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"valleylist" v204 r.1 - - television news

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valleylist(sm) v204 r.1 - - television news 05.17.2012
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TELEVISION NEWS is to be widely criticized. superficial. overly repetitive. lacking in depth. phony as opposed to phoned in. worst of all not enough real local news. local stations like the sf bay area'sktvu 2 oakland or kron 4 san francisco kpix 5 san francisco or kqed really report local news. cable news is characterized by cnn-style news rotations of the same-news-same-story every 1/2 hour. then they invented headline news to make things even worse. broadcast channels are the premiere news programs with nbc's nightline or abc's 20/20 or cbs evening news with tom brocaw or the pbsmcneil-lehr news hour. other news gathering sources are covered in the next edition "wire services". watch almost live news on your apple ipad but not on your amazon kindle or sony reader.

top 10 television and cable news sources - - - - ipad - - - - kindle

1.cnn - - - - x - - - - no news - - - - x - - - - no [first with multi-media real time news app] news - - - - x - - - - no news - - - - x - - - - no

5.nbc news - - - - x - - - - no news - - - - x - - - no

7.npr - - - - x - - - - no

8.pbs - - - - x - - - - no world news - - - - x - - - - no

10.msnbc - - - - x - - - - no

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source: cable news ratings thursday 5.05.2012 top 10 media broadcast sites television news wiki cable news wiki news broadcasting cnn wiki nielsen weekly ratings nielsen top programs may 7-13

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the headlines and top 10 links for the latest "valleylist" are included in the youtube playlist and all playlists are included in "valleylist" videos. the ipad has nearly all local broadcast and cable news while the kindle includes only books magazines newspapers and tabloids.

publishing and regulatory. "valleylist" 2012 adds a weekly focus on publishing and regulatory including the real time "valleylist" newsfeed. the bush-cheney "give it a year" proj ended up shipwrecked at the church buffet table. inertia and law enforcement have odd ideas that prevent anything from e-v-e-r being completed. new crew grew to move groove to new tableau. from the mass communications side entirely a success as the fcc regulates broadcast and cable closely monitoring equal access to broadcast technology and bandwidth. the fcc resolves disputes on everything from naming new programs to the numbering scheme for cable channels. for a complete and total waste of time imitate rupert murdoch and launch your own cable news program and grab all top 10 positions. or perhaps you'd like to try just making something up and seeing if it flies like the bush-cheney boondoggle. no thx. the federal government closely monitors television and the media including a number of important mergers recently. the doj resolved the nbc-comcast merger anti-trust case [2011] the cbs-viacom merger [1999] the disney-abc merger[1996] and also approved murdoch's fox news [1996] and bloomberg television [1994]. cross-ownership laws and decency rules are among the dozens of laws governing the television news industry. news television continues to be guided by the fairness doctrine and continuously challenged in the courts and anti-trust complaints that limit control of the media.

conclusion. armistead maupin wrote the story "tales of the city" shortly before i met him and steve berry near san francisco's hallowed filbert street steps. around the same time i was just hanging out with ortho books writer james mcnair. maupin wanted to follow up after the moscone-milk assassination with a new liberal gay political candidate. cleve jones. new candidate for sf supervisor. sfpd denounced jones as a "good person" who didn't know his way around city politics. at least cleve wasn't openly assassinated by a former cop. a look-alike crime could still occur warned maupin. mcnair and his friend finally purchased an old san francisco fire house that needed a total demolition and rebuild. stanyan heights above the haight-ashbury area. a few visits to pitch-in and help and a few tours of the building later the old fire-station was finally re-opened. a safe haven in a troubled city. television news companies should be lining up for a big electronic publishing victory. instead it's a lot of gateway pages and schedules that just don't look that great on the internet. i like the internet on television instead of the other way around. news is a big draw for internet usage and ebook readers. television news seems to want to leave electronic publishing to the print companies. declining viewership and revenues are driving news companies to billion dollar mergers. look to silicon valley to define the news industry for the next few decades.

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