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JANUARY 16, 2011 9:00PM

Steve Buscemi and Boardwalk Empire are Winners!

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The Golden Globe Awards got it right! Just watched Steve Buscemi accept his award for Best Actor in a television series, and I have to say there is no actor more deserving than Steve Buscemi. His portrayal of Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, the Prohibition-Era Atlantic City crime boss modeled after real-life gangster, Enoch "Nucky" Johnson is a brilliant, understated performance, arguably the best role of Mr. Buscemi's career. 

And then, the icing on the cake - The Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series  went to Boardwalk Empire. How could it not? Everything about it is pitch-perfect. Read all about it here in John Blumenthal's post, and if you missed it, find it on On-Demand and watch it.



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I was so glad they won.. I love that show.
Well crap I don't get HBO just basic cable. I will have to find a way to watch but how?
Good for Steve. He was a New York City firefighter before he became an actor. He went back to his old station after 9-11 and pitched in to help
John B turned me on to the show, I love the feel of it since I live near Atlantic City and love all things Victorian.. mmm love the clothes, and the Atlantic Ocean in some of the clips enjoy all the nuances of what I know as the most beautiful coast/place there is.
Linda - Me, too. And I love Steve Buscemi.

LL2 - Definitely - it's sooo worth watching.

Matt - Really? How wonderful. I had no idea. Thanks for that fascinating bit of trivia. I like him even more now.
Rita - It is stunning, isn't it? All of it - the period costumes, the shots of the coast, the history, the perfect dialogue... can you tell I'm a HUGE fan?
I have never seen either, but now I want to! Thank you for the update! The Dish Thingy got very spotty during those awards...xox
Robin - I hate when that happens! :) Yes, it's a must-see.
How great is it that Steve Buscemi gets the recognition he deserves for playing the smartest and most addictively entertaining character on TV now.
This should have a spoiler alert and a different title since the show is not over yet on the west coast.
Rei - I agree with you assessment completely. :)

Emma - Since it was shown LIVE nationwide, I don't quite understand why you think it needed a spoiler alert. Wherever you live, (Pacific, Central, Mountain or Eastern time zones) the show just ended a few minutes ago. And started at the same time. Anyway...
I don't have anything but basic cable. Don't watch enough TV to pay even MORE for it. But thanks for this - I'll look for it On Demand.
I wish I could see this show because Buscemi is such a weird turn-on for me. My one EP here was my "hail to the snaggle-toothed one" spin on him. He rules.