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JUNE 22, 2011 12:42PM

Two Years on Open Salon

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June 27, 2011 will mark my two-year anniversary here in the hallowed halls of Open Salon. (Well, if we had halls, they would surely be hallowed.) Being the self-proclaimed rebel that I am, I have decided to eschew tradition and publish my two-year anniversary post several days ahead of the actual anniversary date. Seriously, what could it hurt? Truth be told, I’m catching a glimpse of my muse today, and God only knows when she may decide to show her face again, so I need to take advantage of her presence.

 My first post on OS was a snarky little number entitled Enough With the Farrah Hair Already which to this day remains one of my most read posts. What that says to me is that it’s hard to beat good snark. Oddly enough, the post that earned the distinction of being at the top of my most-read list is something entirely the opposite of snark. It’s a feel-good piece about friendship, one that I’m quite proud of, actually. You can find it here: Promise Me, Friend.  And, yes, in case you’re wondering, I totally believe in self-promotion.  

I don’t know how many posts I’ve actually published on Open Salon due to the occasional snit-fit when I threw caution and good sense to the wind and deleted some of them. A few posts deserved deleting, a few of them I should have let stand. What’s done is done and there’s no turning back. Looking back, I had far fewer filters when I first began to post here. I’ve become more cautious, one might even say taciturn, of late. In my two years here, I’ve found the most delicious friends. Great friends, true friends. Anyone of the opinion that one cannot form true friendships online is, in a word, WRONG. I’ve been fortunate to meet several of my OS friends in person, and look forward to meeting even more of them (as well as revisiting the ones I’ve already met.)


OS has seen me through some truly horrific times. I’ve written extensively about my trials as I dosado and allemande left with the worst dance partner of all time – Depression. You all extended your hearts and your virtual hands to me as I watched my son, my darling son, be ripped apart by a zero-tolerance justice system gone terribly wrong. And you rejoiced with me when he was returned to me, miraculously whole and not destroyed, which was my greatest fear. You’ve seen me through the births of grandchildren, the joy of my youngest son’s college graduation; through my greatest joys and through my darkest days. You have been, in the truest sense of the word, friends.


I have learned about myself, but I have also learned about you. In my time here on Open Salon, I have been honored to read some of the finest writing anywhere. My constant refrain since first stepping foot on these virtual premises has been that this place is home to the most incredible pool of talent I have ever encountered. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve held my breath, I’ve hoped and prayed, and all of it because of a very special group of fine folks who have come to call this place home.


It has been my greatest pleasure to have shared these past two years with you here on Open Salon. I wonder where we will all be two years from now. Is it possible we’ll all still be here by this virtual fireplace, telling our stories, laughing and crying, and wondering where the time went?


It could happen.


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Can't live with it, can't live without it.

it should happen. you're one of the reasons i stay and one of my oldest (well, you know what i mean) friends here. we go back, as girlfriends say and we know the meaning of secrets and lies. happy blogo and here's to more fun in austin. love and kisses.
Well said, Nick. Thank you.
I think Summer must be a popular time to join up. I had my one-year mark last week and I've noticed many others. Congrats on two years, and may you have presicely as many more as you like.
You are one of the best friends I have met here, and I love how you take no s**t! You are a great writer and and independent woman and you're right, anyone who says you can't meet friends here is wrong. I love that I found you and OS. It has been the best few years I've had in a long, long time. Congrats until next year~~
Candace - I think it should happen, too. OS is home. And as that famous Dorothy once said, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home." I, too, am very much looking forward to raising a glass once again with you in Austin (or anywhere else, for that matter!) dear friend.
Congratulations and I enjoyed your posts.
B.B. - I agree, summer must be THE time to join up. Must be those lazy, hazy, crazy days and all that. Thank you for your well wishes!

Scanner - Ah, my good buddy, Kenny. You were one of the first to befriend me when I came here and I love you to pieces. Always will. Here's to another year... hell, here's to many more years!
Miguela - thank you and thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime! :)
I'm glad you are still here. Happy two years. Hope there are many more.
Congratulations! I've always enjoyed your blog.
Followed you here from WDC...friends are friends no matter where you find them... ;-)
Mimetalker - thanks! I'm glad we're all still here - kinda like a virtual family. Weird, huh? But I like it - it's addicting.

Duane - thank you. Can't believe it's been two years already.
Dan - Yes, they are and I'm glad to count you as one of my friends. From way back in the WDC days. Time flies, doesn't it?
Me, you, and Sheila have shared a lot more than two years now if you count the WDC days and I gotta tell you, every one of those days have been a pleasure and an honor for me. I'm so glad you stuck around and kept me company.
David - I was thinking about that the other day - the WDC days and how glad I am that I followed you and Sheila over here. It's been my pleasure to call you friend for all these years. You are one class act, David. From one Texan to another - you're the real deal. Love you, my friend.
Congratulations on the anniversary.

In some ways, the friendships I've made on OS are better than real-life ones, because it's just words and thoughts and dispenses with a lot of the trivial and shallow.

I've had a couple of dances with Depression too. Fred and Ginger, it wasn't. Hope you're staying off that dance floor.
Happy anniversary! I agree it is completely possible to form friendships online--I've had one for about 10 years from an online book group, and another from my master's degree program. It's easy to form them here. Enjoy your 2nd anniversary. I am celebrating my 1 year today.
Nice reflections. I'm glad the site is working again, so I can read and rate this post! I guess if OS sticks with us through our hard times, we should stick it out when it has it's own.
OS had been very rewarding, creatively and personally...
Your sentiments really resonate with me. OS is an amazing community.
Cranky - Thanks! And I'm doing everything I can do stay off that dance floor.

lschmoopie - Happy Blogiversary to you!

Rei Momo - It is nice to have OS working again. Nothing else like it out there.

Patrick - I agree completely.

Pauline - OS is a very unique place. Even when I tried to hate it (when we couldn't log on and the site was always down, etc.), I couldn't. ;-)
When I first started here you were the Ms. Fiction Friday amidst a ton of turmoil in your own life. It spoke of your generous nature. Cautious and taciturn I understand completely... and also the delicious friendships. So glad you've shared what you have with us. Looking forward to more.
Scarlett - Ah, you remember! Those Fiction Friday posts were great fun to do. And they gave me a sense of purpose in the middle of my enormous personal meltdown. ;-)
Thanks for your delicious friendship, Scarlett!
two years
a lifetime for some
this place OS a lifetime within those who write here
i've danced with your dance partner
i've enjoyed reading you
let's dance.
I'm so glad you are here. I discovered you soon after I joined OS. I was so hooked, I went back into your archives and read most of your posts. I've since done that with maybe only three other writers... It says a lot when the reader wants more. ~r
Chuck - so true, so true. Indeed, let's dance!

Joanie - I remember when you came to OS. The first time I read you, I knew I had found a treasure. And then to discover that treasure would become a friend as well... pure joy!
I love to read these anniversary posts! I've been here only since March, but I've gotten a glimpse of the intimacy that comes with sharing our personal voices with each other. I can only hope to take away some of what you've experienced in two years.
Congratulations! You're one of the good ones and never forget that. Ever.
happy day, glad to know you. hope you write some more real good snarky pieces, and that your life runs smoothly.
I hope we all will still be sharing our lives, our stories...
Happy OS anniversary, Unbreakable : )
Happy second anniversary, dear B. You have certainly lived upto your name and may you remain Unbreakable through whatever the future holds. Give me true friendship and humbleness always over snark.
UB : We are indeed lucky to find good friends here. I certainly feel as if I was lucky enough to find you.
Perhaps in the weeks and months to come, we will find many more. I call that a very good return on my investment.

And as for you, may your life be so wonderful that all your pieces sounds like they were written by the Waltons.
It's been a pleasure Kim. Been almost 2 years for me too. I'm honored to consider you a virtual friend and look forward to one day in Austin.
A wonderful post!!!!

And nope, I won't hear of anyone telling me you can't make friends online! For sure we can and do!

Oh girlfriend, I am not here as often as I wish to be, but how fortuitous that I was here today!! I have been in awe of your fortitude since I chanced upon you. You epitomize for me the spirit of OS: strong, engaging, reflective, open to others, willing... I am pleased to have met (and loved) you in person. Happy Blogiversary!!
This love festival is warming the cockles of my cold black heart! Hey - you are - we are - what we make of this site and you do make it pretty special. It's hard to think in terms of years - sometimes it feels like a few minutes and other times, well, decades. You have certainly brought both laughter and tears to this community - and the highest compliment I can give you is this: You treat this place with love. So you deserve a lot in return. Cheers to another two years.
Congratulations, Unbreakable. There is indeed a sizable pool of writing talent on OS, and you swim adeptly in that pool. You make a nice case against the academics who disdain the whole idea of online friendship. It may not be face-to-face, but that hasn't stopped it from showing the same goodwill, concern, care, and empathy that F2F friendship does.
You have been a fine writer who contributes so much to any site you write on! You are a friend who backs up her friendship with actions. I am so happy you made such a great home on OS. Here's a toast to the coming year....
Jaime - welcome - and thanks for visiting my blog. OS is a great place. No place like it. And the people here - the best in the world.

Scylla - that means more to me than you know. Thank you.

dianaani - thank you. I'm getting my snark on as we speak. Watch for it. :-)

Just Thinking - I hope so, too. I can't imagine NOT being here... writing, reading, commenting...

Fusun - I agree - true friendship and humility rank right up at the top of my list, too. xoxo

JD - you have to know that you are one of the people who has made this place so very special to me. Thank you for your friendship, dear friend.

trilogy - I think I feel a margarita party in Austin coming on very soon! I would dearly love to finally meet you in person!

Little Kate - thank you! You are always so very kind and gracious. I'm glad you're here!

mypsyche - dearest Drema - I miss you! Thanks for all your oh-so-kind words. I would say I'm blushing at the compliments, but we both know that's not true. :-) Feels like margarita time coming up soon, don't you think?

aim - and a very high compliment that is, too. Thank you! And you - cold black heart - pffft! I'm not buying it. xoxo

Jerry - I am honored to be in the presence of writers like you and so many others here. Thank you for your wonderfully kind words.

Sheila - and just think - I followed you here and I'm sooo glad I did. Much love to you, dear friend!
I am new on OS. I just found your blog. Wow! I hope I can learn to write in my voice as you have done. You are role model, an inspiration. I am so happy to be able to catch up.
Congratulations on your second anniversary here and here's to many more.

I have no doubts about the sincerity of online friendships and feel very much as you do. The support and caring I've received in the past has helped me enormously.

I'm not an avid poster on OS but I do admire the quality of writing on the site, including your own of course.
Sorry I missed this when you posted; glad that I'm here still in time. Congratulations on your double blogiversary, UB! Funny, I thought you were here before me. Either way, it's been fun. And, yes, God willing, I'll see you here in 2013.
You typify OS for me. Thoughtful, engaging, challenging in your own work and sincerely appreciative of the accomplishments of your fellow writers here.

You were an established figure here already when I got here. The place wouldn't be the same without you. Keep coming back!
calicocatherine - what a wonderful and caring comment - thank you! And welcome to OS. Glad you're here. I'm a little partial, but I really do believe this is the best place for writers on the internet.

Linda - thank you so much for coming by and for your sweet words. I'm looking forward to your next post - are you still posting on WDC?

Pilgrim - it has been fun, hasn't it? And it's been a pleasure sharing this journey with you, my friend.

Charlie - you're so sweet - thank you! What a place this is, huh?
Kim, sooooo happy to be able to congratulate you! this is a mile marker for a lot of us and I'm delighted to count myself among them my friend!
I have to say that I am still a relative new-comer to this place. I have still not read everyone and continue to discover beautiful writing and terrible truths; yours being one. Thanks for this. It is empowering, encouraging and just a darn good read.
Ah, Abby, one of the many amazing people who make this place the magical place it is. Thank you.

Dawn - Thank you for your encouraging words. I remember the first piece of yours that I read - it was about a reunion between you and three of your friends from high school, I believe. It was a delightful read and it made me smile - a lot. I've been very sporadic on OS for a while because of the ongoing technical problems (that, and going back to work has put a serious crimp in my reading and commenting habits!) so I've missed a lot of your posts. I just went to your blog and read several of them, and my first impression of you was dead-on. You are a delightful writer. I'm glad to be here on OS with you.