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MAY 12, 2009 1:08PM

My prom date on Ice Road Truckers

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Remember when I said my senior prom date was on Ice Road Truckers?

This woman was my closest friend through junior high and high school. To this day, to me, she stands as the best example of what an intelligent, tough, capable, self-actualized woman can be. I'm thrilled for her success.

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thats awesome.. why dont i have famous friends..i hope that even though she is successful now you two stay in touch
She's a hottie! You gotta have some serious guts to drive a truck on that road, very cool.
Fantastic! I know that you are very proud of her ....tough job....tough lady!! Rated
I rode with her once between Anchorage and Fairbanks in the summer. It was beautiful. I wouldn't want to try it in the winter.

She was also one of the "groomsmen" at my wedding. Tried to get her in a tux, but she looked better in a dress. I wish I hadn't let my ex take all the wedding photos...
Wow. She's fantastic.
These shows like Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch make me think of how beholden we are to tough-minded, tough-spirited individuals who just go out there day after day and get it done. So much better to see someone like this get recognition on a TV show than a Paris Hilton or some such. Thanks - I'll tune in.
What an amazing job - so scary! I hate driving a regular vehicle in ice.

I love that she was one of your groomsmen.
This is really cool. Good for her--that's one heck of a job!
That is very cool!
She can be my co driver anytime. Give her my phone number. She is a hot as that hood.
I don't see how it can possibly be the least bit safe for her to be an ice road trucker. (Seems like she'd melt the ice...)