is just the silly side of life here at the supplement.
rated....good, even handed, reply to Lesh.... I'll be back for more.
This piece is really unfortunate. It's sensational. While I can appreciate the author's outrage, she also has no context for analyzing the crazy. First of all, as some others have pointed out here, the idea of a "milk mother" is old and widespread. Secondly, what the author repeatedly refers to as "Islamic law" and "sharia" shows total lack of knowledge on the issue. Sharia is not a static and monolithic thing. It is a complex subject, and those who are considered qualified to issue fatwas (by the way, a fatwa is just an opinion...that's all it is...a juridical-religious ruling based on knowledge of law that can deal with anything from the big issues to the mundane) do so based on an extensive corpus of material and an extensive process of coming to an opinion. The materials and the process vary extensively based on the leanings of the "schools" of law to which the person giving the opinion adheres.

What has been pulled out in this piece are a few very bizarre interpretations of some aspects of sharia that would be akin to someone's interpretation that, for instance, an earthquake hit Haiti because Haitians once made a pact with the devil.

I teach Islam and Middle East History at the university level. Most of what I have to do revolves around un-conditioning my students from everything they think they know but don't--because they read things like this blog and think it represents 1.3 billion people and all of their history. I am not myself Muslim, but Islam and Muslims are a significant part of my life. In all of my experiences at home and abroad and among all of my friendships and acquaintances, I have NEVER encountered the kind of sensationalist crap that people like the author of this article love to write about.

As some other people who have commented here point out, when we are this sensational, we totally disengage and dehumanize. "Medieval" people are easier to waterboard, incarcerate without due process and bomb with UAV's because we never have to ask ourselves why.
it is impossible to judge another's culture from the outside. The fact that we do this makes US nuts. AND ungodly unchristian hypocrites.
Wow! What a strange custom! It pales in weirdness, however, to the cannibalism rite that goes on every day in countless churches around the world. The congregation actually believes that its members are consuming "the body and blood of christ." Talk about creepy.
This story has really brought out the cultural warriors from both sides. While this practice may be older than Islam itself and there may indeed be some embellishment here, I think it speaks to the fundamental distrust we have of Islamic societies here in the west. Given the archaic rules that we know of, there is no question that Saudi women are repressed. This is not about demonizing the Saudis, rather it should make us ask who are friends and allies are and why we align ourselves with such societies. We cannot change them and should not even try. Change must come from within. But, we need not support them either or send our soldiers into combat for them.
I found this another typically slanted anti-Islamic diatribe, but that has been pointed out quite adequately.

What did make me sit up even more was twodaymag's reply to Lesh's excellent demolition.

Specifically this comment:

"I always think it is valid to discuss what is happening from one ocean to the next, because it creates a sense of unity. When the Nazis took over big chunks of Europe, people outside of Europe commented and got involved to fight against the atrocities being committed against the Jews and other minorities."

This is the type of rewriting of history that demonstrates a completely inadequate understanding of world event. People did not fight the Nazis because of the treatment of the Jews. Britain declared war on Germany because of a treaty with Poland, and Germany's invasion of Poland. The Soviet Union had a non-aggression pact with Germany, until Germany attacked. Germany declared war on the USA after Germany's ally, Japan, attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor.

Nowhere was the Holocaust a motivating factor. This blogger is simply ignorant, sensationalist...

And anti-Islamic.
Sure beats the burqa!!!

They should implement the topless fashion. Be readily accessible on the streets of Riyadh or even better how about the Mecca? Then we could all be brothers & sisters.
When one looks at this, it reminds me that the Saudis are considered "moderate" Arabs. It begs the question of what the rest of these savages are like. I think most Arab and Persian women suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Oh yes, I'm way off base here.

If I were an Arab woman, I wouldn't go near one of these men. I'd rather be sold into a brothel in Macao where I'd only get raped by people who pay money.

Read Harv: http://theHARVview.blogspot.com
A bizarre mix of pathology and sexual ignorance.
Pa around the world,
This is an unusual piece, at least for getting on the cover and an EP. Generally speaking, posters who blog about non-fiction items provide good links for references and value their reputation and the reputation of OS.
Please see Stellaa's rebut of this piece, now alone on the cover.
How is it that you can get close enough to suckle, though, without getting thrown in jail?

easy. line em up behind glory holes!
Just another example of the retrograde nature of Islam. And of Arab culture. It is any wonder that the Muslim world is the great plague of the Earth?

In California, USA, a man can be designated a sex offender for the rest of his life if he is caught urinating on a tree in a forest, but Islamic Saudi Arabia imposes this absurdity--grown men can drink breast milk and become a member of the family.

By that guide, all rapists should be considered the common-law husband of the victim!

Perhaps we shouldn't be so opposed to the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Islamic countries--with any luck they'll blow each other to Allah with the biggest possible roadside bombs and the world can get on with civilization.
Arab states in the middle east are feudalist, theocratic, and outspokenly reject western ideas and practices based on the Age of Enlightenment. And misogynistic to the core.

To speak of these obvious truths does not make me of the Right, or a hater, or anti-Arab, much less using this to justify killing Arabs or Muslims, or oppression in way, shape or form. To accuse all critics of Islamism and Arab governments of having such extreme views, simply because they criticize, is absurd, wrong and changes the subject.

Logical Fallacies are beside the point to all religions, to all theocratic thought, but they should matter to those who post on OS.

Islam, like many other religions, promulgate some ridiculous and cruel ideas. ALL theocracies are inherently outside the Age of Reason tradition of secular governments.

Civil rights, human rights, the vote, freedom of speech, representative government, deliberative democracy, are all profoundly better than what is offered by theocracy. Israel should evolve finally into a true western-style democracy and rid itself of special privileges granted to the orthodox. And the Arab states should all evolve into secular democracies.

Saying this does not make me a "hater". It makes me rational
Tramky says:

"Just another example of the retrograde nature of Islam. And of Arab culture. It is any wonder that the Muslim world is the great plague of the Earth?"

Good work Twodaymag, you're getting exactly the kind of responses a piece of "journalism" like this is designed for. Let's take any bit of information we can find that makes Arabs look barbaric or threatening or ridiculous and present it entirely out of context so that it vilifies those we've been told are our enemies and who want to blow us all up because they "hate our freedoms."

Why look everybody, those dirty Moozlim Ay-rabs are disgusting!

Have read some of the comments and responses and so have my doubts about this post. That said, the post does bring attention to the fact that Saudi women remain chattel in a country in which men apparently can do whatever they want to them. Regardless of information re breastmilk siblings, etc., this sounds like just another excuse for rape. I feel women would be better spending their energy banding together to see what, if anything, we can do to assist our Saudi sisters in securing more freedom and equity from their government.
Our country has no interest in supporting the cause of Saudi women or in otherwise addressing the issue of the corrupt, backwards, Taliban-supporting, misogynistic Saudi regime because we get a lot of oil from them. The topic of our support for the Saudi government despite how rotten they are might be actually worth discussing, as opposed to a tidbit of information about breastfeeding Muslims which is designed to titillate and disgust.
My hat goes off to anyone who recognized the ignorance and disgusting bigotry of this post, especially Lesh, Skeptickler (special thanks for pointing the BLATANT WWII inaccuracies), Stellaa.

What troubles me even more, somehow, is reading all of the comments that blindly say - without researching further, and without ANY substantiated links to this information - holier-than-thou things like: "I'm SPEECHLESS! This is NUTS! These people are crazy!"

Or how about this golden nugget - "A bizarre mix of pathology and sexual ignorance."

The anti-Muslim sentiments in these comments and this post are astounding. Textbook "them"-ing. Disgusting.

Oh, and I'm definitely not going to trust any "political commentary" from someone who doesn't even know what happened in World War II.
Also, everyone read Stellaa's post. Please.
www.twodaymag.com does not "hate" any religion and doesn't promote intolerance. We seek out interesting and unusual stories to write about, as well as more conventional articles on love, relationships and sex. I came across this article on AOLNews yesterday and found it worth talking about, one that would create a healthy debate about women's rights. It snowballed into something else, apparently. www.twodaymag.com is a relationships/lifestyle magazine and we try to have a wide range of topics and interests on the website. Stellaa, I appreciate your rebuttal article, and the wonderful part about living in a free society is the civil exchange of ideas.
And Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. Wow!! Check out more stories at: http://www.redstatereport.com
"Stellaa, I appreciate your rebuttal article, and the wonderful part about living in a free society is the civil exchange of ideas."

Do you actually think that's what you're engaging in?

You've posted misleading links, video completely without evidence, shown no willingness to actually research your subject and don't seem willing to actually respond to your critics other than the token response posted above.

What you have here is not an exchange of ideas. It's "LOL Muzlimz R creepy!!" And worse: you seem to have successfully convinced others who are equally as intellectually lazy. They will pass this story on to others.

Worst: this is an "Editor's Pick"? Dear Lord, who is responsible for that?!
As a former blogger I judged your rebuttal, and I found it lacking.

I take no offense in your posting video content, however unconnected, to your post. But... And here is where I draw the line. You took an urban myth and totally incorporated it into you post as if it were true. If you want to be satirical, then you certainly must distinguish that part of your post either by use of a "block" or at least an ellipsis followed by some tongue in cheek remark.

What you have done here is perpetuate an urban legend not for the sake of enjoyment, but to stereotype and demean a people and their religion.

The man in question, was in fact the woman's nephew. She had, in fact, breast-fed him as a child.

This story should not be about reduculing a religion that gives a "get out jail free" card based on lactation. While the stories of some Muslim men going a tryst by texting "I divorce you" three times to their wives may be sensation, you have missed the story here.

The story should be about: What, why, when, where, and how. Why is it that the religious police happened upon a 75 year old woman's bread delivery? What was unnatural here? Why did they arrest everyone and not others for the same offense?

Blogging satirical is fine... Blogging to get hits is fine... Making light of this woman's situation... zero
Even though mainstream media has reported this occuring, none of them have reported the " What, why, when, where, and how" of the case. Only the shiny bits.
This is just too far beyond bizarre. Shows what happens when you try to live your life by wildly outdated and grotesquely misogynist "laws."
there's a simple explanation for these crazy rules - they're the products of patriarchy.
Tell me about something I don't know.
See my review of "The Stoning of Soraya M." /Lary9
Link here:
Well, if I were a 75 Y.O. Syrian widow I most certainly would LOVE to have adult men hanging from my teats... How long ago did this bird feel some ACTION?
i didn't find this article to be in any way disparaging of Arabic peoples or of the Islamic faith. i felt that it underscored a very real & intense way of life faced by millions of women living in patriarchal theocracies. The tradition, in its original form, may be ancient; but the idea of adult men nursing on women is NOT.
i've read through all of the comments. They seem to be rather black or white. On one side, you have the embarrassing people commenting on how obviously barbaric arabic people are. While on the other, you have extremists criticizing you for daring to say ANYTHING about any culture other than your own...specifically Arabic culture. It seems that the whole point of the article was entirely missed. It was about the continued subjugation & degradation of women. And who could seriously try to say that that is not a SERIOUS problem? In many cultures, but very notably in Arabic nations. If the author was an Arab american woman who had fled her country in protest & was now speaking out about the injustices of her homeland, would the backlash be the same?
Perhaps people should look at the true & stated intent of the author & recognize that whatever historical or logical flaws may be contained in the piece, she was trying to bring to light, via an absurd example ( which she didn't create), a deeply disturbing issue. Try looking beneath your OWN rhetoric & listening to what she's trying to say.
As others have commented, this is pure sensationalism. It's nice to see that you haven't let the facts get in the way of your attempt to vilify Islam. You state that some women in Saudi Arabia breastfeed their nephews so they don't have to wear the hijab in front of them? A muslim woman who wears the hijab doesn't have to cover in front of her nephew anyway. Next time it may be better to check your facts before you post something so ridiculous, lest you draw attention to your ignorance. Again.
The original article is still here, and other places online: Women Forced to Breastfeed Adult Men in Saudi Arabia
"At least if you are going to bash my writing, read it first..."

NO, wait, that's what causes some of the funniest gaffes by the GOP. They react to all kinds of liberal material without properly investigating and the hilarity that ensues is worth their stubborn, ignorant refusal to first eat and digest whatever they intend to bash.
When did it become sooo un-PC to put the spotlight on cultures that utterly degrade, prohibit & subjugate women? Simply because they are Islamic cultures, we are supposed to NOT criticize their treatment of women? This has been happening for thousands of years & critical awareness didn't begin when america decided to wage war on all Arabic individuals. It has been present for a very long time. Way back when we were putting puppet dictators in place & supplying them with weapons to fight the american-enemy-of-the-moment, the Russians. Womens rights were an issue then. This isn't about the degradation of a culture. This is about women who are being degraded. Get your issues straight. And before you accuse the author of sensationalism, check your facts. Posting something that occured as an example of EXTREMISM, does not make her a sensationalist. Wake up!
This is regular Muhammadan stuff. It is called Rida al Kabir, based on sahih hadith Muslim Book 008 (al Nikah) nrs.3424 to 3438.
It is pretty normal in authentic Islam.
Erratum: it must be sahih hadith Muslim Book 008 (al Nikah) nrs. 3424 to 3428. After rida al Kabir (breastfeeding an adult stranger) the stranger becomes a mahram.
Muhammadans who have never read the sahih hadiths are shocked and try to disavow Bukhari and Muslim. They are in denial about the fundamental writings of their faith.
Read this:
Are people really surprised about the misogyny inherent in islam and as practiced in Saudi Arabia?
Remember these?:
Rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in jail

Saudi police 'stopped' fire rescue

Like the article, these show how women are viewed and treated in islam, and it's not as equals, and not with respect.

"a consultant to the Ministry of Justice and an adviser to the royal court"
As far as the cleric who made this announcement goes, remember this was not just some guy on the street or the net, this was someone who supposedly has studied the koran and hadith for most of his life. He made his decision on the basis of this, so where do people who have not made the same dedicated effort of the material get off criticising him for it? What is their basis?
Well, I have given the complete Hadith Below. It is from Al Muwatta, Volume 30, Hadith no 12

"Sahla bint Suhayl who was the wife of Abu Hudhayfa, and one of the tribe of
Amr ibn Luayy, came to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant
him peace, and said, 'Messenger of Allah! We think of Salim as a son and he
comes in to see me while I am uncovered. We only have one room, so what do
you think about the situation?' The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and
grant him peace, said, 'Give him five drinks of your milk and he will be mahram
by it.' She then saw him as a foster son. A'isha umm al-muminin took that as a
precedent for whatever men she wanted to be able to come to see her. She
ordered her sister, Umm Kulthum bint Abi Bakr as-Siddiq and the daughters of
her brother to give milk to whichever men she wanted to be able to come in to
see her.
The rest of the wives of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him
peace, refused to let anyone come in to them by such nursing. They said, 'No!
By Allah! We think that what the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and
grant him peace, ordered Sahla bint Suhayl to do was only an indulgence
concerning the nursing of Salim alone. No! By Allah! No one will come in upon us
by such nursing!'

"This is what the wives of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him
peace, thought about the suckling of an older person."

There are some people who only know this Hadith from Sahih Muslim and thus miss the most important part(2nd from last) para. So, it was a special case for Salim. Note that Wife of Abu Hudhayfa thought Salim as their Son. Abu Hudhyfa used to feel little discomfort as Salim was at the threshold of puberty. Because, Even though they used see Salim as their son, He wasn't their own son. Qur'an doesn't recognize such relationship. So, he was suckled to make him fosterchild.
The key part of the Hadith is 1.'We think of Salim as Son' 2. 'Threshold of puberty'-the age of Salim. 3. 'was only an indulgence concerning the nursing of Salim alone'.

So, it is crystal clear that generally no such rule can be applied as those sheiks recommend. And the Prophet didn't advice all to do this. The general rule is suckling babies under age 2 makes a fosterchild which adviced by our prophet and there are numerous hadith relating this.
*note: 'Threshold of puberty'- , is given in Sahih Muslim.
Ummmm . . .I am gonna go with "wow" on this one. All politics aside, I am siding with adult breast feeding is weird anytime. In fact, anything outside of infants should be off limits. I know it is a different culture, with different cast models than we have elsewhere. And I may be naive, but I feel there are psychological and relational issues at stake here that have nothing to do with religious/political preferences. Oh, in addition to "wow", I would like to add an "eeeew" if I could.
oh, this is nuts! and they re very wieird....

emr systems
This is so odd... but I do understand the reasoning behind it. I personally don't see adult breast feeding as the answer - I think something a lot less... invasive - such as finally adapting more modern laws - is definitely necessary. However, that is easier said than done. I will say, one of my friends' aunts had to breastfeed her when she was a baby because her mother was undergoing breast cancer treatment and therefore could not. Therefore, I think, for babies, inter-family breastfeeding is not so taboo.
This is really ridiculous. I am hearing this for first time "adult breastfeeding". I do not know how can any adult breast feed the women and keep the feelings of mother or sister (which is also ridiculous). Another strict and confused law of Saudi Arabia.
Sandy Jacks
Maternal relations? Unbelieveable... Woman breastfeeding adult men.. Lol... Math tutor