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Sheba Marx
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February 10
Sheba Marx has been employed as a writer, budget analyst, dishwasher, executive director, telephone operator, chief innovations officer, development director, swim teacher, custodian, assistant director, sales clerk, grants officer, transcript typist, facility planning coordinator, research assistant and consultant. She has been unemployed since October 26, 2009. Find all of Sheba Marx's Good Things about Unemployment at unemployedmarx.blogspot.com


FEBRUARY 18, 2011 8:46AM

Changing passwords

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It would be so nice to have a scanner. I'm hoping my tax return will buy a new printer with a scanner. All rights reserved. All of these Good Things are posted at unemployedmarx.blogspot.com.

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Yeah the ıdea of doıng thıs,just to be safe, ıs enough to drıve one bonkers.
Nice to have a scanner. I've heard that from a lot of women, hah! Just Kidding. Hope you get your new computer!
I used to put the little yellow sticky in my purse and always lost it.
So glad Scanner got to play on your words.
rated with love
I hate having to change my password all of the time. I also have an extra scanner; too bad you don't live in Michigan cause I could just give it to you.
Have a picture of Allen Ludden with a balloon above his head: "The Password is:..." Google Allen Ludden if you were born after 1975
I just hit my head on the table when I saw what Scanner wrote.
My dream is to win some damn money to get us all out of this I swear..
Rated with hugs
I keep a selectric around just to be safe
I use little address books which come with my daytimer inserts.
Ask me how many I have with IDs and passwords.
No, don't. You'd make fun of me.

I heard scanner is like a page that won't load.lol
Scanner a page that won't load? Fuuuuuuuuny!
Replaces the outmoded lack of lead in a man's lead pencil, right?

Is there a heaven for the departed lead pencils? Maybe they lie next to manual typewriters.

I always wanted2bd*.

Of something, anything. . .
The look on Sheba's dog's face when she bends over is terrific.

I don't miss this practice at all. I used to keep the little Post-It with my current password inside the lid of my tin of loose tea, so I could get that little reminder when I was setting up my morning dose of caffeine.