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Sonya Unrein
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AUGUST 4, 2009 12:05PM

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder discussion on

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There's a very interesting discussion going on on a Broadsheet article about which of the famous mother and daughter are "more interesting people," either Laura Ingalls Wilder or Rose Wilder? The Kate Harding article is ridiculous (why should one woman be "more interesting" [and therefore more valid?] based on not the Little House books themselves, but on the TV show), but the comment discussion is well-informed and calls into question how literature can be used as a political agenda; it also divulges  historical background on the lives of both women. Since I've seen several good posts on OS about LIW, some of you may be intrigued. It would be nice if the article's author would answer some of her detractors in the comments section; the jury is still out on that possibility.


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Kate Harding, read the books.
I read the initial article yesterday evening but have yet to read the comments. Thank you for pointing me to them...
Thanks for alerting us. I'm going to check it out.
Gah. She got paid for that?
Kate Harding wrote a singularly ignorant and lazy article. There's so much wrong with it that I will only point out a few things. She bases the question of whether Laura Ingalls Wilder or her daughter Rose Wilder Lane is the most interesting woman largely on the TV show "Little House on the Prairie". Aside from why there would need to be a competition, the TV show had no direct connection with either of them, as a pale and sappy show loosely based on the book.

Harding is condescending writing "When author Wendy McClure told me she'd begun working on a book about their family, "The Wilder Life," for which she would be traveling to many of the least appealing parts of the Midwest". She dismisses the author McClure and an entire section of the country with this snarky remark.

Fortunately, many comments following the article take Harding to task. should be ashamed.
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Mumbletypeg and SuznMaree, I agree that Harding is particularly snarky AND lazy in her post. I very much enjoyed the comments that followed, which were quick to point out her mistakes and omissions. It was robust.