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I wanted to publish a journal, but I lack the patience to write. So these drawings are some kind of compromise.


APRIL 20, 2009 6:38PM

Facts about Alaska

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It's really quite beautiful

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dog shit, comedy, comic, facts, trivia, alaska

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Not my best work, but the smell of dog shit is what's on my mind. It's everywhere.
Oh good lord - I never even thought of this aspect of living where you do. Is dog shit worse than moose shit? Apparently poop is the theme for today.
Moose shit comes in hardened pebbles the size of grapes and has no distinct scent. I would take moose shit over dog shit any day of the week.
Carnivore shit always smells worse.
You should read Sheldon the Wonderhorse's post. You are on the same wavelength today.
I miss Alaska. My best friend went to school there; my one long visit was amazing and unlike anything I'd ever experienced.
I remember this from owning a dog who used the yard all winter - the only thing worse then the smell is trying to pick it up once it's melting.
We cold climate dog owners know the proper temp to clean up dog waste. To cold, need a chisel...To warm, need nose plugs and hose. 35 degrees farenheit = perfect.

Scary, isn't it?
I love springtime in WI...all 4 days of it. Then, the mosquitos come out. They own the night.
You need to talk to Sheldon the Wonderhorse about this. It seems there is this rottweiler dumping turds the size of babies on his front lawn in Colorado. He knows of what you speak!
TOO cold, TOO warm!! correcting the above. Jeesh!
You know, I grew up hating that smell...but for some reason it became a thing I miss around that time.
Or rotting carcasses on the tidal flats. Love your stuff!!! Rated