Sarah Palin's, Alaska,
Dead Letters
I wanted to publish a journal, but I lack the patience to write. So these drawings are some kind of compromise.


MAY 30, 2009 4:44PM

oh god spiders

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And one time I actually saw a bald midget trying to rush me

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Hello out there.
Interesting...very interesting.....I'm not sure I get it...unless the flying eels are supposed to be penises. Am I right?
Sometimes a flying eel is just a flying eel.
Should you be mixing it with all that alcohol?
The warning label says no, but my body says yes.
The bald midgets are probably also saying no.
Aahhh...the flying eels! I like the "shrug" from the doctor as you tell her about your hallucinations. THAT is real life.
Yikes! Have they made any dosage suggestions or anything? That seems...troubling. (I have to say I laughed at the shrug too- in an "I know how that goes" kind of way)
Hmm. You know, even though I'm not on any drugs, I woke the other night to find myself catapulted by my body across the room because I was certain I'd seen this giant, white spider with yucky spindly legs.

But the only thing happening apparently was the cat looking at me in astonishment.
I bet if you go back to the doctor you'll get the helpful suggestion to just keep your eyes closed at night.
I'm having the spider thing too, and I'm not on anything. Maybe the world is being overrun by Freddie Kruger-esque spiders.

That's it. I'm sleeping well tonight.
vac, there are lots of different drugs for depression; you could try a different one. Seeing spiders is scary!
Were you somewhere around Barstow when the drugs began to take hold?