DECEMBER 17, 2010 8:50AM

More Young American Adults Living with Parents…

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...That must really put a cramp on dating!

A study recently released states that more young American adults (ages 18-24) are living with their parents due to a lack of jobs and the bad economy in a phenomenon known as “full nest syndrome.”

To show you how bad things have gotten, in 1970, 47.3% of young adults were living at home compared to 52.8% today.

The study also revealed that one in seven young adults are finding themselves with no pathway to secure economic and financial independence. The transition to adulthood is also becoming more and more delayed and less are defining “adults” as people who leave home and start a family of their own.

“Some research suggests that the notion of adulthood is changing and that marriage and parenthood, once the hallmarks of adult status, are no longer as important to defining a successful transition to adulthood,” states Vanessa Wight of Columbia University in New York.

She may have a point. Men and women are getting married later in life and starting families later in life than ever before. In 1970, the median age for a first marriage was 23.2 for men and 20.8 for women. In 2009, it was 28.1 for men and 25.9 for women.

Wight goes on to add, “Others have argued that changes in values and attitudes have contributed to rising individualism. So, we are less willing to get married.”

Combining a bad economy with a lack of jobs as well as the rise of cost of receiving a higher education has certainly taken its toll on our youth. We don’t have the opportunities that perhaps our parents generation may have had, and with the rising cost of living on one’s own, it is no wonder more and more young people are being forced to stay put at home.

No wonder people are getting married older. Both men and women are more interested in securing some sort of financial stability for themselves, which often comes before partnering up and starting a family. Yet, how can one even get into a “grown up” relationship when they are still living at home with mom and pop? That has got to put a damper on not only their love life, but their sex life, as well. Great, just what we need. A new generation of broke, sexually frustrated adults.

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