i'm not really here

Epictetus was right.
MARCH 22, 2011 11:10AM

for joanie who quotes eliot, or spring cleaning

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i sew a dress of regrets
sharp needle prickling skin
each blood drop a pearl
enough thread
for both of us

but were the Poet to sit
between you and I
share a laugh at passersby
what with their bags of ennui.

our wishes half-built, stifled
lest they escape, tell on us, the shame!
age learns to lock secrets away, essay smiles

i am forever seventeen
have i told you
in white shirt and plaid skirt
in alien weather and thick accent

come, let’s leave sadness, dance away
(youth is always wasted)
shred paper, put photos in boxes,
drape mirrors with cloth, sweep floors free of tears
open windows
drag chairs to doors flung wide
we are the ladies who whisper
while others write

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I always think of my fellow OS women as young. They write with passion and love and will forever be young.
Rated with hugs
Very strong work. Well done!
Such wonderful imagery. A beautiful poem.
This is masterful, Vanessa! come, let's leave sadness, dance away.
Oh Vanessa~ your words live inside my head. How lucky to have you to pull them out and make them so delicate and refined and lovely.
I will read this again and again. I am in awe of your gift.~r
"drape mirrors with cloth, sweep floors free of tears
open windows"
One of my favorites, Vanessa, striking images
Very nice, V; very sweet in its simplicity. Great choice of words. R
"our wishes half-built, stifled
lest they escape"

Oh, I like that!
That was a beautiful piece of art right there.It moved me .
Very nice Vanessa......o/e R+++++
Charmingly sophisticated, Vanessa, and way beyond my poetic ken.
Beautiful poem, with many visually lovely lines. I like the tone of conspiracy against time.
whisper. I hear you.
The writers I envy are poets. They make magic with words, magic that I strive for but cannot find the rhythm to.
This is beautiful.
Eliot, Prufrock and Vanessa side by side on a day like this. Let me first just take this in.
I take pleasure just getting lost in the figuring out of it. I can't, quite. But pleasure nonetheless.
Ferociously lovely, Vanessa; I'm right behind you as you "leave sadness" and "dance away," holding in my mind a line from John Mellencamp's "Jacj and Diane"--stay 16 as long as you can.
I love a good dose of vanessa pretty. The only difference between my plaid skirt at seventeen and fifty-six is that I don't roll the waistband up quite as much now as I did then.
ms vanessa ... forever young, forever lovely thoughts you grant us this day ... thanx ... Rated ... and also for your Poets list ... Will
Youth is usually wasted, but if you can remember -- through poetry -- all isn't lost. I hope I can always remember.
after an extened absence, i enjoy coming to your page. this piece, in its entirety, is full of quotables. especially the first paragraph. however, the following carries(personal) weight: "...drape mirrors with cloth." it reminds me of my grandmother who believed doing so separates us from the spirit world.
Ciao Vanessa, éxito y mucha suerte.
I always feel deeply. Ennui is not something I have ever suffered from.

I loved this poem. I am teaching my daughter Spanish next year. I have seven years of Spanish then I translated Spanish for seven years.

Forever 17. That would be nice. At least physically. R
Labelled people infight.
The abstract appelation becomes a
mode of identity, a "way to be", determing "what i should do"...
alot of people live comfortably within this kind of safe cocoon,
but not you, i think...
why not call yrself a "neo-feminist"?
taking all the best of the decades-old doctrine
and adding to it

the modern situation, here in 2011,
and also your own independent thoughts?

Nothing destroys independence of thought
like having to live up to being a label.
or male.
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