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Sheba Marx
Near Bennington, Vermont, USA
February 10
Sheba Marx has been employed as a writer, budget analyst, dishwasher, executive director, telephone operator, chief innovations officer, development director, swim teacher, custodian, assistant director, sales clerk, grants officer, transcript typist, facility planning coordinator, research assistant and consultant. She has been unemployed since October 26, 2009. Find all of Sheba Marx's Good Things about Unemployment at unemployedmarx.blogspot.com


MARCH 9, 2011 3:35PM

227th good thing about unemployment

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You are usually not, hardly ever, sleep-deprived.  I would say never, but there are some of us ups (unemployed persons) who cannot sleep due to high anxiety.  I am not one of those.  In fact, this gray and snowy winter has enabled me to sleep 12 hours a night. With fewer hours than that, a nap has been required.
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We were hit with another winter storm on Sunday. It poured ice for more than six hours. Our many trees are torn and falling. The dogs and I can't even get out for fear of dying from a fallen limb or tree. We haven't had electricity and water since Sunday. For all of us OSers, no internet is simply tragic. ;-)
I'm glad you are online again and still thinking positive.
Sheba: I was going to email you as I was worried.. So you must have had the storm that went through southern quebec later.. It was a killer
I love that photograph...brings me back to when my daughters were that small. And sleeping cannot be overrated.
At least you are still alive and kicking with your humor. ;o)
EEK! on the storm and YAY!! on the naps! Heck, when I do find another job, going to be tough!! "What do you mean, no nap time at 1pm? TERRIBLE!!!" :D
If my wife wasn't getting up for work every morning, I'd probably be sleeping 12 hours too.

Hope your electricity is back.
I enjoy your outlook and humor.
Keep warm and rested, Sheba. Love what you do. :) Rated
Thank you all. Still no water and electricity as we complete day four. We went to a rec center last night. For $5, had a swim, sauna and shower. Bliss.
I'm glad you're able to maintain your sense of humor in spite of all that Mother Nature has dished out in the last several months.