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FEBRUARY 10, 2009 7:28PM

help promote features like The Daily Scrawl

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NOTE: the name of this post has been changed from The OS Link List: Oh-So-Versatile

You have the power to help promote good OS reader-driven features.

You haven't forgotten about personalizing your own OS link list, have you? A groundswell of OS users who use the link list to disseminate good OS user information would make fabulous features like The Daily Scrawl easier to find and access.

 For example, here's my link list (also available on the left-hand side of the post). I've tried to separate each list by category, making the information easier to understand. However, I cannot control the order of the lists, nor the order of the links. That's in the control of OS software magnates.

You can do this.

My Links

Making OS easier
How to Write for the Web (and OS)
Ric's OS Avatar Tutorial

Ric's Banner Tutorial

Ric's How-to OS VooDoo

Ric's Link Tricks

Tracking Your OS comments

What's "To Blogwhore?"

Make OS posts more pretty with CSS (easy)

Building an OS link list

Making the OS cover: A Primer

Building an OS readership

Make your images larger

Making a link in comments

Basic OS posting tips

Personal links

Classic OS (curated by me)
The Daily Scrawl: Most Recent on Top

I Wouldn't Even Wish For Snow

Inventory of a Bad Woman

Some of my OS posts
Wally Lamb's Columbine failure

Best Fiction of 2008

Visual poetry

I'm a hater

Life outside OS
my goodreads book list

Other OS Annexes
Blog Annex: How To

rob st. amant

the squirrel

Greg Thomas


My Blog Annex the underside


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Thanks so much for this!
I love the links! Now I don't have to scroll through my friends to find people I want to read and my own archived posts are being found and read again. Thanks for suggesting this way back when.
Thanks for the links and the time it took to do this.
Just as I was finishing up a better categorization of the links on my blog, I see yours. I used mine more personally, it gives folks a chance to see what I was writing before anyone noticed. *smile* The idea of blogging a set of links and then linking that from the front page - GREAT BIG GIANT FABULOUS IDEA!
Mary, Lisa, Idaho, you're welcome. If you could amend your lists to include The Daily Scrawl (if you want, that is) it would help create a link meme. Susanne, I like your link list. I also like beans. Go figure. I changed the title of this post to better reflect my intent.
Thanks for the "shout-out" and more importantly, (a reminder of) the idea of the links. Plus, I refer to your guide all the time, and it has helped me with all kinds of editing, formatting and other problems.
Love the way this is organized. Even I can understand it. Thank you for this invaluable service!!
Thanks. Very helpful.
Thanks. Very helpful.
Wow, this is excellent! I was thinking it would be good to have a link on the front page to various 'how to' tutorials, but you've already thought about that and created these type of links.

One question: a while back (maybe a month ago) someone posted a 'how to embed video'. It was excellent, thorough, and had great screen captures to illustrate it. I can't remember who it was and I cannot find it. I already asked Rob St Amant, and he didn't know who did that. Anyone here remember this and know who it was?

The 'techie' people here should be informed of this post, and asked to let you know whenever they blog a technical post. Would you then be updating this list?

Anyhow, muchas gracias.
Really well done.
Many thanks!
Thank you, undertow. The most useful post on the site, to my mind. They should just link to this post from the FAQ for tech help.
why have you become a popart blowup doll?

(thumbified because it is entirely possible that the whole world turned into graphically designed sex toys while I was off looking at puppies and not paying attention.)
It's always fun to stumble across a new blog and even better to find links to me! Note me and give me an idea of what you might like for a banner.
Sorry for yesterday's absence; I just had a lot to do and wasn't home.

Jodi, my avatar is my homage to the perpetually-surprised. I'm co-opting the sexual imagery of the graphic mannequin, really, I just love that image. Not sure why, but I do.

Cynarra, I tried to find the embed a video post and couldn't. I think, however, that you simply go to youtube or wherever and copy the "embed video" html and paste it into your posting window. Anyone?