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APRIL 6, 2010 7:05PM

Promise Me, Friend

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AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh characters

Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

We all need a friend like Christopher Robin; someone who believes in us when we don’t believe in ourselves, sees how strong we can be (and pushes us in that direction) and knows how smart we really are. All too often, we allow ourselves to believe the lies we’ve been told for too long. We become convinced that we are the person the world has molded us into; and we begin to behave as if we truly are that person. We miss opportunities because we’re fearful of failure; we don’t realize our potential because someone’s misguided attempt at advice has tripped us up. That’s when we need a friend like Christopher Robin. Yes, I know he’s fictional, but the qualities that make him a great friend are real.

“You’re braver than you believe…” The power of those words when spoken by a true friend is incredible. Don’t ask me why it’s easier to believe that from a friend’s lips than it is to believe it when we say it ourselves. I don’t know why; it just works that way. I want a friend who knows how brave I am because she knows me better than I know myself. I want a friend who will tell me, “Of course, you can do that. Why would you ever think you can’t?” She’ll say it with such conviction that I would never dream of doubting her.

“…stronger than you seem…” A real friend knows the “me” I don’t show to the world, the “me” I sometimes even forget. She will remind me of the strengths she knows I possess and she won’t let me hedge on that knowledge. A true friend sees through me. She’s not fooled by the masks I wear or by my sudden, inexplicable insecurities. She knows what my strengths are and she knows how to reach them. And she knows when it’s necessary to do just that.

“…smarter thank you think.” We all do it—play dumb sometimes. Maybe it’s because the task we’re facing seems bigger than we are, or because we’re just too tired to tackle it. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of reasons why we convince ourselves we aren’t smart enough or capable enough. In doing so, we short-change ourselves on so many levels. A true friend wants the best for me. She wants me to reach for the stars because she knows how happy I’ll be when I catch a star or two. She keeps me grounded, but pushes me to reach for those shiny, twinkling stars--always reaching. You’re smarter than you think.

It’s true—everyone needs a Christopher Robin. I’ve found mine and I’m holding on to her for dear life. Life is better with a Christopher Robin friend to get me through the day. I’m sure of it.



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My oldest sister is my Christopher Robin. The one whose faith in me never wavers, even when my own wavers. No matter how much I tell her, I don't think she has any idea, at all, how much she truly means to me.
I'm glad I have Terri to keep me from flying away. Sometimes when I feel the need to fly, she keeps me grounded. My best friend!
To have a friend like that. One you can tell anything and not be afraid, embarrassed. How wonderful that would be. Good for you!
Lotta wisdom in this, Kim. A little help from our friends. Sometimes that's all it takes. (r)
Awesome! I agree with all of these completely.

Thank you for this.
OH MY GOSH! K, you won't BELIEVE this but JUST LAST NIGHT, I was looking at my iPhone in bed in the dark, and reading quotes from AA Milne!!!!

I absolutely LOVE that you wrote your "Friend" post around this quote. Absolutely wonderful. And I completely get the part about someone you trust saying you are braver (or stronger, or smarter...) than you believe/seem/think - it makes such a difference compared to when you try to convince yourself.

Super post, sweetie!

It's true, we all need a Christopher Robin!!!

Wonderful post Kim. Good friends like this make all the difference in the world.
I think you'd love What the Dormouse Said: Lessons for Grownups from Children's Books by Amy Gash. It's full of wisdom from children's books.
a great friend (or more than one) is as essential as air to breathe, food to eat. i'm so glad you found yours, someone who gets you. great post, un/b. xo
Thanks for posting this quote. A friend lost his job for the second time in three years today and he needs this, just like you did. R.
Kim, this is truly a lovely, lovely post. You said so much so well! ~r!
I am blessed with a handful of people around me like that - primarily my husband and my best friend.

"All too often, we allow ourselves to believe the lies we’ve been told for too long." Amen sister. Isn't it a gorgeous thing to break those bonds?
This post makes my heart sing. Thank you.
I use the Winnie the Pooh stories to talk to my students about friendship. He is the very best.
glad to hear you have a Christopher Robin. You are right. We all need one.
I agree completely. The Christopher Robins in our lives are so important and needed! I don't know what I would do without mine.
So much truth here, UB! You nailed it! Just one thing--about the playing dumb part? Some of us aren't playing.
that was wonderful. we all do need a friend like that. i'm glad you have one.
There is no better thing in the world than a friend. :)
Great post. Love AA Milne. Thank you. Brought a smile to my face.
Beautiful sentiment. Rated.
Ah.. Christopher Robin, Pooh Bear. and all the other creatures of the Hundred-Acre Wood. They taught me so much and made me feel so good. I can still remember the songs from listening to Disney LPs.

From: Winnie The Pooh and the Honey Tree
Written by: Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
Performed by: Sterling Holloway [Pooh],
Jon Walmsley [Christopher Robin]

I'm just a little black rain cloud, hovering under the honeytree
I'm only a little black rain cloud, pay no attention to little me

[Pooh and Christopher Robin:]
Everyone knows that a rain cloud never eats honey, no not a nip

I'm just floating around over the ground wondering where I will drip

*sound of bee buzzing*

Christopher Robin? I think the bees S-U-S-P-E-C-T something

[Christopher Robin:]
Perhaps they think you're after their honey?

Why it may be that. You never can tell with bees.
Oh, I'm just a little black rain cloud hovering under the honeytree

*Pooh is subdued by the bees*

Found at: http://www.angelfire.com/movies/disneybroadway/honeytree.html
Bonnie - I'm kind of partial to dogs, cats and teddy bears, too.

ranting boomer - sisters make the best Christopher Robins and they always make you feel stronger, smarter and braver...just by being there.

scanner - she's a lucky woman and you're a lucky man.

LL2 - friends like that are oh so important.

Clark - well said, my friend, well said.

Damion - thank you for the great idea :-)

OM - somehow I knew you would "get this". I have a feeling you're just this kind of friend. :-)

Amanda - lovely, lovely sentiment.

Elisa - thank you for that, dear Elisa!

Tink - oh yes we surely do.

jane - so nice to see you! Now that I'm feeling so much more like myself, I hope to get in on GNS soon. :-) Good job on that, BTW

trilogy - they do indeed, don't they?

Lois - I think you may be right. I think I hear the library calling...

femme - key words - "more than one" - that is what makes us rich beyond measure.

Bernadine - and he needs a good friend like you to remind him of those important things. :-)

Kit - thank you, dear friend

Sparking - breaking those bonds is the next best thing to having friends who help us break them.

aim - I'm glad this made your heart sing today :-)

sweetfeet - totally agree with you on that one

Mimetalker - I hope you have one too. You deserve one.

Patricia - I feel the same way

Pilgrim - you can't fool me, silly. stop playing dumb. ;-)

lemonpulp - thank you for your kind comment

mLee S - I'm honored to have you say I inspire and motivate you. You just made my day!

mypsyche -oh so true, D!

smalltownwriter - it makes me happy to know I made you smile.

Sheila - thanks so much, Sheila

And to all of you here on OS whom I consider to be friends, those of you who read my posts and whom I have the pleasure of reading, thank you all for being my friends. My world is richer for each and every one of you.

Natalie - Awww, thanks for that, Natalie!
“Of course, you can do that. Why would you ever think you can’t?”

Perfect words to be reminded of. Every time we have a negative thought about doing something we should replace it with these.
A friend like this is a beautiful thing!
Yes, life is definitely better when you look at it from this perspective. Thank you!
I'm lucky enough to be able to say I have several Christopher Robins, my husband and my mom included. Lovely post though, I used to love Winnie the Pooh and Co as a kid.
Oh yes!! Everyone need a Christopher Robin friend. A friend who knows you better than you know your own heart. A friend that knows everything about you, and still loves you anyway.. It is all in knowing that someone believes in you, that makes a world of difference in how we face the world. I found my Christopher Robin friend, and we have been each others pillar of strength for twenty years now. I will hang on to her for dear life, because I know I can't and will not make it without her.
I have many others that I hold dear and we keep each other going in the right direction through the years. We never forget about each other, and we are always there for each through the hardest of times, and the happiest of times.
Great, very touching, and refreshing post. Thank you!!
{{HUGS}} to you my dear friend.
Hugs can be the very best medicine of all. Love this piece.
"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you."
~ Winnie the Pooh

Christopher Robin and Pooh knew an enormous amount about friendship ... great role models for us ...
What an uplifting post! Thank you.
Trying to rate, but it won't let me, will come back later to rate.

Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

Yes... one of my all-time favorite quotes!

Love it...

Amen . . . that's exactly what friends do . . .
Well, I'm sorry, there must be two; Christopher Robins, that is. I'm #2. All that you reveal in your writing simply makes you such a beautiful human, beautifully flawed, beautifully fragile. beautifully brave. Oh lots of things. And because I see you're a Christopher Robin yourself you're just destined to be surrounded by Christophers who want to take care of you, celebrate you. So basically, I think we'd better start forming a line.
Hang on to your Christopher Robin.... worth all the gold in the Universe.
Amen. My husband's actual, honest-to-God name is "Christopher Robbin" (his mom couldn't spell but was very sentimental) so I have a built in Christopher Robin friend.
Scarlett - Yep, totally agree with that.

J D - It is indeed, isn't it, my dear friend?

Sophie - thank you for always commenting on my posts. I appreciate your comments every time! :-)

Kirsty - your husband and your mom for best friends - that's how it should be. You are one lucky lady.

FE - thanks. It's so good to see you here, dear friend. :-) Hugs to you too!

anna1liese - one can never have too many hugs.

NOVA - we could probably all use a daily dose of Pooh and Christopher Robin, I think. The world would be a better place. ((Hugs))

two stinkybabies - I love your screen name - hilarious!!

kissinglessons - mine, too. AA Milne knew his stuff.

Owl - oh yeah, at least the best ones do. :-)

Aw, Gail, you almost always make me cry with your beautiful comments. Thank you. (((HUGS)))

Thanks, Jimmy.

askmeforwhatyouwant - I totally agree.

Ann - Awww - I love that. A built in Christopher Robin. (even if he does have two 'b's" :-)
I wish I had one. This was great!
I totally agree. I've been blessed to have a few Christopher Robin's throughout my life. I don't know where I'd be without them.