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DECEMBER 17, 2012 5:09PM

This Is Only a Test

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As a public service, I've been test driving this baby all day long, ever since I read David McClain's boast on Facebook's OS Orphans that he had actually posted a blog on here this very morning. Just for grins, I speedy quick went over to Our Salon and grabbed up my post that I put up there a few days ago (oh yeah, it's on fire over there - kidding - it has one comment) and posted it here after only 2 measley tries. It, of course, has no comments here on OS because hardly anyone I know is here anymore - just a few of the most stalwart ones - and I haven't been here in freakin' forever because I couldn't log on.

But since I didn't really want to work today anyway, I just keep coming back here and logging on to see if I can actually get back on. And guess what? Six times already - count 'em, baby... one, two, three, four... well, you know where this is headed. All the way to SIX.

This is the acid test - for today, anyway. I am typing a new post in the New Post window and then, ladies and gentlemen, will attempt to actually post it from here. However, because I am so very clever and incredibly cynical, I will copy it first to have it handy for a second try if OS does indeed eat it up and disappear it when I hit Publish.

Wouldn't it be a nice Christmas present if OS came back alive? I think it would and I know I'm not the only one, even if some of you wouldn't admit it if your hair was on fire.

So, here goes. Let's see what happens...................Three, two, one... GO!




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Ah Ha!!! It worked!! I guess the Mayans - the world is going to end on Friday.
Ah Ha!!! It worked!! I guess the Mayans were right - the world is going to end on Friday.
Yeah and after I boasted about being able to get in here, it took me hours to get back in to see if I had a comment...so it goes. I gotta say though, it is so very damn good to see you in here too. Seems almost like old home week except of course there's few here that know us anymore.
Now THIS is a test. I'm gonna try to leave this comment just once!
Whoah, OS seems to be working tonight. At comparatively lightning speed? I've actually logged on, picked up comments on my latest post, and landed here. Thanks, Unbreakable. -V
Ah, the nostalgia; ah, the familiar thrill of reading comments from my favorite folks... feels like being home for Christmas. I really do miss this place.
Thanks to Tink, Judy, David, Vivian and Maurene for jumping on my test drive! Some day you'll read this (maybe) and know I'm grateful. :-)
I made it through, finally. My F5 key is about worn out, but hey! Anyway, it's good to see you here -- or anywhere, for that matter.

Just a suggestion, but maybe you could send out messages to those on your friends list when you post on Our. I have difficulty (although that my be due to my cyber-stupidity) keeping track of who's put something up.

And OS is just sad these days.
Yay two beautiful woman with the exact same thought!!! Merry Christmas to us :)
Well hell try 2 Hi!!!! That's me waving glad to see you!
I'm #1 in the feed, with one rate and one comment. My head is starting to swell~