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Sheba Marx

Sheba Marx
Near Bennington, Vermont, USA
February 10
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APRIL 14, 2011 9:45PM

Croaking for Love or Frog Fornication

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Spring has finally arrived in Petersburgh, New York, where I live, situated at the intersection of the Vermont/Massachusetts/New York borders. The snow and ice are almost gone and the glory of the wood frog mating ritual surrounds you when you walk out of the house--an almost constant croaking that sounds like low-pitch quacks. I captured their noise in the video below: my first video-- exciting technology for this old lady of 57.


Although a solo wood frog, this is my favorite of the photos. I like how the picture shows the perfection of the small body in the wake of the wetland. They are lovely creatures.


They hold onto each other for a long time, just swimming and laying in the water. The male, on top, is fertilizing the female's eggs. Look at those legs. You couldn't buy tights like that. 


When I first go out, the sound of my approach stops them. They immediately dive to hide in the leaves at the bottom of the shallow swamp. As I sit quietly, one of the frogs will pop up and he watches me. A scout. He stares straight at me. Many minutes later, he will let out a short croak, testing the waters, so to speak. Then, after several more minutes or more, he'll continue to croak. Gradually, his colleagues pop up from under the leaves where you couldn't have seen them if you tried. Some will be alone, some will be coupled.


Swimming and "loving" together. There are hundreds in our swamp.


 The scout. He is checking me out. 


Frog kicks.



Although 17 months of unemployment sucks, I am so lucky to have the time to enjoy these wood frogs. And now you have too.

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Added per Mary Richmond's comment below:

n., pl., amplexus, or -us·es.
The copulatory embrace of frogs and toads, during which the male fertilizes the eggs that are released by the female.

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We have a stream behind our house where giant toads bread. When we first moved in, I thought the wailing sound in the backyard was a cow that got his head caught in a fence!!!
This is so cool and glad you shot video too.
Riibit hugs to you
So cool, I love your frogs. Excellent job of capturing them. We will have our chorus frogs soon in my swamp. I am eager to hear them, but I have never actually seen one. beautiful photography.
rated with love
Wow, Sheba, this is soooo cool! I lovvvv frogs and your pics and vids are just incredible...!! I'll bet there are nature sites and frog lover sites that would be really happy to have these...xox
Rated for Frog Spawning! =o) Hope a lot of little tadpoles follow...
Rated for amphibious porn. And Vermont.
Amphibiatastic photos and film!

Our local frogs seem to make lots of noise seeking a mate, bur they're a little quieter when they get down to business.
A great celebration of nature and spring. Good job n the video. I played it and my cats perked up at the sound.
I loved your frogs and your video! What a glorious thing, to be so close to this.
Gorgeous photography. You have a gift. Queen of the Frogs!
These are all great shots. When I was young, we used to go frog gigging at night (hey, I just moved to the south, what did I know). At night you see nothing but eyes everywhere. Yes, they taste like chicken and I'll never so that again, even if it was 50 years ago!
Magnificent pictures and sound. Thank you for this.
I am sooooo smiling at this blog. (~g r i n~)

I can die happy, for now I've seen everything - a post on OS about frogs mating. Even Tink couldn't top this one. Not only a post about frogs - but a really good post about frogs - amazing! ;-)
Love me those froggies! Clever girl!
Wow, what great pictures. You've inspired me to take my camera down to our swamp...
Very nice shots, good job. R
So romantic!

Great pix.

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats on the EP!! HUGGGGGGGGG
Beautiful. Makes me miss the spring peepers in the wetland near my old house in NH.
I'm a fan of the frogs. So true- can't buy tights resembling those little frog legs. Terrific post.
These are excellent photos, Sheba. As you might have guessed, I have a thing for frogs. I love the damp, green boggy places where they live. Thanks so much for taking us on your journey.

"Be kind to your web-footed friends... for a frog may be somebody's mother..."
Wow! Who knew? Thanks for sharing - the well written post and the amazing photos.
Fun stuff. I just love the photography!
Great photos, video and writing. Makes me want to move across the country, sounds like you live in a nice place.
Are those wood frogs or a frog with a woodei?lol

The leopard frogs are making something of a comeback here in Wisconsin.
They were always my favorites.
Lovely photos, Sheba. Your post reminds me of an NPR interview I heard recently with a researcher who can identify cricket and frog species by their voices. He can also tell if they're romancing or fighting, something we hominids sometimes get confused.
Spring is in the air. Thanks for sharing.
What a delight! I person who devotes a portion of her time during a period of unemployment to observing frogs mating is my kind of person. So much more uplifting than sitting around bitching. More than uplifting. Downright redeeming in fact, one might say
Someone should hire you just to sit down there and be with the frogs. What a wonderful video and set of photos. Thank you!!
Funny, much as I love the Wood frogs, I can just tell I'm not loving them as much as they are loving each other! great post and FABULOUS photos!
These images are so cool. You must have a lot patience. Thanks for sharing them with us. R
Sheba these are fabulous! I'm a little sad at how bored they look while mating but I guess if it takes a long time boredom sets in. I love how the scout is looking at you. Didn't think I'd like the sound on the video but it's a good sound. Thanks for a real treat.
Great photos! Our wood frogs are pretty much done laying their eggs already where I live. I love that their coupling actually has a name and is called amplexis ;-) And that they are holding on only to take part in external fertilization because they look so hopeful that it will be more, don't they?
These froggies went a courtin' and you sat and captured it! I am with Brassawe here. I'm not too far from you...we should have an unemployment hike in the woods this spring :)
oops, I meant walk, not hike, as in a rise in percentage. Already been part of that. Oh, wait...I'm not on the grid. I freelance.
oh you are very lucky! how cool is that?!
You catch the most interesting sights, and I love your spirit!

When I've caught this while out birdwatching, I used to imagine that they were quieting down at my approach like teenagers who heard their parents coming down the hall. Overthinking things, maybe?

Continued good luck on your search!
Wow. 41 ratings. I think that is my best yet. Thank you everyone. This weekend it was cold and rainy. Even the wood frogs weren't croaking. I think I'll follow their eggs if I can. Love you all.