JUNE 24, 2011 2:22PM

Syrian Men Stand Up For Women: Vow to Marry Rape Victims

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This really brought tears to my eyes...love is truly a greater force then we realize...

Can you imagine for just a moment, sleeping in your bed, only to hear the sounds of soldiers’ boots kicking in your doors, dragging you out of your home by your hair, beating you, violently raping you, and forcing you to be a sex slave for the military? Can you imagine being gang-raped by soldiers, only to have your body mutilated, breasts sliced off in a final act of barbaric sadism?

Then, can you imagine, after enduring such torment, such violence, such pain, that your family not only turns you away, but kills you or your other sisters, friends, or women in your village for bringing dishonor to them?

This is what the young girls and women of Syria are facing.

Over ten thousand Syrian refugees are believed to be seeking refuge in Turkish camps and border towns like Jisr al-Shughour, which have become the sites of mass graves, systematic rape, and relentless torture.

Four teenage sisters from the Syrian-Turkish border town of Sumeriya are now among the increasing number of rape victims in Syria. Recovering in a Turkish hospital, these women are facing a lifetime of shame in a country where honor killings are used as a means of “restoring honor” to families whose daughters have shamed them.

Shamed them by being violently raped by a pro-government militia.

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sounds like your typical professional soldier, let off the leash. it can happen anywhere when civilization breaks down.

i suspect it often happens when a small minority group tries to stay on top of a much larger majority. if the struggle is civilized, the small group loses for certain, so they are tempted to reach for the terror weapons.