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Sheba Marx

Sheba Marx
Near Bennington, Vermont, USA
February 10
Sheba Marx has been employed as a writer, budget analyst, dishwasher, executive director, telephone operator, chief innovations officer, development director, swim teacher, custodian, assistant director, sales clerk, grants officer, transcript typist, facility planning coordinator, research assistant and consultant. She has been unemployed since October 26, 2009. Find all of Sheba Marx's Good Things about Unemployment at unemployedmarx.blogspot.com


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DECEMBER 15, 2010 3:45PM

Winter Wonderland Photos

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OR Tell me again why I live here...



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photography, snow, ice, dog, blue spruce

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These pics are beautiful. It sure does look cold though! Brrrr!
Oh my, oh my, oh my! Gorgeous! What will we do once you finally get that job? Your photo essays are spectacular, Sheba:)
So gorgeous to look at but I do hope you are wearing thermals.
Lovely, though I think I'll go make a pot of hot tea! Brrrrr.. R
Go Sheba and congrats on the EP!!!
rated with hugs
Ooooooh. Now I really want to visit Vermont! Beautiful, Sheba.

These are so beautiful! Gave me goosebumps! :-)
wow! we have all of the cold and none of the beauty here. Course, beauty is where you find it. These are great shots.
You have a hell of an eye for photography but I bet your fingers were freezing!
the beauty of winter is sublime
this is surely a gift, thank you
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...All wonderful pictures, esp love the sign.
Beautiful pictures, Sheba!
Very beautiful, but still not for me after a week of it.~r
Beautiful. This is the winter is meant to be! It's gorgeous up here in Quebec, too.
Looks cold. Beautiful!
You live there so you can post these amazing photos and I can view them from the relative warmth (it's actually unseasonably cold!) warmth of Florida. These are just gorgeous, Sheba!
We lived in Grafton for some time. Indescribably pretty. rl
absofrickinlutely gorgeous. i miss snow.
WOW amazing pictures! Gets me excited for a bit of snow for Christmas!
A beautiful pictorial essay!
Great photos, even though they make me go "brrrr."
Each of your pictures is worth a thousand beautiful words telling the story of why you live there.
These pictures are totally cool!
Thank you! When I lived there (snow country), I loved to dress for the weather and go out in it. Beautiful, georgeous!
Beautiful pictures. It made my feet start to hurt. Keep warm. I hope you have lots of firewood.
Gorgeous, really gorgeous, and congratulations on the EP.
wow... I've never experienced anything like that. Gorgeous and inspiring. It's probably easier to see the inspiration from here in California. But, just wow, It's as if you were seeing into the structure of a divine spirit. I tried to go with the word god, but am a recovering catholic. Still allergic. Thank you for the awe.
gorgeous. Thank you for this.
Winter in Vermont can be a thrilling experience and leave indelible snow prints...
I love the way ice and snow transform the world into something like this...
These pictures are so beautiful. Cold, but beautiful. -R-
Go Sheba. They've said it all, Cool.
I'm seeing pretty much the same thing, looking around outside here in Upstate NY where we have been pounded into a rare submission for a day or so by winter. (The snow plows didn't even bother to come around the side streets last night, all out trying to clear the main arteries.) I will add my obligatory "oh, what beautiful pictures!!!" just for the heck of it. The pine trees next door are home to bright red cardinals and their harems. They come to my feeder and look like Christmas tree ornaments come to life, along with the flock of bright blue jays. Happy holidays.
Awesome pics my friend. Now you are giving me romantic ideas.
Just Jali Smiling and rating.