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January 29
I'm a 54 year old divorced father of three. I like to read and occasionally like to write. I find writing to be cathartic. The last few years have brought on difficult challenges, including the death of several family members and the ending of a long marriage. Sharing these experiences and reading about how others deal with loss has been helpful.


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MAY 6, 2011 4:41PM

I Loved Osama Bin Laden

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As a Christian, isn't that what I'm supposed to say?  I'm supposed to love my enemies.  That's what the Christian faith teaches.  And let's face it, Bin Laden was my enemy.  What he believed and what he did ran contrary to everything I believe in.  He masterminded and help fund the murder of thousands of my fellow citizens and other peace-loving people all over the earth. 

My natural inclination is to hate him and celebrate his death.  After all, I had personal connections to three of the people killed in the World Trade Center.  They didn't deserve that instant hell on earth.  But my belief system asks me to rise above my initial reaction and choose a more thoughtful reaction.  

We rushed in and shot Bin Laden right in the head, the place where so many horrible thoughts resided.  He was unarmed at the time.  Doesn't our country still believe in a fair trial?  I know, I know, this guy was different.  This guy was an extreme case.  He wasn't your run-of-the-mill murderer. He was an evil genius and certainly commanded much influence and allegiance to his misguided cause.  

He was dangerous.  He would have been a danger to the Navy seals had they attempted to bring him back alive.  Perhaps yes.  He could have been like Hannibal Lector and found a way to get loose and wreck havoc.  

On television, people were dancing in the street when they heard of Bin Laden's death.  This made me kind of sad because I remember how sick to my stomach I felt when I saw people from other countries dancing in the street when the towers came down.   And now my own countrymen were doing the very same thing.  Yes, yes I understand the circumstances were different, but really, isn't dancing on someone's grave, even a despot's grave, bad form?  

As a Christian, and not always a very good one, I will say that I think it is wrong to celebrate a man's death.  I understand why some did and I do not judge them.  But I just cannot bring myself to do it.  Too much pain and heartache has been going on for almost 10 years for so many of my fellow Americans, I cannot rejoice in this.  It is a sad affair.  

I also will not judge the Navy seals that got him.  I will thank them for protecting my right to be an American.  They had orders to follow and did the job they had to do.  And maybe it was for the best.  But we need to be careful when we start shooting unarmed people without a fair trial.  Very careful.  At the same time, I'd rather take out Bin Laden than risk the life of a Navy seal.  It's a tough call and I see both sides.

I have mixed feelings here and I'm sure other Americans do too.  I surely don't miss Bin Laden and I'm certainly not sorry he's gone, but there are some uncomfortable parts to the way this whole thing has played out.  Many things do not make sense.  We started a war in Afghanastan and Iraq, supposedly to find those responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  But where did we find the responsible party for the destruction?  Pakistan.  It doesn't really add up, but not much has since that fateful day in September.  

Here's hoping we learn something from all this.





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you might learn that 60 years of covert and overt war on the peoples of the oil lands generates an expectable reaction.

obl put his life into getting america out of the lands of islam, a respectable goal, and one you would admire, if for instance, the president of the united states was guarded by a division of saudis stationed around the beltway.

i felt sorry for the people who happened to be in the roost when the chickens came home, but they weren't 'innocent civilians.' they were collateral damage.
we havent learned much in 10years, why should we start now?
"doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity"
--narcotics anonymous newsletter