DECEMBER 7, 2010 2:31PM

Are Teens Getting Pregnant for Fame?

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Another sign that the world is ending...

Well, it was really only a matter of time. With MTV’s shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, what could have been used as a vehicle to document the struggles of being a teenage parent, has instead turned into a big tabloid mess that MTV is making major bank off of.

The premise is simple. Follow teenage girls around that are pregnant and in high school, and document their highs and lows throughout their pregnancy. Then, after they give birth, graduate them from 16 and Pregnant, to the next show, Teen Mom, and follow them as they struggle to balance school, their new baby and their ever-changing life.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, and of course, it has been. Several girls that have appeared on Teen Mom are now on the front cover of the grocery store tabloids for stories ranging from domestic violence issues to ugly custody battles. Do they get compensated? Of course. Being on a season of Teen Mom will make these girls $60,000-$65,000.

And, being a young, struggling parent, who can blame them for putting themselves out there? MTV found girls who are in difficult financial situations for the most part, who need some sort of monetary stability, and who are young enough (and therefore naive enough) to think that being on MTV will make them rich and famous. One of the girls, Farrah Abraham, was even talking to Star magazine about giving up her dream to be a chef in order to move to Hollywood and become an “actress” now that she has had so much exposure.

But, is this the kind of exposure one really wants? Reality television has clearly hit a new bottom (if that is possible.)

Matt Titus, a relationship expert from, tells Popeater, “The sad state of reality television has create a lowbrow vehicle for untainted train wreck personalities to display their private lives. Getting pregnant to be famous is like eating as many cockroaches as possible in a one minute period.”

Well said. What is even more frightening is that we are creating a culture where young people feel that the only way to get any sort of acknowledgement from their society is by doing something dangerous, destructive or negative. We only seem to reward those who are misbehaving, anymore.

Being a parent is not a glamorous job. Being a teen mother is not something to aspire to. By putting these young girls in the spotlight, we are basically encouraging other teenage girls to get pregnant in order to become famous. The fame is even more addicting to our generation than the money. Everyone wants their fifteen minutes, and at this point, it seems as though they are willing to do anything to get it.

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