APRIL 19, 2011 8:47AM

It’s Official: Match.com to Screen for Sex Offenders on Dati

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Follow up to recent story of a woman who was sexually assaulted after meeting a man from Match.com...

Recently, I blogged about a woman who asked that Match.com be shut down until they imposed a screening process to check for any sex offenders that may sign up to this dating website. She had, unfortunately, been a victim of sexual assault, after meeting a registered sex offender (not to her knowledge) from Match.com.

The victim believes that had Match.com been able to run a simple background check on this man, who has a history of violence and sexual assault, she would have never met him in the first place, and thereby wouldn’t have been sexually assaulted.

Match.com president, Mandy Ginsberg, stated that the company officials had considered the screening process in the past, and the decision to use the registry was not in direct response to the lawsuit.


Read the rest of this post and watch the video HERE

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