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I wanted to publish a journal, but I lack the patience to write. So these drawings are some kind of compromise.


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APRIL 9, 2009 3:33PM

My review: Monsters vs. Aliens

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This took me about four minutes. Give me a break.

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I spent about 94 minutes staring at a cartoon's ass at a children's film. Discuss.
No, Certainly! At least that mysterious scab is gone.

I think she drawn for Dad's who bring their kids who wish their wives were drawn that way.
I didn't want to see that movie, but now I kinda do.

Rated fo sho.
it was a cute movie, but im not a guy staring at a cartoon chick
sailor moon is hotter
(must ... steal ... 'cartoon girl's ass' ... must ... steal ... 'cartoon girl's ass ...')
Hmm....I really think you need to get laid should come down to seattle for a short stint and we'll find you someone....
My husband's kind of intrigued by the "Fire Goddess" in one of our grandsons' Tom & Jerry DVD's. Huge breasts, tight outfit. Whoa.
I couldn't find a single picture of her ass, dammit! I'm seeing it on Sunday, so I'll get to see if I—also in the long-since-laid category—have the same reaction :p

Well, why not I suppose? However, if you find it odd, I suggest you avoid anycatching any re-runs of "Who killed Roger Rabbit?" until your (ahem) personal circumstances are resolved. (Nods to Mr Sheepdog, who clearly knows what I mean).